Starcrossed Lovers

A Newfound Friendship...


The gods started working their magic at the start of our fifth year. It started around my family breakfast table. It was two weeks before the start of the new term and two large tawny owls had just brought our Hogwarts letters. I had slipped open the heavy parchment envelope and there among my letters lay a perfectly round golden pin with a bright red P emblazoned on it.

It was the holidays, or the pressure of studying up my fifth year course material in advance to prepare for the OWL exams but I’d completely forgotten that prefects would be chosen this year and the round pin left me speechless. “Ro yove ok…?” asked Hugo through a mouth crammed with scrambled eggs. I nodded with a tiny smile as I reached in and put the pin on the kitchen table. My mother made a sound like an excited piglet (or a Banshee – take your pick) and kissed every part of my face she could reach before making an excited phone call to aunt Ginny and my dad just kept petting the top of my head in a way that said – ‘Who’s a good Rosie…”

Albus had been made prefect too and I was thankful, not only did it divide the attention and my grandmother Molly’s constant coddling but it was good to know I’d have Al with me. He was with me when we boarded the train and together we set of toward the prefect’s compartment at the front. Luke was elected head boy and I gave him a friendly nod as I took my seat. We had “history” (if you could even call it that). Luke was part of James’s little group of pranksters, but he was definitely the most responsible of the lot, and the smartest in his year. He took me to the ball last year, where both mine and his toes where constantly stepped on followed by a very wet kiss in front of the Fat Lady. We quickly decided it was our fate to only be friends… I eyed the other chosen ones counting them of in my head: two from Ravenclaw and two from Hufflepuff. The Slytherin girl was still on her own and the head girl, a girl from Ravenclaw named Trish was just about to speak when the door slid open. “You’re late” Trish barked. “Sorry about that Trish” came the slow drawl and my head snapped up. Scorpius was standing in the doorway his black robes billowing around his skinny frame with the silver pin with its green P pinned to his collar.

“Who will volunteer for first watch?” Trish was saying and instinctively I put my hand up. If I finished my shift early I could still reread that chapter on antidotes before we reached Hogwarts. “And me…” Scorpius said getting up from his seat before Trish could argue. Albus gave me a quizzical look but I got up and hurried through the door that Scorpius was holding open before he could ask any questions.

“So why don’t we talk more?” Scorpius asked as we walked slowly down the corridor. “Maybe because we are not friends…” I replied peering through a compartment window. It was a compartment full of scared looking first years all staring at the ground or out a window. “We could be friends” “We could” I agreed. “Well let it state that from today, this moment, on this train, we are friends”. Scorpius held out his hand and I took it. “Friends, Malfoy”. He smirked, “First rule of friendship club is you have to stop calling me Malfoy”. “Okay Scorpius” I whispered, my hand still in his. “Okay Rose” he replied softly. Okay.

From that moment on we where friends, as if some invisible wall between us had been broken. James, Albus, Hugo and Lily did not approve (in fact it felt like nobody approved). “He’s a Malfoy” they would mutter when we studied together in the library or they saw us in the courtyard together at lunch time. I wrote of their comments as Quidditch rivalry, especially Albus’s. Scorpius was the Seeker for the Slytherin team and Albus for Gryffindor and it was only a testosterone driven fight.

It was a Hogsmeade weekend (let the plot thicken). I was heading to the village with a group of my friends and we were nearing the front door when I heard my name being called. “Rooooseee!” I turned and it was hard to miss the head of silvery hair streaking towards me. “Come to the village with me today…” he said with a smile, “don’t say no!” I could only manage an okay in reply my ears turning bright red. I gave my friends apologetic glances; the girls where all smiling and nodding encouragingly but Albus was giving me what could only be described as a ‘stink eye’.

We talked classes and OWL’s, prefect duties, food and even family on our way into the village and I was so enthralled by the conversation that I only recognised Madam Puddifoot’s little shop when we were right outside the door. The though ran through my mind unchecked – ‘this is not a place where friends go… this is a place where couples go’. I followed him inside without a word however and we grabbed a table in the corner. By the end of the two hours under the dim lights of the shop, with the light classical music and two cups of tea and a shared piece of Madam Puddifoot’s famous four-tier caramel fudge cake I was sure it is date.

“So friend Rose” Scorpius said into a silent moment. “Yes, friend Scorpius?” I replied mockingly. “Wouldyouliketogototheballwithme?” he mumbled.

He was looking at the table, a light pink flooding his pale cheeks. The ball… After last year’s attempt with Luke I’d hardly given this year’s ball any thought. The ball is held every year and students fourth year and older are invited to attend. The ball is held in commemoration of the battle of Hogwarts and all the lives lost.

“Well?” he said looking up at me. His grey eyes held my brown eyes and as if from a distance I heard myself say yes.

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