Starcrossed Lovers

Time to Tell....


Scorpius and I had a long talk, stretched out under a tree by the lake. We would be together, “I don’t have the power to stay away from you anymore…” he said, slowly tucking a strand of my red hair behind my ear. We would however not make it official until we tell our parents.

“My father is a very strange man; he’ll be madder that I didn’t tell him, than about who I am dating” “You think so? My dad just doesn’t like the sound Malfoy”. “Maybe I could change my surname?” Scorpius said with a tiny smile. “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… So Scorpius would where he not Scorpius called retain that dear perfection” I quoted my version of Shakespeare and he smiled before kissing me.

The next few weeks with me dating Scorpius Malfoy gave the school juicy gossip. I overheard two girls chatting about it in the bathrooms and had to hide in my stall until after they left. Whispers followed Scorpius and me through the halls like an annoying shadow. My romance did however bring surprises too, people who were being supportive! Here was Albus and Fiona chatting idly to Scorpius in the courtyard during morning break. James inviting us to join him and a group of friends for a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. Lily patiently listening to me babble on and on about Scorpius and Hugo, my little brother, who knew everything but didn’t breathe a word to our parents.

The last day of term came too quickly and it was the end of year feast. Gryffindor had won the Housecup by a small margin thanks to Albus and his skill at finding the Golden Snitch. We celebrated and Albus gave me a quick hug before hurrying down the table towards Fiona. “Congratulations I hear are in order” Scorpius said from behind me, he had left his table and was smiling down at me. “To you too, second place!” I smiled playfully. “Yes, we at Slytherin are very proud of our second place. We are not letting it go any time soon” I could only smile. He made me smile all the time. My mind and my heart struggled with each other. If this was wrong – then why did it feel so right?


My parents were waiting by the barrier and I pasted on the best brightest smile I had. We had decided together that we would tell our parents tomorrow and I planned to enjoy the first day back, in case tomorrow turned into a fight. My mother kept asking about the OWL exams, I told her everything (except the hours Scorpius and I studied together in the library or that he quizzed me before every paper until I knew every answer by heart). Hugo kept them equally busy with stories of classes, and his first year on the Quidditch team as Keeper. Every time my mother tried to ask about the ball Hugo would just launch into another story and I loved him for it.

The first day was however a grace period and before I knew it, it was the second day and it was dinner time, and time for me to tell my parents. I leaned against the wall outside our kitchen taking steadying breaths. Scorpius is worth it I told myself a thousand times. “Sis” Hugo called running down the hall “this just came for you!” he handed the letter to me, squeezed my hand and walked into the kitchen. I folded open the parchment and I immediately recognised the writing.

Dear Rosie

I know you’re are scared of telling your parents. I am too, I want desperately for them to approve because I know if my parents just got to know you they would fall in love with you just like I have. I wanted to write to tell you that I love you Rose Weasley. I have loved you since the first day when your hand shot up in Potions class and you knew all the answers. I knew since that day you beat me out for first in our year. I cherished every time you looked my way or called me Malfoy. I wanted to stretch the moments I have with you for eternity and I want to thank you for giving me forever in our numbered months. I hope this letter finds you before you speak to your parents…

Yours Always

Scorpius Malfoy

His letter gave me strength and I walked into that kitchen sure of what I wanted to say and I did say it. I sat my parents down and started speaking. My dad’s ears turned to red faster than a set of traffic lights but I ploughed on, begging with them to understand. I told them he made me feel special, how much we had in common and that I would really love if they would give their blessing. By the time I finished speaking I was breathless and I couldn’t look at either of them so I looked out the window and out at the green lawn. “Well maybe Granddad Weasley and I can forgive you for dating a pureblood…” my dad said into the silence.

The happiness was everywhere as I ran to my room, it was in every thought that ran through my mind, it seemed to bubble from every pore and light sparkled in my eyes. The story of Romeo and Juliet I decided is a bad story. Fate bought them together, fate doesn’t make mistakes. They were meant to be, but fate can’t do all the work. I grabbed the parchment from my bag in the corner and pulled up a chair by my desk. You have to do some things by yourself, maybe if the two had just spoken to their parents and explained? I smiled to myself as I uncorked my ink bottle and dipped my quill into it.

My Scorpius

I am yours if you want me…

Love Rosie.

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