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Everyone knows the story of Frisk and their adventure in the Underground. But did you know the story of their brother and his adventure to find a real family?

Adventure / Action
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Angels of Creation...

"No one exactly knows who they are, where they came from, or what their purpose is. Some believe they came from another dimension, others believe that they are powerful magicians. One thing is for certain, their powers are limitless. They can bend matter and shape it to their own desire. The one who leads these beings is known as THE LEADER. This being, like its followers, is an enigma to all who attempt to learn more about it. Although it’s highly believed this being has the ability to transcend space and time."

“Hey! Why did you stop?” A young voice squeaked out in frustration. The reader looked at the boy, his cheeks puffed out, which caused him to snicker.

“Sorry Juan, but I have to go.” He replied, setting the book down on the chair after he stood up. “I’ll read more of it to you later.” He reassured, although he knew it was a lie.

Juan sighed in disappointment, “Fine...” This gave the reader the chance to walk away, not before rubbing his little brother’s head and messing up his already curly/messy brown hair.

Juan’s older brother left the room in a hurry, making his way out the front door and leaving the orphanage behind. Juan watched his brother leave, and disappear into the forest behind the building, looking up from the forest to the mountain. Everyone knew what this mountain was, everyone was scared of it, everyone except for Frisk - for some odd reason. He couldn’t understand it, why would he have gone up to the mountain? Juan backed away from the window and walked up to the bookshelf.

“Ha! Here it is!” The curly chocolate haired brunette exclaimed excitedly, pulling out a book from the shelf with the title; ”Legend of Mt. Ebott" He went up over to the chair his brother sat on, before opening the book and looking over the pages. Finally, he got to the part he was looking for, and began to read it.

Long ago, two races ruled the Earth,


One day, war broke out between the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious;

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

That was pretty much all he knew how to read. The brunette never could get too far without needing help from his brother or and adult to read the rest to him. It was typically then he would doze off as well. The brunette sighed, looking back out the window and out toward the mountain. He wondered why his brother would even go there in the first place. He was worried about him; even though he knew he would be safe. He always was, besides getting beaten up by some of the older kids at the orphanage.

...And speaking of the devils...

"Open up weirdo! We know you're in there!" A kid shouted, banging on the front door. The young boy jumped a bit, looking at the door. "It must be lonely in there, without your brother. We'll keep you company!" Another kid shouted, as more banging rang over his voice. The boy looked around for an escape route, or somewhere to hide. His gaze fell upon the window, he threw the book on the bed and ran over to his escape door. He quickly flung the window open and crawled up and out the window. "Hey!" One kid yelled, hearing the sound of the window open. "Get outside! He's getting away!" Another ordered, a few footsteps echoed down the hall as the kids outside the room began breaking the door down.

Where was the caretaker in all of this? Unfortunately, she had a meeting, all the way across the other side of town. That left the older kids, the kids who were our protagonist and his brothers' bullies, in charge of the younger children. The younger kids weren't as good as he was neither, they were all the same. Some of his bullies happened to be some of the younger children's siblings, and god help him if they fibbed a lie about him or his brother hurting them during recess. The boy slowly made his way down the roof, toward a tree with a branch hanging close to the roof. The chocolate haired brunette took a deep breathe before leaping off and grabbing the branch and holding on for dear life. He manage to climb on top the branch and tightrope walk his way across it, grabbing onto the trunk and began descending down.

As soon as he dropped onto the grass, the backdoor swung open violently, letting a few of the older kids to run out and look for him. The young boy slowly backed away, before he made a mistake - stepping on a twig and snapping it in half. The boys heard it, turned around and saw the boy dart past some bushes behind him, running away. "He's in the forest!" One of the kids screamed as the others ran after him. The younger boy never ran so fast in his life, brushing past the leaves and forage that skimmed and grazed him. He ran into some thorny plants, that cut up his clothes, hands and face, however he continued running anyways. "He's getting away!" A few kids screamed out to the kids in front of them. The boy looked behind him, spotting the older kids slowly coming up on him, he looked over, spotting a cliff and ran toward it. "Get back here, you brat!" One kid screamed, but the boy didn't stop, eventually he reached the cliff and instead of stopping, leaped off. The kids following stopped in shock, watching the boy descend, sliding down the hill below but then lose his footing and begin tumbling down the hill.

He didn't stop until he reached the bottom, by then, he was covered head to toe in dust and blood. He looked up behind him, seeing the older kids look down at him scowling and growling. "This way!" One of them shouted, as the older kids ran off. The younger boy quickly got up, but yelped in pain and fell on his hands and knees - having twist his ankle in the tumble. He looked ahead, spotting a few bushes and low hanging branches, but behind them was a path leading up the mountain. The boy got up and quickly limped ahead, careful not to hurt his ankle anymore than he already did. As he approached, he thought he saw another kid; about his age with ginger colored hair, signaling him over. He was confused at first, why was another kid here? But eventually, the footsteps of the elderly children were in the distance which made the young boy pick up his pace and travel up the mountain path. He got up to the top, looking for the boy, and spotting a trace of him enter a cave in the mountain. He followed behind slowly and stopped at the cave entrance, looking unsure as he glanced at the darkness within.

"There he is!" A kid screamed out, the young boy turned around and spotted the older kids climbing up the mountain. The boy looked back at the cave entrance then at the older boys, deciding whether to go in or not, that's when a voice from inside the cave spoke to him. "Are you coming?" It sounded like a boy, perhaps it was the same boy he saw enter. He looked deeper into the cave but couldn't find him. "They won't follow you inside." The voice reassured. Having no real choice, the young boy decided to do so, slowly walking inside - using the walls of the cave to guide him deeper and deeper inside. Eventually, he came across a huge gaping hole with the only light coming in the form of a pillar from the top of the mountain. The boy looked up, seeing a huge break in the ceiling - a hole at the peak of the mountain allowed sunlight to shine in, and illuminate the small clearing inside the cave, as well as to trace over the huge hole he now stood before.

"I think he went inside!" A kid from outside the cave exclaimed. "Are you nuts? I'm not going in there." Another argued. "Why? Don't chicken out now, he's trapped in there." The same one from before retorted. "Don't you know the rumors they say about this mountain?" One asked. "Those are dumb old fairy tales your parents told you so you don't kill yourself in here." Another argued. "There's no such thing as monsters. People with useless lives come here to end it all." They continued. "Which is why he's probably dead by now." One countered. "Common, let's just go. It's useless anyways." They replied. "Not until I see a body." One spoke up. "Jump." The voice remarked. The boy yelped a bit, finding himself approaching the edge of the hole, backing away from it. "N-No...I-I'll die!" He whimpered. "I'll catch you." The voice responded. The boy looked down the hole, who was he even talking to? A voice in his head? There's no way someone is down there. IF they are...then they're probably dead from the fall. The boy shook his head and continued to back away.

"Do you want those idiots to catch you? Or do you want me to?" The voice growled softly, obviously getting quite annoyed with him. "Y...You're lying...there's no way I~" The young boy stuttered, but when he felt wind blow against his face he looked and noticed he was already falling in the hole, he looked behind him, seeing the boy he saw before, getting farther and farther as he descended down the hole.


> J U A N




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