The last teardrop remains silent.

The betrayal.

Sirius knew it would happen.He just hoped his friends survived.When he heard what happened in Godrics Hallow he was at home with Marlene. Marlene and Sirius were still best friends. And even though he wanted to be more than friends with her ,he was too scared to tell her. Lily and James knew what he felt and they always told him to tell her. That night , he wanted to tell her. But then he got the news. So Sirius took his flying motorbike to fly to his best friends house.

When he stopped,he leaned the motorbike against the wall.

Sirius was running down the street towards the house. He stopped infront of it. The house he always used to visit.The house of his best friend.The door and the window of his godsons room was broken.He couldn't believe it. Since the first day of Hogwarts James was his best friend.James always understood how he felt.James allowed him to stay at his house when Sirius mother disowned him.Without his best friend there wasn't a reason to live anymore.

He walked to the door and climbed over it.The house was dark but Sirius kept walking.He looked around and frowned deeply.A tear ran down his cheek."James?!Lily?!"he called.Everything was silent.Except for the crying he heard upstairs."Harry!" Sirius started to run upstairs.But suddenly he stumbled over something.He fell down next to a cold body.Sirius kept his eyes closed and laid on the floor."Please..don't be dead."he whispered.He slowly opened his eyes and stared at his dead best friend."JAMES!NO.."he screamed.He stopped breathing and winced."No No No."he cried out and wrapped his arms around the dead body.

His best friend couldn't be dead.He remembered one time in their second year when they both swore they would die together.They always wanted to die as heroes.James said he wanted to die as an old man saving his family.He wasn't old but he saved his family."You should have waited for me Prongs!You promised."he winced again.He knew there wasn't anything he could do to make him be alive again.So after a while he stood up and slowly walked into Harrys room.When he walked through the hallway he stopped to look into the mirror.His pale cheeks were still covered in tears and his eyes were dark and red. He continued to walk,hoping Lily would be alive.He became friends with Lily when she started dating James and always walked around with them.In their seventh year Lily was even a part of the marauders.He didn't want to loose her too.When Sirius walked into the room he started crying again.Lily laid on the floor,dead like her husband."Red.."he muttered.

Only then he heard the crying of his godson."Harry.."Sirius stood up and picked him up,rocking him gently."Don't..cry.Please don't cry."he whispered.Like Severus he looked out of the window when he heard someone.He saw Hagrid and frowned.Then he ran downstairs.He didn't want to start crying again so he didn't look down when he walked past James body.Hagrid was walking over to them already.But Sirius looked around again.and his eyes fell on some photos of James,Lily and Harry and of James,Remus,Peter and himself.He knew what to do.He had to kill the man who betrayed his best friend.He looked up at Hagrid and tried to stay calm."T-Take my motorbike."he muttered."T-Take it and bring Harry to Dumbledore."

With that,Sirius ran out of the door.He knew where Peter lived but decided to wait until he looked for him.Sirius just wanted to lay down already.He transformed into his dog form and walked towards the house where Peter lived.There he laid down and waited.He couldn't fall asleep though.Whenever he closed his eyes,he saw his dead friend infront of him and then he felt quilty.He should have been the secret keeper.But he knew Voldemort was after him.So James and Lily had asked Peter to be the secret keeper.But Peter had always been the weekest of them all.Of course Voldemort managed to get him to talk.After a while Sirius fell into a dreamless sleep.

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