Dancing in the Rain

chapter 2

I didn't see Sorcha again for two weeks beside the odd sighting at meals, I could occasionally find her name on the map, for which I was teased relentlessly by Sirius and James. Oddly enough it was raining then too. Not odd for spring Scottish weather, just odd that every time I saw her it was raining. She was outside, standing in the downpour, laughing and spinning. I could see why her housemates called her daft.

"Sorcha!" I called out to her from the relative safety of the door way. "What are you doing?"

"Having fun!" She laughed at me and did a neat little backflip, landing firm on her feet in the slippery mud. My eyes widened at that, then widened more as she made her way over to me. The daft girl didn't have cloak on, or shoes. Just her uniform top and a pair of jeans. Before I could protest, she grabbed both of my hands and dragged me out into the torrent of water, spinning me around. I laughed despite the water running down the back of my shirt and darted at her. She drew her wand before I could blink and formed some of the falling rain into a large ball of pulsating water and flicked it at my face. I sputtered as it hit me, and she flicked another at me.

"water ball fight!" She laughed and darted out of the way as I caught on and started forming my own water balls, completely unaware of the gathering audience. The pair of us darted about, laughing like mad, flicking bigger and bigger water balls at each other, faster and faster. Sorcha effectively ended the impromptu rain/water fight by forming a ball half my size and splatting me in the back of the head with it.

"alright, alright! I yield! " I hollered, then turned at the sound of cheering. About ten students stood in the doorway watching and cheering us on. Sorcha looked at me and grinned. She inclined her head slightly toward the door with a smirk and a wink.

"Shall we?" I nodded slightly and as one we turned and ran for the door, as we cleared the doorway, and neared the other students, we each gave a great shake and splattered water over everybody.

"Bloody hell mate! What a show, you were both moving so fast , it was incredible!" James slapped me on the back as I looked at Sorcha. Her back was to me and I realized I could see through her shirt, to her bra and four long parallel scars running from the base of her neck, down over one shoulder blade. I gasped in shock, I had seen marks like those before. Everyday when I looked in the mirror, except mine were across my nose and cheek and much shorter. She stiffened as I grabbed James and whispered at him to look at her shoulder. She couldn't possibly have heard that, but she turned all the same, throwing her dry cloak over her shoulder and looking at me. Her gold eyes flashed a little brighter , then she winked at me before slipping her dry shoes on and leaving with her friends. As I squelched down the hall, wondering if she was like me, Sirius threw an arm over my shoulder.

"At least she was smart enough to leave her shoes and cloak dry inside. Did you notice, you both smelled like wet dog?"

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