From Above the Forest

Gifts, Arguments, and a Roar

Edit 12/15/12 I edited Xen's character a bit. He seemed way to physical for where I want things to be at this point! I also added some minor plot details, and some aesthetics!

Luna took the medicine out of the threadbare bag.

She turned her back as Xen and Tarack eyed her closely, watching her every move.

"Would you stop that, it's creepy." She snapped at them.

They turned back around and continued setting up their bags.

She pushed her black hair behind a pointed ear before returning to the bag.

She set the medicine aside, and beckoned Misty over.

"Here's the medicine, only take a tablespoon of this and you should be well by morning!" She grinned.

Misty nodded weakly as she took the bottle of liquid from her hand.

"One more thing," Misty whispered to her, "Keep an eye on those two. I don't trust them."

Luna nodded. She looked back at Xen and Tarack, only to see them crouched on the other side of the camp, discussing a matter.

Misty took the bottle and a leaf, then said a few words quietly under her breath.

"Kevi Nasta." The words slipped silently from her lips. Instantly, the leaf hardened, making it in the shape of a small spoon.

Xen's eyes widened.

"You know magic?" He asked, with a bit of force in his voice.

Luna looked up. "I'm an elf, aren't I?" She asked defensively.

" Then you could have healed her easily, as any elf should. Why did you come into town for medicine?"

Luna's breath stopped in her throat. She was afraid about this coming up, and it was certainly not something she wanted to discuss with a stranger.

"I was exhausted, besides, we needed some information and maps." She spit out quickly.

He narrowed his eyes, staring directly inter her hazel ones.

He shook his head and sat down next to his partner, taking back into the conversation.

Luna sat up against a tree and sighed. She was tired, but wanted to see more of that old sword.

She set the bag in her lap, and opened the flap cover.

The sword was held in an old, rotting sheath. It's handle had obviously seen better days. She pulled it out of the sheath slowly, careful not to cut herself. She was shocked to see the blade was unscathed. She quietly set it behind her, then pulled out the bow.

It was a beautiful jade color, unusual for a bow. It had images of a dragon, fox, raccoon, and turtle set in black ink. She examined the bow string, which puzzled her even more. The string, the same light jade as the rest of the bow, was not made of twine, but of something else.

Overall, it was beautiful. She ran her fingers down the designs, noticing the complexity.

They weren't carved, as she couldn't imagine how one would be able to carve such detail, but more like someone had drawn the images in ink, then cast it with a glossy sheen to protect the pictures.

'I imagine why, these are amazing.' She thought.

She saw another object in the bag, and pulled it out. It was the case that held the arrows.

She suck in a quick breath, admiring the beauty of the case. It was the same jade as the bow, and covered with the same designs.

There was a large dragon on the front, it's face caught in mid roar. The fox had a mischievous grin to it, lips upturned and eyes pressed downward.

The turtle had sagging eyes and a dropping head, but held wisdom and patience.

The dragon oozed power and ferocity. She could see the rage in it's eyes.

'Everything a real dragon is' She mused.

She fumbled around in the bag, noticing nothing else was left.

Her hazel eyes glanced down at the curved sword.

"Hey, I'm going to go get some water. Stay here, alright?" She told them, standing up from her resting place, hiding the sword behind her leg.

"Just make sure you come back. I don't want to loose that money." Xen said to her with a smirk.

She took a stick from the crackling fire, it's flames nearly catching her sleeve.

She headed off to the river.

The path was dark, and the cold breeze reminded her she was in the wild, away from their warmth and brighter camp. She pulled her cloak tighter around her, holding the fire out to light a path.

For the first time, she took a look around as she walked.

The dark sky was illuminated by the bright moon, and dark gray clouds were scattered along the sky with the twinkling stars. The twigs crunched under her feet, as the trees rustled in the wind.

Soon enough, she could hear the rushing of the stream.

As she came out into a clearing, she noticed the sparkling water.

A frog croaked as she knelt down to the bank. She took out the blade, and stopped.

Something was unusual about it. It had a strange presence, like something was in it, like it was alive.

The blade shone in the light, as she noticed, writing was written along the edge. It was something like she had never seen before.

The letters, if she could call them, consisted of lines intersecting each other, sometimes curving around, or simply a curved like and a dot.

'What type of writing is this?' She wondered.

She studied the blade itself, noticing the shape.

It was straight and dull on one side, but curved and sharp on the other, both sides meeting in a point.

'What a strange weapon...' She thought.

She stood up and gripped the handle. It was long, almost long enough for a two-hand sword. The handle was wrapped in a black cloth, showing the color of the fabric underneath in diamond shapes.

The pommel was what looked to be gold now very tarnished, and was rounded off at the end.

She thought, tilting her head in curiosity. She sighed as she slipped the blade back into it's black, shining sheath.

She was about to turn around, when she felt breath on the back her neck.

"I've only seen a sword like that once before.?" A familiar voice said.

"I thought you were going to be getting some water, not playing with some sword." She could hear the smug in his voice.

