The last teardrop remains silent.

The broken heart and a dying wish

The black haired Man ran through the dark streets of Godrics Hollow , hoping he wouldn't be too late . She was the most important thing in his life . The only person he could trust . He ran down a street and stopped by a dark house . When he saw it he knew what had happened . He wanted to save Lily before the dark lord came . But he was obviously too late . There was a small noise up in the house and a lightning . Severus looked up at the window , still hoping Lily would have survived . He just didn't want to think of the worst . He wouldn't survive if she died . He kept looking at the house for a few minutes . Then he climbed over the broken door and walked in . Inside everything was broken . He knew there was no way she could have survived . He walked upstairs feeling weaker and weaker . He looked around and nearly stumbled over something . Looking down , he saw his enemys face . The famous James Potter . Dead. Even though he hated James , he felt a sting . He wasn't sad about it . He felt weird . Empty . He stepped over him and continued to walk through the corridor towards the bright room . He was walking around carefully but when he saw the pale hand laying on the floor , he started to run . "LILY!"he shouted , feeling his heart break . His Lily . Dead . Severus looked down at the floor . The floor was covered in wood and broken pieces of glass . When he entered the room he felt weaker than before . The love of his life laid on the floor , her face was pale and there were still tears in her eyes . Severus held himself on the doorframe but then he just couldn't hold himself anymore : He broke down and wrapped his arms around Lily . He started to cry and held her close to himself . They were best friends since they were little kids . But there was something else . Something he hasn't told her yet . He hasn't told anyone yet . He loved her more than anything . When he finally managed to stop crying he heard a soft sobbing.Severus walked over to the boys crib and looked down at him.He first fought with himself but then he picked the boy up and stared at him.

This wasn't exactly the way he wanted it to be.He didn't want to get too attached to the little toddler.He was the only thing that remained of Lily though.He had her eyes.Her green,deep and beautiful eyes.The little boy stopped crying and looked at the man.His eyes were filled with tears.Severus looked at the lightning shaped bruise and gently cleaned the blood away.

Out of the window he could see someone walk towards the house.It was James other half Sirius Black.Severus put Harry down and sto

rmed downstairs.There he stumbled over the corpse of James Potter again.Only then he realized how much Harry looked like his father.

Severus walked past a bookshelf.Looking at the photos of the young family,he took three photos of the young red head and left the house.Outside he disapparated to his house.He dragged himself inside and broke down.He screamed in pain and stared at the photos he took with him.On the photo was a smiling red haired woman in a white wedding dress.Lily and James invited him to their wedding but he didn't feel welcomed.He didn't want to see Lily marry someone else than himself."WHY COULDN'T I DIE INSTEAD OF HER?!"he cried out.

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