Dancing in the Rain

chapter 4

We sat in the astronomy tower together watching the stars and watching the half moon. I had the Map spread out beside the blanket so I could keep an eye on it and avoid any teachers or Filch. I will admit I was flattered when Sorcha saw the map and I told her I had had a hand in creating it. We sat side by side, our fingers and shoulders just touching. I turned to ask her a question and found a pair of golden eyes watching me. I promptly forgot the question when she licked her lips.

"Remus, do you want to kiss me?" Her eyes flashed as she bit her lip. Oh I very much wanted to kiss her. I knew she wasn't revolted or frightened by what I was. How could she be? I gently cupped one hand over her cheek and ran my thumb over her bottom lip. I gasped as she promptly nipped the tip of it, before kissing away the sting. She leaned forward and gently kissed me, allowing me to deepen the kiss. Something I appreciated, as she sighed and wrapped her arms around my neck, running her hands into my hair. My hands found her waist and pulled her closer, into my lap. She straddled me and broke the kiss, only to start on my neck. As she kissed her way down to my collarbone, I pressed a kiss to her bared shoulder. I sucked in a breath as she sharply bit the tender spot where my neck met my shoulder, scraping her teeth over it. Moony roared to life in my chest and I bit down on the same spot on her, hard, before I could stop my self. She jerked from the unexpected bite and pushed me backwards onto the blanket, pinning my arms to my sides with her knees. She claimed my lips with a fierce kiss then worked her way down to my neck again. I growled and heaved with my hips, flipping us over, with the added pleasure of grinding her into my erection as she fought to keep her balance. She landed under with me with a muffled groan that turned into a moan as i licked the spot i had just bit so harshly. Her quick fingers undid the buttons on my shirt and she pushed it away from my chest, before biting my pectoral. Merlin's beard, she's trying to kill me as I twitched and pushed my erection into her thigh. Sorcha just moaned and bit me some where else.

"Sorcha, If you bite me again, I wont be able to stop my self. I panted against her neck.

"I know Remus. Your eyes have turned golden." she pressed her lips to my chest again and gave a little a hum of encouragement against my skin. I paused, slightly shocked that my eyes had changed color without me changing as well. evidently I took too long to act for she bit my nipple and that was the end of that.

Afterwards, we lay in a tangled heap of limbs, both of us with several small and some not so small bite marks all over us. Sorcha lightly slapped a mark on my arse cheek that showed a clear imprint of her teeth, sending tingles down my spine. From the few times I had had sex before, I never would have guessed that sometimes I liked it rough. She grinned at me as I swiped my fingers over the very large bite mark on her shoulder where I had first bit her.

"I wouldn't really call that a love bite Remus. It's more like a Mate Mark. " I looked down and saw that it wasn't just a hickey, my eye teeth had pierced her skin and drawn blood. I leaned over and licked it and she shivered with pleasure. That wasn't good, if it was just a bite, it would have hurt when I did that. A Mate Mark brought nothing but pleasure when the one who inflicted it licked or kissed it.

"Sorsha, I-" She stopped me by putting a finger to my lips.

"I understand if you don't want this, Remus. Im not ready for a Mate either. We're only seventeen and it's our last year at school. If we give it time, the mark will fade." She got up and started trying to find her clothes.

"Remus, where's my shoe?"

I slowly got up and went over to her. I put my arms around her and kissed her softly. She sighed and said "we can still be friends though, and dance in the rain." She winked and said "and Shag if you want, cause that was bloody fantastic! Now where's my shoe?"

I laughed and shrugged. "Out the window in a fit of passion?"

"Merlin, I hope not," she said as she peered over the balcony "it's several hundred feet. I'd never find it!"

When the year ended, we both graduated near the tops of our classes, And went our separate way's. We kept in touch until war pulled us apart. When I heard she had been killed, a little piece of me died inside, when I thought about her never dancing in the rain again. She was a friend who understood, maybe more than the other marauders, for she had faced Fenrir and lived too.

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