"Xen." She stated clearly annoyed.

He stayed quiet for a few moments, like he was contemplating what to do.

"You're not telling me everything." He asserted.

Her heart was beating fast now. The pounding was loud in her ears, as she was sure he could hear and feel.

"I don't have to tell you anything, Xen." She said, firmly. "We had a deal." She reminded.

"You see," He said, still talking quietly, "I can tell when people are lying. It's just a little talent of mine, among others." He hinted. "And you, are hiding a pretty big secret."

He motioned with his hand to give it, and she did. She crossed her arms, knowing there was nothing she could do.

"Ah, yes. This is a rather unusual sword. Pray tell, where you got it?" He inquired.

"That's none of your business." Luna said, struggling to keep her cool. "I've h-had it." She said simply, cursing herself for faltering at the end.

He was silent for a seconds, his face blank.

Then he thrust the sword back into her hands, stepping back a few feet as well.

"Why did you do that?" She asked him, irritated and flushed.

"I was testing you. You got a little panicked there without your weapon. So why, I ask, would an elf, who knows magic strong enough to kill with a word, be afraid without her weapon?" He asked her, a mocking grin on his face.

"I-" She paused. 'What do I say?' She thought. Her thought her interrupted by his smooth voice.

"You're weak, aren't you?" He stated as he took a step closer. She felt her heart beat faster, as he took her chin in between his fingers. He raised her head to look him in the eyes, something she had neglected to do nearly the whole time of their meeting.

"You are weak, are you not?" He repeated.

She pursed her lips. 'He knows.' She thought dreadfully.

"Ah, and what does it mean to you? You leave in the morning, don't you?" She questioned him, jerking her face from his grip.

"Don't try to change the subject." He said, crossing his arms against his chest.

They stared at each other, her eyes meeting his green ones.

Finally, she broke. "My strength doesn't matter to you." She replied.

"Ah, but it does, what very little of it there is." He said, grinning.

He noticed her left eye twitch, as he raised his hand just in time to catch her fist from connecting with his jaw.

"Uh-Uh, this was just a talk, not a fight. If we had one of those, you would long dead by now." He scolded her.

"You don't know anything about me, let alone the right to question my abilities." She retorted.

Her sword clanged on the ground as he caught her other hand, twisting it behind her back.

"O-Ah!" She exclaimed, the pain twisting the muscles of her shoulder.

"You see," He started with a sigh, "You're defenseless. You've lost your weapon."

He leaned in to her ear, "I could kill you right now and no one would know."

Her breaths came out in pained gasps.

After a few moments, he allowed her to rasp her hands from his, and turned around, attempting to calm down. 'Just breathe.' She thought.

She stood back up, only to see him the same way he was before. Staring at her with amusement and fascination in his eyes, with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You done?" He questioned.

She clenched her fist.

"Let's just get back to camp." She said, defeated as she passed him.

The two arrived a several minutes later, after walking side by side in the dark.

Luna was glad to get back to the camp, as the walk back was rather awkward. She hadn't even looked as his face once.

Tarack stood up as they walked into the camp, the fire now dying down.

"What took so long?" Tarack asked. Luna simply glared at him, as Xen walked across the Tarack, sitting next to him and pulling out a sleeping bag.

"Alright then, never mind." He grumbled as he settled back down.

Luna stopped next to Misty, who was already peacefully asleep.

She pulled out her own bag, and curled up.

'As soon as I'm asleep, the faster he will leave.' She thought.

Darkness quickly overtook her, like the dying ember in the fire.


Hakan narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean, it's not ready?" He growled.

"S-sir," An old, elderly man stuttered, "The eh, product is still unfit, as it has not been t-tested yet."

"Ah," Hakan began. "And it has not been tested yet why?" He asked, his voice dangerously calm.

"W-we've been b-busy." The man stuttered.

"Cancel everything!" Hakan roared at him. "And if it's not ready by tomorrow," He spit, "I'll have your head on a pike,"

The man gulped. "Y-yes sir!"

"I want to see the progress it has made so far." Hakan said, straitening to his full height.

"Y-yes Sir."

"And stop stuttering!"

They were led down the hall of an old building, the hall illuminated by strange lights on the ceiling, giving off an eerie glow. Water dripped down the rusted pipes and ceiling, as rats squeaked into their holes at the arrival of the two men.

H-he, I mean, here we are, sir." The man opened a metal door, guarded by a massive lock.

Hakan peered inside. A malicious grin spread across his features.

"Yes, after it is complete, they won't be able to escape!"

"Yes Hakan, give them enough rope, and they will hang themselves." A voice came from behind.

Hakan turned his head. Behind them stood a solem looking elf with a long face. " Why Jorman, I didn't think you would be here at this hour."

Jorman nodded, his long silver-blond hair draping his face.

"Yes well, I'd like to check on the experiment."

Hakan turned. "Yes, it's turning out rather...nicely" An insane smile graced his lips.

And at that moment, a monstrous tore rand through the air.


Aaaaand chapter 7 is done! :D

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