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Act I. Scene 1. Snowdin

This time it was different. He could tell, not because his brother didn't wake him up this morning, and not because he Grillby didn't hound him for paying his debt when he went to visit today. But there was one thing, there was a boy he saw in his dreams - only delivering the cryptic message...

"She's had her fun...now it's MY turn."

He could only assume “she” referred to that dirty little killer he encountered so many times beforehand. How and why this timeline had caused this boy to “wake up” or appear now was a question he didn’t have an answer to. So instead of lazing around today, he did some investigative research, he started at the Library, or Librarby, and decided to start all over. From the War of Humans and Monsters to the death of the prince, to see if anything he didn’t know was added.

It was all the same...

Either that kid wasn’t human or monster, or this was something entirely different. One other unsolved question remained as well, why now did he decided to interfere with the timelines, why now appear? Was it the numerous genocide runs, or the resets in general? There were far too many runs to count, but he knew that along one of those times, the boy had awakened - and watched the rest of the runs up to this point. He leaned his head into his arms, with his "eyes" shut and pretending to sleep until he heard his brother approach.

"SANS! WAKE UP YOU LAZYBONES!~" Sans sighed, he tilted his head over so one eye socket was facing out. "heya bro..." He groaned.

"DON'T 'HEYA BRO' ME, SANS! I TOLD YOU TIME AND TIME AGAIN NOT TO SLEEP ON THE JOB, AND NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'RE DOING - YET. AGAIN." His brother screamed unnecessarily loud, but that didn't bother him. In fact, by this point he was used to the way his sibling talked. "sorry paps...I'm just 'bone'-tired today." He softly snickered, much to the disapproving grunt of his sole audience.

"HONESTLY BROTHER, YOU'RE PUNS ARE BECOMING MORE AND MORE TERRIBLE EACH DAY." The other skeleton replied. "dont'cha mean...'tear'-ible?" Sans replied, earning another disapproving grunt.

"JUST...PUT SOME MORE, BACKBONE, INTO IT - WILL YOU?" The skeleton sighed. "sure thing papyrus." Sans remarked, Papyrus nodded and trudged away from his brothers stand, not long - he stopped.

"SANS..." Papyrus started, Sans looked over at Papyrus, "SANS...I FEEL LIKE...SOMETHING TERRIBLE IS COMING THIS WAY." He answered, this caught Sans' attention. "IT MAY BE NOTHING." He quickly dismissed, "BUT..."


"a strange individual?" Sans asked more to himself, Frisk? Chara? This definitely never happened before in any other reset. Just what was going on? "HE...OR IT...LOOKED AT ME, WITH GLOWING GREEN EYES - AND I JUST HAD THESE HORRIBLE VISIONS...OF TWO OTHER ONES ABOUT THEIR SIZE, AND THE MONSTERS, THEN THE MONSTERS TURNING INTO DUST - AND SOME VISIONS HAD ME CONFRONTING ONE OF THESE HUMANS, I BELIEVE, BEFORE I FELT THIS UNBEARABLE PAIN AND JUST...WENT TO SLEEP?" The taller skeleton continued explaining.

All of what Papyrus was saying was impossible, there's no way he should remember the resets - even if it was in a dream. He would have blamed Chara, but what would she have to gain by just giving Papyrus memories of the past runs? Heck, what would Frisk have to gain; if he even had any trace of empathy left to show. "i'm...sure it was just a nightmare, bro." Sans tried to reassure him. "BUT IT ALL FELT SO REAL." Papyrus remarked, "I'M...I'M KIND OF SCARED - SANS." He added, "IS ANY OF IT...REAL? IS ALL THAT, GOING TO HAPPEN?" He added. Sans gritted his teeth together, one of his pinprick-like pupils flashed into a blue color. He took a deep breath, calming down as the pupil reverted back to normal.

"it's just a dream, pal. maybe you ate too much of your famous spaghetti." Sans suggested. Papyrus paused for a moment, before speaking. "NYEH HEH HEH, OF COURSE. IT'S ALL JUST THE SPAGHETTI." Papyrus said, back in his naïve and carefree self. This brought up a weird thought in his head, if Papyrus had these dreams...then surely Alphys...Undyne...Mettaton...Toriel and Asgore would have also seen these dreams, right? It couldn't have just been Papyrus, why would it just be Papyrus?

Someone was trying to tell them all something, whether it was a threat...warning...or something else in particular - it wasn't really welcoming.

