Starcrossed Lovers

A Smile and A Wink


If you ask me when I first noticed Rose I know the answer. The first two years at Hogwarts are blurs of colour, and food, Quidditch, snowball fights and magic spells but I still remember that day of my third year in Technicolor. It was the first week back after holidays and we had Transfiguration with the Gryffindors that year and by the work of the gods both Rose and I where late (something that happened rarely, if ever). We pelted towards the door from opposite ends of the hallway and nearly ran each other over in the haste to get inside. “Watch it, Weasley” I said turning to face her smiling mockingly. Her bright red hair hung in curls around her face and it felt like the bottom of my stomach was giving out when she looked at me and smiled. “You are the one in the way, Malfoy” she said with a little laugh before hurrying inside. I knew from that moment on. After that day classes with the Gryffindors where my favourite because I got to see ‘the smile’. It made my day that smile…


I remember another day, a day when fate was toying with my emotions. It was the end of our fourth year and we were waiting for exam results. It was a beautiful, lazy summer day and a bunch of us were hanging out by the edge of the lake dangling our toes into the dark water. Some boys where braving the cold water and the Giant Squid to take a dip. My discussion with Fiona about Charms question 235 ‘Discuss the Cheering Charm’ was cut short when we got hit with a cold spray of drops. A tall boy from Slytherin who looked like a giant sloth had just trudges his way out of the water and was shagging his hair in our direction like a giant dog. “Excuse me…” I muttered. He just looked me straight in the eye, sneered and hurried further up the lawn to where a bunch of Slytherins where lounging underneath a tree. “Cheer up, Weasley” said a voice and my eyes where drawn back to the water’s edge where Scorpius stood. He was wearing silver swimming trunks and the bright sunlight turned his hair into a bright halo around his head and water dripped steadily onto his pale shoulders. I couldn’t help but smile, it was involuntary but I tried to reply bitingly. “Keep you mates in check won’t you!” In reply he only winked.

I admit that was the first night I dreamt of Scorpius Malfoy, I dreamt of his steely grey eyes watching me.

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