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Walking Corpses

By 263Adder

Romance / Thriller

Methodical Approach

Philip moved quickly out of the room and down the stairs. I had to run to keep up with him, not wanting to lose sight of him for a moment.

In the lobby he moved to the gong and began to smash it loudly. "Wargrave." He bellowed. With every strike of the gong he bellowed Wargrave's name. "We know you're alive. Now come and face us. We know now, and we're not leaving each other's sights. Now we can drag this out or you can come down here and face us!" He threw the stick on the floor and began to pace as I looked around nervously.

We must have stood there waiting twenty minutes. Philip never stopped pacing, always looking between the stairs, the archways and the front door.

I had been so tense for so long that when I heard a creak above us I squeaked with terror. Philip pulled me behind his body as we both watched the stairs.

Slowly, with his cane in hand, Wargrave descended the stairs as calmly as if we had just rung to announce that dinner was served. Philip trained his gun on him the instant he was in sight.

"Well, well." He began as he reached our level. "I was sure one of you would kill the other out there on the beach. A shame, you've ruined the poetics of it all."

"Poetics?" I choked out, gripping the back of Philips shirt in my hands.

"Oh don't go getting all high and mighty Miss Claythorne." He said serenely. "A murderess has no right."

"You've been hunting us for game," Philip spat, "excuse us for not giving you a round of applause."

"Come now. You must admit it was all very clever. And it's not like none of you deserved it."

"You decide to punish murderers by becoming one yourself?" I asked, my back slowly relaxing. Regardless of the uncertainty of what was to come there was something relieving about everything being out in the open.

"I've always had a passion for these things." Wargrave said bracingly. "At least I chose to punish the guilty instead of the innocent as you two have."

"And you shall be punished in turn." Philip said squaring the gun up to Wargraves head, all the while maintaining at least a foot between them, not giving Wargrave the slightest chance to gain the advantage.

"I must say Miss Claythorne. After meeting you in person, you may have become my favourite."

"What?" I said with horror.

"Well certainly Mr Lombard has you on numbers. Mr Marston's complete lack of guilt was truly psychotic. But your cold bloodedness might just give you an edge."

"Vera why don't you go outside?" Philip suggested through gritted teeth.

"Not just killing a child, but the planning, the methodical approach. I wish I could have seen your performance on the trial stand. I suspect it was marvelous."

"Enough!" Philip yelled.

"I wonder, Miss Claythorne, if you might answer a request of mine before the end?"

"Don't talk to her." Philip demanded.

"I wonder, if I might hear you confess."

"What?" I blinked.

"Everyone in this house, with the exception of Mrs Roberts, confessed to me their guilt. I want to hear it from you."

"Don't talk to him Vera."

"I want to hear you say you killed that little boy on purpose. It will give me such closure. To hear how the guilt torments you. It might almost make up for you surviving my little game."


"No, Vera." Philip said sternly. "We are not giving him what he wants, he's just playing tricks on you."

"He was seven wasn't he? His uncle Hugo loved him so."

"You know Hugo?" I answered in a strange voice.

"I met him on a cruise a year ago. He told me he wanted to see you hang for what you did. Murdering a child...dear, dear..."

The shot made me scream in terror. Wargrave truly was dead this time, his brains decorating half of the wall.

Philip dropped the gun and turned to catch me as my knees gave way.

"I did it," I sobbed. "Oh god I did it!"

He started to pull me upstairs.

"The gun! Don't leave the gun! Someone else might try to kill us!"

"There is no one else Vera." He said soothingly, though he went back for the gun regardless. Tucking it into his belt he came back up to get me, pulling me up the stairs. "Now we're going to get our things, we don't want to have to come back here after we get rescued now do we?"

I shook my head.

"No. We'll get the stuff and start a big bonfire. We'll use logs, chairs, anything we can move okay."

We moved towards my room and he pushed the door open. We were greeted by a chair in the middle of the floor and a noose hanging from the hook on the ceiling.

"That's what the hooks for." I murmured before I slid into unconsciousness.

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