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By The Space Beaver

Fantasy / Drama

Chapter 1

Renata stood on the roof of the dorms and looked out over beacon. She had a grey hoodie on to keep warm and a cigarette in her mouth as she took in the beauty of the night sky. Her blond hair hung out of the hoodie and rested on her sizable breasts that had been successfully hidden inside her jacket. She had worn black sweat pants keeping her legs warm, these proved to accentuate her rump while at the same time hiding her legs from others. Her feet were protected by a pair of specially made running shoes. Renata’s hood twitched as her ears turned inside of it, the door had opened behind her and heavy footsteps came up to her. A brown haired man leaned against the railing beside her.

“Nice night isn’t it?” Cardin asked.

“It is.” Renata said, “I know you’ve seen me without my hood, what the fuck are you doing talking to a faunus and why’d you risk getting caught by your teammates just to talk to me out here?”

“It’s simple, I’ve got dirt on you now.” Cardin said, “We’re not allowed to smoke on school grounds.”

Renata looked at him with her hazelnut eyes.

“And what if Ozpin lets me if I hide myself while I do it?” Renata said.

“Even if he did Goodwitch wouldn’t.” Cardin said, “And I might be willing to hide this from her to a price.”

Renata gave him a disgusted look and looked back at the night sky.

“You want me to degrade myself below the dirt you are?” Renata asked. “That ain’t happening.”

“I want you to apologize for what you people did to my mother.” Cardin told her.

Renata looked back at him.

“And by ‘my people’ what do you mean?” Renata asked.

“You know what I mean.” Cardin responded as he steadied himself, “You come back here and I won’t get you expelled from Beacon as well, I know your history in these sorts of schools.”

Renata sighed as she stopped leaning on the railing.

“You wanna fight this out boy?” Renata asked, “I could use a good dance.”

Cardin smiled as he looked at her.

“I get to beat an animal and get you expelled; it might teach your kind a lesson.” Cardin told her.

Renata laughed as she took off her hoodie to reveal two weights on her wrists and the cat like ears that she had been hiding. Under the hoodie she was wearing a tank top that gave a generous amount of cleavage. This is a tactic she would often use it as a distraction against her more sentient opponents.

“This is going to be fun.” Renata said, “Tell you what, If you can beat me in combat in my half drunken state then I’ll let you do more than kiss me, you and your whole team. You lose and you leave my team alone as well as Teams CFVY, JNPR, and RWBY.”

Cardin put his fists up and smiled.

“Deal taken.” Cardin said.

Cardin ran at Renata and gave a swift punch at her face, Renata smiled as she dodged his strike and threw a claw at his face, she drew blood as she tore into his face. Cardin stepped back a couple feet to gain his footing again and Renata began to lick her nails clean. Renata’s eyes turned red as she gained a burst of speed towards Cardin and dug her fist into his gut, she turned it into an upper cut that sent Cardin flying up twenty feet. Took the chance to jump and grab him as he fell down. She slammed him into the ground and sat over top of his body, smiling down at him at the little bit of blood that she had gotten at the edge of her mouth due to a cut in Cardin’s face. She grabbed his face and licked off the blood from her lip as she began to laugh.

“You forgot who the fuck I was Cardin.” Renata told him she began to show off her sharpened teeth in a menacing grin that would give any person nightmares, “I’m that thing you see out of the corner of your eyes that drives you fucking insane. And I hate egotistical little pricks like you who think their hot shit because they can beat up a boy without a semblance. I’m Renata Brauer, the daughter of Belial the Fallen and the bane of anyone who threatens me. You think I’m a monster and that’s just what I am, so who are you to threaten me?”

Cardin whimpered and tried to roll over but he couldn’t break free from Renata’s grasp.

“Now do you surrender of should I take off these weights to show you the full speed of my strikes?” Renata looked down at him and began to laugh as she started to take off her weights.

Cardin took the chance to get a sucker punch in though it didn’t faze Renata in the slightest, she turned her head to look at him, her smile turned into a frown as she looked at him. She was silent for a couple of seconds before she got up and pulled him up with her. She turned her cheek to him and put her hand to it.

“Did you want to do that again?” Renata asked, “Do it a bit harder this time, give it a good wind up.”

Cardin looked at her and got into position again. He pulled his fist back but before he could throw a punch he fell to the ground paralyzed. Renata smiled as she picked up his body.

