Dancing in the Rain

chapter 3

I didn't see Sorcha until after my next Change, which was just as well, since I had had a rough time of it. I found her on the map and tracked her to the back of the library. I pulled up a chair opposite her and cast a silencing charm so no one could hear us. I didn't quite know how to ask if she was like me, so I just blurted it all out.

"Sorcha, are you a werewolf?" Then flopped back in my chair having gotten it out intelligibly. She calmly took her book mark and marked her place before looking up at me.

"yes and no." Then looked back to book. Yes and No, what the hell did that mean?

"meaning what exactly?"

"You saw my back Lupin. I was attacked but the werewolf wasn't transformed at the time. I just have heightened senses now and I'm stronger. I also like my meat rare now. I don't change like you either."

"Who got you? If don't mind me asking?"

"A right nasty bastard named Fenrir. Got my mum, then ripped my back open when I was trying to get away." She said matter of factly. I sighed at that. I knew the bastard too.

"Me too. He's the reason I'm so dashingly handsome." I said as I ran a finger over the scar going across my nose. "How long ago? He got me when I was little, in revenge for something my dad did."

"Fifth year ,summer holidays. So two years ago." She shrugged, and again I caught the scent of spices.

"It was you!" I said as I leaned forward and sniffed deeply. " Your why I could smell spices that first day I met you. I thought my nose was defunct from too many Dung Bombs." I laughed as she blushed slightly.

"Well, to be fair you have an interesting scent to you too. I cant quite put my finger on it. it smells almost medicine like. I suppose that would be from the potions Madam Pomfrey gives you?" She gestured in the direction of my chest.

"I don't know, I cant smell myself. I suppose so though. Might be why Sirius sneezes whenever he's being a dog around me." She wrinkled her nose at me, then laughed. I was finding it easy to talk to her and found myself truly looking at her. Her eyes sparked with merriment and her shoulder length auburn hair danced around her as she laughed. I found it quite attractive actually. On a spur of the moment I asked her out. " Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" My heart sank as she froze and blinked at me.

"Exc- Excuse me?" she said in a soft yet still shocked voice.

Afraid I had made a terrible miscalculation, I tried to back my way out of it. "if you ,I mean if you don't want to that's okay too. " She reached over and put her hand over mine. I could feel her pulse in her wrist racing against the back of my fingers. "I would like that, I'm just surprised. Everybody thinks I'm daft. Smart, or I wouldn't be in Ravenclaw, but still daft. I'll see you tonight, ill meet you outside the great hall at 7." She smiled then, a smile that lit up her whole face , then picked up her things and left.

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