"A-a-a st-strange dream?" The yellow lizard asked, with her blue-scaled fish lady crush sitting beside her at the table in her home at Waterfall. "What are you getting at, Sans?" The fish lady asked. "it's probably nothing...i hope, but I just want to make sure." Sans remarked. The lizard and fish lady remained in silence, staring at each other, before the latter spoke up. "Yeah...We've...had a strange dream." She said. "did it have something to do with a boy?" Sans asked, intrigued. The lizard spoke up this time, "Y-Yeah...h-how did you know?" She asked. "me and Papyrus had the same dream." Sans said. "Now that you mention it...didn't Mettaton tell you he had the same dream too?" The fish lady asked her friend, "Yeah...f-from what you t-told me...the k-k-king had the same dream too, right?" She asked, to which her crush nodded.
This made the mystery deepen, what did this entity have to gain by showing them the past resets? Just what exactly was it aiming for? Not only that, but letting them relieve their deaths was probably a clear-tell sign this thing wasn't exactly 'friendly' with its intentions either. "W-what do you t-think it is, Sans?" The lizard scientist inquired, Sans remained silent for a second before shrugging. "beats me." He said with his usually grin. "Beats you~" The fish lady stuttered, "Listen up shorty, you can't just come in here and inquire us about our dreams then when we ask you why, say 'beats me'!" She yelled out. "U-Undyne!" Her crush squeaked, "Please calm down...I know it was probably weird for you to experience but we can't lose our composure. I'm s-sure it was nothing." Undyne sighed, taking one look into her friends eyes before sitting back in her chair. "Whatever..." She huffed. Sans looked over at the clock on the wall, it was about time Frisk left the Ruins. He was expecting to see his hands covered in monster dust - no doubt going through another genocide run.
"i gotta go. see ya." Sans remarked, before any of them could get a word out - Sans had vanished from sight, reappearing in the forest of Snowdin, a few feet away from the giant purple door acting as the exit from the Ruins. He waited until the doors opened, revealing the tanned skin brunette to walk out the doors. To his surprise, he wasn't the only one walking out the ruins, another brunette, with ruby red eyes followed behind him. Neither seemed to be covered in dust - which raised suspicion. However, he had a routine to follow - as typical of the start of every run, he had to greet them. Although he was a little bit happy they didn't begin the genocide run yet, he was still wary about when they would start it. When they got to the bridge, Sans appeared behind them, walking towards them.
"H u m a n s . . ."
". . . D o n 't y o u k n o w h o w t o g r e e t a n e w p a l ?"
"T u r n a r o u n d , a n d s h a k e m y h a n d."
After saying that, the male brunette turned around, as Sans held his hand up. The brunette paused for a while before eventually reaching out and grabbing his hand. There was a farting sound that came from their hands, while the male brunette tried to stifle a chuckle, the female brunette only groaned and looked away.
"The ole whoopie cushion in the hand trick," Sans started, "It's always funny." He added, however - instead of letting go of the brunette's hand, he held it - gripping it tighter, causing the human's face to wince a little. "i have to break it to you...if this is how you two get your kicks, it's seriously disgusting."
"What are you on about, Comedian?" The female brunette asked callously, "You know what I'm on about. Brat." Sans retorted, "So, who is he? Some partner in crime of yours you two made?" He asked. "H-He? Who's he?" The male brunette muttered, "S-Sans that hurts..."
Sans stared directly into the brunette's eyes, which were once closed - now opened revealing sky blue eyes looking at him in a pleading manner. "What's your problem?! We didn't do anything!" The female growled, Sans stared at her now, as the two were locked in a long stare down, before Sans eventually let go of the male's hand, letting him retract it and rub his palm soothingly.
"whatever. I'll find out sooner or later, you know the jig." Sans said. After the encounter, the male walked away, with the female following him - Sans letting them get ahead of himself before following a bit behind. "What's his deal anyway?" The female asked begrudgingly, "Chara...are you seriously asking that?" The male retorted, "What? We didn't kill anything - although I seriously wanted to." Chara groaned, "Geez, Frisk. This run is already boring - just skip to the killing and end this run already." Chara remarked. "No!" Frisk replied, "I'm doing it differently this time."
While walking, Sans kept a good eye on them, waiting and watching for their first strike. That was, until...they just vanished. Not only them, but everything. The bridge, the trees, the snow, all replaced with the black abyss of nothingness. Sans took a spit-take to re-examine his surroundings, before long he was met with childish laughter.
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