“I am a monster.” Renata said, “But that doesn’t mean that my kind is full of them. Velvet is a nice girl, she’s incorrupt, she didn’t have my life.”

Renata opened the door to the dorms and made her way to team CDNL’s dorm room. Renata knocked on the door with Cardin in her hands and smiled as she waited. Russel opened the door and looked out at Renata standing there with his leader in her hands.

“I found your leader outside and took care of him.” Renata said, “May I come in to place him on his bed or do you want to take his paralyzed body for me?”

Russel looked at her and then at Cardin and then back at her.

“What the Hell did you do to him, you freak?” Russel asked.

Renata placed Cardin down at Russel’s feet and then smiled as she stepped back as she put her hands to her hips.

“He disturbed my night time jog.” Renata said, “He also made a bet and now he isn’t allowed to bully anyone from my team or any of the others. I’d suggest you guys follow his lead like a good team if you don’t want to end up like him, or worse. Olive and Nora are more than willing to break all three of your legs, if you know what I mean.”

Russel looked dumb founded at her as he took Cardin back to his bed.

“He’ll be fine by the morning. I wouldn’t want him to be tardy for those classes now would I.” Renata said.

Renata made her way to the washrooms to clean up her face and get the dirt off. She entered the washroom and ran into Ruby washing her hands.

“You needed to come in here to wash up as well?” Renata asked.

“Nah.” Ruby said in a daze, “I couldn’t sleep and had to pee, what about you?”

Ruby looked at Renata’s face and jumped a bit in shock.

“Jeez.” Ruby said as she looked back into her own reflection and continued washing up. “What happened to you?”

Renata chuckled a bit as she got some cold water onto her face, she had a light bruise.

“I got into a fight.” Renata answered, “Cardin caught me smoking, I beat the shit out of him.”

Ruby looked at her and sighed slightly as she finished washing up.

“How long did he last against you?” Ruby asked.

“About two minutes.” Renata told her, “But only cause I let him.”

Ruby looked at her and chuckled a little.

“I knew he couldn’t win.” Ruby said as she patted Renata on the back.

“He got a pretty good sucker punch in on me though.” Renata said, “It stings a bit. Maybe if Kris kisses it it’ll get better.”

“But she’s asleep now isn’t she.” Ruby said.

Renata stepped tried to reach to reach for something around her body and ended up feeling around it.

“Right?” Ruby said, “She’s asleep right?”

Renata sighed when she couldn’t find what she was looking for and looked at Ruby.

“I forgot my hoodie and weights outside,” Renata said, “You wanna come on a walk with me?

“Sure.” Ruby said as she held the door open for Renata.

“Thank you.” Renata said as she walked through the door.

Renata lead Ruby out the door and picked up her weights and hoodie. She through the weights around her wrists and then put her hoodie back on. She took her flask out from inside the hoodie and took a drink, she looked at Ruby and then back at the flask and shook her head before putting it back into her hoodie. She then took out a cigarette and lit it. She began to smoke as she looked out at the skies again.

“I don’t ever want to see you with a cigarette in your hands.” Renata said, “It’s a horrible addiction to have.”

Ruby looked at her.

“I won’t.” Ruby said, “You always say that and you keep on smoking.”

Renata took a puff of her cigarette.

“It’s one of many horrible addictions I have.” Renata said, “I was drinking vodka before, I know I’m an alcoholic. The only good addiction I have is Kris’s love.”

Ruby sat down with her legs dangling from the edge as the door opened behind them again. Jaune and Pyrrha walked out of it with practice weapons in hand. Renata looked back at them and smiled as she flicked her cigarette off the balcony she patted Ruby on the head and pulled her up.

“We should let these two practice alone.” Renata said, “I don’t think Cardin will be bothering them tonight either.”

Ruby followed as Renata took out her flask and took a drink from it as she passed the two.

“It’s water.” Renata said as she passed them by.

“Why’d you lie?” Ruby questioned.

“It’s against the rules for students to drink alcohol. The less people that know about it, the less chances there are that Goodwitch will punish me.” Renata said, “Just turn out better than me, okay Ruby.”

Ruby looked up at Renata and smiled.

“You’re not that bad.” Ruby said, “I mean sure you break the rules and you do a lot of things that are bad but you’re a good person.”

“I’m not a good person Ruby.” Renata said as her smile began to wane, “A kid like you couldn’t comprehend what I’ve had to go through, and what I’ve become. And I hope you never have to see what I’ve become, it’s the last thing I want to happen.”

