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I was running towards the lake “stop. Hey!! you cheated” I heard as my brother was chasing me .I halted to a stop right before the lake and a few seconds later my brother came barrelling into me and we both fell in the lake ,swimming upward we both saw the night sky the beauty of the stars in the night guiding and providing company to all those who needed it .This was one of the rare moments when we sneaked out and were kids. “how long do you think we have Nate? “bout half an hour Valy” and so for next 30 mins the siblings sat beneath the stars talking giggling and being 11 year-old kids that they were supposed to be and not soldiers. Back at the Manor Valentine Morgenstern wrote a letter while waiting for the twins to be back . As soon as he heard the window to their room opening he put the pen down and went to their room while picking up a hell forged whip in the way. An hour later two little kids are in cellars opposite to each other with whip scars new and old and blood running down their backs . Valentine their father standing in the aisle reminding them what they were being punished for. And all during that time he had decided to separate them for his soldiers were not loyal to him and rather to each other and he had decided whom he was to abandon The very next day Valerie was kicking and screaming for she did not want to leave her brother alone with the monster but s

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chapter 1

I had been sitting in the library minding my own business and reading a book written by mundane called J K Rowling

When Mark Blackthorn had asked me to come to the hub. “Valerie you and Keesha are ordered by the clave to go help in the New York institute for a month “Mark narrated in a monotone

“Do I have too ? Angle knows I hate the place with passion “---

“and you know i cant do anything about it”

“the smell of sewers dead rats and all the gross stuff “I pouted because i had no family and clave had alienated the Morgenstern’s and hence i am literally jumping in and out of institutes though L.A. Is like my home room though I have mostly been in L.A. ,NYC and Chicago and oh totally to brag but I am the best Shadowhunter there is.

“Are you listening to me at all??“Mark’s loud voice snapped me out “no”

“well you are going because I said so. Now go pack your bags” aaand that’s how I ended up in New York Institute at 12 in noon.

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