The Tall Lady


Michelle 23 years old tells her story about the time she saw a ghost that haunted her from age 10

Horror / Thriller
Anthony Richmond
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The Tall Lady

The story I'm about to tell you gives me chills thinking about it but first let introduce myself, my name is Michelle and I am going to tell you the time I saw a ghost. This experience happened 13 years ago when I was 10 years old, and At that time had lived with my grandmother because at age 9 was when my mentally ill mother killed my abusive father so she was sent to an insane asylum what a great life huh?

So let me get straight to the point already the year was 2009 it was my 10th birthday and even after a year, I was still damaged over my parent's doings. when I lived with them there was this figure that always came out of the shadows when my parents were arguing, It looked like a woman but it was tall with long black hair, pale skin, and black eyes. when my birthday was over, I got ready for bed so I can wake up for school. The time was 9 pm the room was extremely dark and spooky, I turned to look at the widow the moonlight shining inside my room and As I slowly turn back to face the ceiling, The tall lady was on the ceiling looking at me with her cold black eyes I was really terrified.

My body was completely frozen, Then she said something I will never forget NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO I WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW" the tall lady than pointed her long fingernails at the tip of my nose and everything went black. I woke up and let out a loud scream my grandmother walked in saw me crying than gave me a hug. The next morning I walked down to see my grandmother and I told her what I saw so she asked me to have a sit.

She then said to me 'I would like to tell you something about what you're seeing and why it's messing with you... The year was 1982 your mother was 10 year's old, I found your mother in an abandoned house on the ground crying saying she saw a tall lady with black hair, long Niles and black eyes' then she said 'one night in 1998 when my mom was 28 years old she heard my mother talking to the thing saying if I give you my daughter will you let me go, my daughter for my freedom' when she told me that I was just stunned how could she give me up to something like that.

Today I'm 28 years old with a beautiful daughter in a loving husband, Till this day I still sometimes see her standing in the dark corner smiling saying "NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO I WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW".


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