Ruby smiled as she opened her dorm room door.

“Good night Ruby.” Renata said quietly. “And remember the lessons tomorrow after classes.”

“Good night.” Ruby said as she closed the door.

Renata sighed as she made her way to the washroom again she opened the door and got into one of the stalls. Near her time finishing up she heard the stall next to her open. After she finished up she noticed Blake washing her hands. Renata began to do the same. She sighed as she looked at Blake.

“The bow looks cute on you.” Renata said, “I can tell there’s ears under there though.”

Blake looked at Renata.

“How?” Blake said as she turned her gaze back to the running water. “How can you tell?”

“The bow twitches when you hear sounds.” Renata finished washing her hands and leaned against the sink. “I had a talk with one of your teammates the other day about an argument you two had, Weiss isn’t usually the sort of person that would share that sort of stuff, she told me to help look for you.”

“I don’t want to talk about this with you.” Blake told her and started to walk away.

Renata stopped her.

“Look.” Renata said, “Just hear me out and you don’t ever have to listen to me again.”

Blake stopped and looked at Renata.

“Why should I listen to a delinquent like you?” Blake asked.

“Because I know your teammates really well.” Renata said, “And they were all really worried about you.”

Blake averted her gaze and crossed her arms as she stood silently.

“Look.” Renata said and she paused, “I’m not here to shame you at all, But the White Fang isn’t what you remember it being, they’ve made a bad name for faunus now and the damage they’ve done is irreparable, there are a lot of humans would love for nothing less than an ethnic cleansing to happen and that’s all the fault of the White Fang now.”

Blake sighed as she tried to exit the room. Renata put her hand on the door to stop her.

“They’re not what they used to be Blake.” Renata said, “The White Fang you were part of was a great organization that made a name for the faunus as a peaceful people. You aren’t a bad person Blake. You’re not like me.”

Blake looked at Renata and sighed.

“I know what you are Brauer.” Blake said, “These words that your speaking mean absolutely nothing when they come out of your mouth.”

Renata looked at her and a tear started to well up in the corner of her eye.

“How the hell do you know what I am?!” Renata yelled as she punched the door. “What did you have to witness in your childhood Belladonna?”

“I had to witness mass hatred of my people; it was the life I was born into.” Blake said, “I didn’t have a choice, I had to join the White Fang, I’ve done bad things but I’ve been fighting to better myself every day.”

Renata began to laugh as she leaned against the bathroom door.

“Sit.” Renata said, “I have a story to tell you about my life.”

Blake sighed as she sit down, the sooner she could get out of there the better.

“When I was a little girl I had two brothers. Both of them would protect me from the world that we were forced to live in, whether it was against Grim or some extremist anti-faunus groups leading a charge against my father. Life was good for us, we’d catch these men, take a bit of their money and dust and we’d get the authorities to take them back to Haven so that they could become incarcerated. I assume you know who my father is.” Renata started on her story and she moved away from the door so that other people could enter if they needed to do their business. Blake moved with her and sat quietly. “My father was a man of riches named Belail, and humans continue to hate him for his wealth, so much so that groups of humans would come by and attempt to kill him and my brothers so that they could steal his wife and our money. None of them could kill him, instead of killing them though he would send them off with a warning rather or with the authorities if they had hurt him. My father was merciful that way. Though many people call him a monster he wasn’t, he was kind to most people, except me.”

Renata took her flask out. She looked at Blake and sighed.

“You’re seventeen, right?” Renata asked.

“Yes.” Blake said, “Why do you ask?”

Renata tried to pass her flask to Blake but Blake declined the drink.

“Suit yourself.” Renata said as she took another drink from it. “I was a bastard child, my dad fucked a whore in an inn somewhere around where we lived. I ended up calling his wife mom but she never loved me as much as she loved by brothers. I was just that constant reminder that my dad, the great Belail Brauer was unfaithful. He even viewed me as less because I came from a whore and not the woman I had grown up calling mom, so life was shitty for me for my childhood. The only two people that actually loved me were my brothers, and I loved them for it as well. “

Renata took another drink from her flask.

“But everything went from bad to horrible on my eighth birthday.” Renata said, “One night when my dad was at a court hearing for one of the men that attacked us, it would happen from time to time where they would demand a fair trial with my father present. I think it was just to spite him but that night they had a plan. After my dad had left our house a group of men attacked us. They pinned down my brothers as we were forced to watch as a couple of them raped our mother, I was then forced to watch as they decapitated my brothers, yelling shit about the White Fang before they did so, that part was a blur to me. Next thing I knew I was a slave.”

