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obsession for my innocent wife

first meeting

In seeshmahal a fashion show of Arnav Singh raizada is going on and everyone doing their work to save themselves from the warth of the great ASR.
Then sundenly a girl of early twenties enter in the hall to find his sister and this girl is our heroine khushi.
Sundenly he collide someone and about to fall when two strong arm held her by her waist , she tightly closed her eyes due to fear but the man is lost in her innocent face and natural beauty of her face. When she open her she lost in his black orbs eyes and he lost in her hazel eyes.
When sundenly a angrily voice come
Voice : khushi!
Khushi recognize the voice and get scared due to fear her eyes welled up this secen did not unnoticed by Arnav.
Khushi , di
La , khushi how dare u to come here. Jab mene Mana kiya tha toh phir kou ai.(when i said don’t come here then why you came).
Khushi , di wo wo Ghar mein koi nhi tha aur mujhe andhere se dar lag rha tha toh toh mein.(di there is no light in our home and i afraid of darkness that’s why i came here. )
La , toh Kya yaha mua utha ke a jao gi aur waise bhi tm humare liye curse ho zabrdasti humare Gale parh gi h. (so that doesn’t mean ypu came here and by the way you are curse for our family and forces on us by relatives).
Now ASR anger reach to its peak and roared
ASR , mis lavanya mind your language and get back to your work.
Lavanya angrily glare at khushi and went from there.
ASR , ap woha Jo first seat h waha ja ke baith jayein. Woha TuneIn dar nhi lagein ga.(hey! you can sat on that first seat there you will not feel sacred),
Khushi , sachi hum yaha reh skte h.(her eyes lit up).(really i can stay here .)
ASR smile inwardly and reply
ASR, yes now go and sit there.
But then he think why I attract toward her innocent face.
Why her tears effect me badly.
Why I sent her to sit on my seat.
I don’t know the answers of these questions but one thing is cut and clear like crystal that I want her in my life badly in very first meeting of ours. She is now my possession , obsession, life, breath , angel of my life and everything

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