From Above the Forest

Dreams, Chased, and Refuge

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All she saw was darkness.

She blinked, seeing nothing.

Then a shadow.

A small light was coming from her left corner.

'Who?' She questioned.

She looked down, only to see her feet standing upon solid blackness.

Even then, they were slightly transparent.

"Luna..." The voice called to her, like a tolling bell's mourning cries carried by the breeze.

Something was off about the voice.. It had a...familiarity to it.

"M-mother?" She questioned, but no sound came from her mouth. She felt a presence behind her, and whirled around.

Again, only darkness.

Like this whole world she was in. Everywhere she looked, it was dark.

Her eyes were drawn to the small light in the corner. She took a step, feeling the ground, uncertain if it was really there.

Now assured, she took another.

Then another.

Until she reached the light.

A floating orb hovered only a few feet in the air. A soft, white light emanated from it's core, illuminating only herself.

She reached out her hand, trembling, as the orb pulsated with a radiant light.

A small gasp of surprise came from her lips. When she tried to tough the orb, it only moved away, as if some shield were around it. She took both hands, wrapping them lightly around the invisible shield.

It felt thin, thinner than paper, yet incredibly durable. She closed her eyes.

'Who are you?' She reached out with her mind.

Moments passed as silence filled her ears.

She sighed, then let go.

She was about to turn around, when a red flash constructed her vision.

A voice boomed in her head, "LUNA! WAKE UP!"

Her eyes flew open with a flash, as Misty tried to calm her.

She glanced around, only to see it was early morning, the sky still slightly dark from the remnant of the night. She was lying on the ground, covered in her forest green blanket, now sitting in her lap.

"Hey, are you alright?" Misty asked her, worried. " I heard you muttering in your sleep, the you started turning, so I thought you were...Hey, look at me!" She said worriedly.

Luna took a deep breath. 'What the heck was that?' She asked herself.

She leaned back against the tree, still panting. "Ah, I'm fine. Just...a nightmare. That's all" She swallowed.

Misty eyed her for a moment, then settled back down.

"Alright. Tell me when you want to." She sighed in defeat.

Luna looked across the camp to see Xen stirring. Tarack was already awake, and had busied himself by sharpening his dagger. He seemed unaffected by the recent episode.

Luna sighed. "Do you have the money?" She asked her friend, sitting beside her.

"Hm? Oh, yes, it's in the bag." She said distastefully.

'Must be mad about losing our money.' Luna thought.

"Oh, what's this?" Misty's voice asked her.

Luna's eyes widened. 'She must have found the bow and arrow.' She noticed, as her sword was still by her side, under the blanket.

She heard Misty gasp, as she turned her head.

"Luna, where did you get this? It's beautiful!" She said, awe in her voice.

"I-uh.." She stuttered, noticing the subject had peaked Tarack's interest.

"It was a gift. Along with a sword. Simple really, just tools." She stated, noticing Tarack slowly narrow his eyes.

Xen yawned as he woke up. He looked over, remembering the contents of the previous day.

She was talking to her friend, the brown haired human. She was holding a jade bow, with a rather fancy case.

He noticed...Luna.. that was her name, hold the sword protectively in her lap.

'Probably doesn't even know how use it.' He mused.

His eyes lingered on her face. 'She certainly does use more expressions than normal elves. Even when not angry.' He thought. Intrigued.

'Now, are you going to stare at her all day, or are we going to be on our way?' A voice asked in his head.

'Come on Tarack, we can take our time. We've been on the run for several weeks now non-stop. We can take a rest now and then.' He stated back.

His companion sighed, blowing off the shaving from his weapon. Xen sat up, noticing Luna's eyes dart upward at the sound of blankets rustling.


Luna rolled her eyes subtley.

'Great. He's awake.' She thought, unsure how it would turn out.

"Alright, here's the money." She said bluntly, dropping a small but weighty bag in front of him. She crossed her arms, staring at him.

"Now, get out." She stated.

Xen scoffed.

"Get out of what? This is a forest, in case you haven't noticed. Besides, I thought you said you wanted to be around me more, after last night?" He told her smugly.

She scowled.

She rolled her eyes as Misty raised an eyebrow.

"Please, you have the intelligence equal to that of lint." She retorted.

Xen sighed. "Alright."

He grabbed the money, tossing it to Tarack.

He noticed her grin, when he heard hooves in the distance.

He sent a glance to the group.

'Crap. They found us!' Luna thought frantically.

"Grab you stuff. We've got to go." Xen said calmly.

Luna ran quickly to the other side, grabbing her objects and stuffing them in the bag. She quickly strapped the sword to her hip, as she looked over at Misty, who had fastened the bow case to her back.