Renata took another hit from her flask and continued.

“I was a slave girl for a long time. I couldn’t tell when they were going to take my innocence, or how, but I waited. I waited for the day when one of the human men would come to my bedside and take my hands out from between my legs. I waited in that cold dark cave for something to happen to me so I could go out screaming and crying as these men took my special flower from me. They never did, and when the time spent thinking about my flower drive a pick into my sanity that’s when they decided to strike. Though what at first seemed like an attack on the virginity of my body turned out to be an attack on the virginity of my soul. They put my head on the line and offered me freedom if I would kill another faunus child in what could only be considered a freedom death match. I killed that boy that day, his name was Desmond Maroon, a friend of mine from childhood. It was on that day that I realized that the young boy, barely into his teens had fallen in love with me and was willing to die for my freedom, I just had to give the finishing blow and destroy his love. They forced me to kill the most pure thing in my life and then sent me off to my father. They turned me into the monster that I am today, I don’t kill Grim for any greater cause, I do it because it’s legal and it doesn’t harm the fragile image that the faunus have.”

“You’re not a monster.” Blake said, “Adam is, and those men that enslaved you were.”

“That’s just the thing.” Renata said, “While we sit here those men are free to drink wine and rape to their hearts content. As long as they’re alive I’m a monster, because as long as they’re alive I want to taste their blood on my lips. Mean just look at me.”

Renata gave a wide smile while showing her teeth and took on last drink from her flask.

“I’m a monster.” Renata said, “Those bastards made damn well sure of it, my aura just decided to heal my teeth like this. And this blood lust comes over me. I had to stop myself from finishing a fight earlier with Cardin. I had to paralyze him for a few hours to stop myself from sinking my teeth into his flesh after I tasted a bit of his blood.”

Blake looked at her and sighed as she put her hand on Renata’s shoulder.

“I had you pegged as a different person Renata.” Blake said, “On the outside you seem like an incompetent idiot who doesn’t think before she acts, but that’s not you.”

Renata looked over to her.

“Please don’t tell the other’s about my blood lust.” Renata said, “You and Kris are the only two that know.”

Blake looked at her and gave a fake smile.

“I won’t.” Blake said, “We all have our secrets.”

“And they bare holes into our souls.” Renata said, “I have to remember that one, it’ll be good for a song.”

“I suppose that the only reason I told you all that is because you remind me of Kris.” Renata said as she took a final drink from her flask. “You look too much like her and you both acted the same around me at first.”

Renata got up and dusted herself off.

“Speaking of Kris I need to get back to her.” Renata said, she offered her hand to Blake to help her up and smiled as Blake took it. “Look, you had a bad life but you still got the long end of the stick compared to me. Keep on fighting but don’t associate yourself with the new White Fang, it’ll just make you look bad.”

Renata opened the door and held it open for Blake. Blake passed through and Renata followed. She stopped at the dorm room before Team RWBY’s. She looked at Blake and smiled.

“It was nice finally talking to you.” Renata said.

“It was an unexpected pleasure.” Blake said.

Renata smiled as she stepped into her dorm room and laid down on her bed next to Kris, a human woman with long black hair and a slender figure, she was wearing a night gown. Kris turned around in her bed and smiled as she looked into Renata’s eyes.

“You were gone a while.” Kris told her in a quiet voice before kissing her, “You said you’d only be gone a few minutes.”

Renata kissed Kris back and smiled at her.

“Cardin from team CRDL was giving me trouble.” Renata said, “I had to teach him a lesson.”

Kris smiled.

“He didn’t hurt you did he?” Kris said.

“Just some light bruising.” Renata told her and pointed out the bruise.

Kris kissed at the bruise and smiled as Renata turned her head to kiss her again.

“And I ran into Blake from team RWBY.” Renata said.

“The one you haven’t given advice to yet.” Kris said, “She looks a lot like me doesn’t she, was there a reason you were refraining from her?”

“There’s nobody out there for me but you.” Renata said, “You are my sunshine in this dark world, the one bit of purity that my tainted heart can hold.”

Kris smiled as she kissed at Renata’s neck.

“Did you want to go at it once before I go to sleep?” Kris asked as she smiled.

Renata kissed her as she rolled Kris over and sat provocatively on top of Kris’s body.

“Of course my dear.” Renata said.

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