Starcrossed Lovers

You are invited to the Ball...


If I though writing home for a new dress was stressful, or telling James, Albus and Hugo who my date would be or working for hours to get my bushy hair straight it was nothing compared to the moments right before the ball. We were from different houses so we met in the Entrance Hall and I counted the brackets on the walls to calm myself down. He was late.


I know she thought I was late for the ball but I wasn’t. I was by the door that led to the dungeons and I was staring at her from a distance. I was too scared to move, or speak or even blink - scared that this angel might disappear. Her dress was the colour of the ocean; made of some soft shimmery material that hugged her body, showing the curve of her waist. Her bright red hair, normally bushy and overbearing was slicked back and turned into a chignon on top of her head. She was in one word – breathtaking.


I was starting to worry when I heard a familiar drawl from right behind me. “Evening friend Rose, you look …” he paused, “well you look beautiful Rosie” he said. I felt my ears turn bright red and I cursed myself internally for not wearing my hair down, but I smiled. “You look quite dashing yourself” and he did… He was wearing silvery dress robes complete with a silvery blue tie with his blonde hair slicked back making his profile sharp and striking. He walked me into the hall and to my surprise didn’t head for the table where a bunch of Slytherins where seated but right for the table with James and his date Megan, Albus and Fiona and Sebastian, James’s unruly friend, and his date, who also happened to be my cousin, Molly. “We don’t have to sit with them…” I muttered. “Let them stare” Scorpius whispered softly before extending his hand to Albus. “Albus, is this seat taken?”

The Headmaster made a speech of remembrance to every person lost in the Battle of Hogwarts and we drank deeply from our goblets of pumpkin juice. “Now let the ball begin! he said and a band came trooping onto the little stage. “Let us drink another toast” James said. “Let us drink to Fred, raise you’re glassed for Remus Lupin and raise the roof for Nymphadora Tonks”.

I was afraid of our first dance and on the second song Scorpius got up from his seat and extended a hand. I gave Albus a frightened look and he gave me a smile that clearly said – just go already! The song was slow and he led me steadily across the floor, his strong arm curled around my back, the other holding lightly onto my fingers. He was dancing carefully, turning me slowly as if he was a frame and I was a piece of art he was showing off to the entire hall. We danced and danced; slow songs, even up tempo where he was swinging me in every direction to the sound of the pounding drums. I was sad as every song ended because I knew it brought the night closer to its end.

“Let’s go for a walk” he whispered as I put down my spoon having just finished my treacle tart. “Okay…” I replied, my heart pounding in my throat. “See you in the Common Room Albus” I called and Albus only winked at me. It was a dark night with dark stormy clouds obscuring most of the stars and the occasional rumble of thunder joining the other evening sounds. We walked over the lawns and somewhere Scorpius took my hand in his. By Murphy’s Law just as we reached the edge of the lake there was another rumble of lighting and drops started to fall, landing with soft plonking sounds in the large lake. “Oh my hair” I laughed facing Scorpius, “it’s going to frizz like crazy now”. “I don’t care” he replied, “I love the bushy hair…” he reached and pulled the clip from my chignon and I felt my hair tumble to my shoulders. “I had a really good time tonight…” he said and he took a step towards me. “Me too” I said stepping closer still. The gap between us was so small now that I could see the strands of silver in his hair and the specks of dark blue around his iris.

“Good” he said closing the gap and pressing his lips to mine. His lips where warm and soft and seemed to fit perfectly on mine. It was as if I’d taken a large gulp of Firewhiskey and the bright heat was spreading from my stomach to the tips of my fingers and toes. I don’t know how long we stood there in the rain, but when we pulled apart I was breathless. “Okay?” he asked. “Perfect” I replied.


I lay in bed that night thinking… I could still feel his lips, a memory pressed against mine. I could still feel his strong hand on my waist and the other hand curled into my hair. I could still feel the soft material of his dress robes beneath my fingers and if I closed my eyes I could still trace the line of his jaw. I lay there and thought of three things.

One: Scorpius Malfoy is a Slytherin

Two: I wondered if anybody would ever approve of him completely, least of all my father.

But third I knew that I was completely in love with him.

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