She smiled briefly, then took off running after Xen.

Her black hair whipped her face as she. Misty, Xen, and Tarack ran down the dirt road.

"We need to get off the road. I can see a cave up ahead that's pretty well hidden." Xen stated.

Luna nodded, noticing the sound of hoofs getting louder.

Suddenly, she heard a horse whinny loudly. Shouts and voices came from behind, as Xen grabbed her arm, pulling her behind a brush.

She tried to calm her breath, as she and Xen hid behind the bush. She heard him mutter a few words, and gasped lightly as her hands disappeared before her eyes.

"Maela." She heard him whisper quietly in he ear.

She took a few deep breaths, and concentrated on her heart beat.

She let out a breath of silent air as she heard the horses come dangerously close. By now they had to be only a few yards away.

"Where do you think they are?" She heard a gruff voice say.

"I don't know...What should we report to Lord Hakan?"

'Hakan?' The name sent shivers down her spine. She knew he would send for her, or more for the egg, but never thought it would be this soon.

"Do a mental sweep of the area." the voice commanded.

Luna panicked. She could feel her heart beating faster now.

'I never was able to hide my mind!' She thought, frantically throwing up walls in her mind.

Suddenly, she felt her heart slow down. Her breath slowed, and her vision became hazy. She slowly felt her mind slip from her grasp, as if it were blending in with nature. It lasted like that for a few moments, until she felt something solid pass through her mind.

It passed without any problems, then moved on. The presence left, then she heard faint, echoing horse hoofs in the distance.

She gasped as the world suddenly came back to her.

She noticed Xen's grip on her waist. "How did you do that?" She asked him, bewildered.

"I-" "XEN!" A deep voice called out.

Xen shifted Luna from his lap, and walked over to Tarack, who was standing in front of a flustered Misty. Twigs wrecked her hair, and her face was pale white.

"Let's get to the cave before they come back again." Tarack said, eying the cave.

Luna sighed. It would be quite a walk up there. The cave was about a mile away, but had many obstacles, such as a stream, several hills, thick underbrush, and lastly, was located near the top of a rather large plateau.

Several hours later, soaking wet, cold, hungry and tired, the group made its way to the cave entrance. It had been a rather silent journey, mostly filled with the crunching of leaves and the cold howl of the wind.

Luna sighed as she set her bag down slowly, sitting down in the corner of the dark cave. It was big enough to fit at least 12 people comfortably, so 4 were fine.

Misty left to gather some wood, while Tarack sat in his corner, sharpening the dagger. Xen sat against a rock, his head on his chest, seemingly asleep. Luna was building a small alcove to put the fire in. Xen had already set up a guard that protected the cave with magic, making the entrance look as if it were another slab of brown rock.

She sat back silently, as Misty entered, a bundle of twigs and wood in her arms.

Luna observed, as the sun went down.

'Did it really take us that long to get up here?' She wondered. The cave was peacefully quiet, only the crackling of the fire to be heard.

She settled back against her bag, taking careful note of the egg.

She looked up, noticing Xen.

He was certainly an elf, as his sharp, angular features and pointed ears assured her, and his ability in magic was true.

He had odd hair, for an elf though. He kept it short, very short.

Tarack kept his touching the base of his neck.

She noticed the tips of his ears, slightly round, and mostly pointed.

She averted her eyes back to Misty, only to find her staring off into the distance.

Luna stood up, making her way back to the fire to through some more wood up.

Xen opened his eyes.

"What are you doing?" He asked her cautiously.

She sighed. "What does it look like? I'm putting more wood in the fire."

He stared at her for a moment, then averted his eyes to the bag behind her.

"That's an interesting bag, where did you get it?" He asked, noticing the designs.

"That? My aunt made it for me." She replied nervously, hoping he wouldn't notice the shape of the egg.

He frowned. "May I see it?" He asked.

Her eyes widened.

"Um...well it's rather important, so I'd rather not." She blurted out "Why do you want to see it anyways?"

He scowled.

"Why? Are you hiding the rest of that money in there? Something valuable?"

She noticed the look in his eyes.

"Ah, no. The bag is just sentimental, that's all." she answered.

He stood up quickly, faster that Luna could see.

Misty jumped up, as Xen nodded to Tarack, he grabbed her arms, twisting them behind her back..

"You-" Luna said, reaching for her sword.

"Waise Letta." He said, as Luna froze.

'I-I can't move!'

He picked up that bag.

"Rather weighty, this." He mumbled, weighing it in his hands.

Misty struggled against Tarack, but he was too strong.

Xen flipped open the bag.

Luna winced, as she saw his eyes widen.

Slowly, he looked up at her, his eyes narrowed dangerously.

He brought his hand out of the bag, holding...

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