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•Backup Boyfriend• ( 호석 )


A sweet love story starting from where you accidentally bump your car into someone else’s car and who knew the owner of that car is soon gonna turn into your backup boyfriend? ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Side note: I’m not any professional writer, I’m just putting my thoughts into words ᵕ̈ And please don’t judge the cover I’m not good in editing BUT I hope you enjoy this story ⋆ DON’T BE SILENT READER ⋆

Romance / Fantasy
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Great just great.

I can’t believe this contractor is making me wait even after knowing that I have a meeting to attend.

It’s been more then two weeks and I’m still unable to find a good contractor who can take charge for renovation of my house.

Just then a small truck stop by on the main road making you assume that the contractor is finally here.

You finally breath out getting relaxed by the fact that finally he is here and you can quickly talk up about when the work can get started.

A tall man dressed up in denim jeans and jacket steps out of the small truck with his hairs falling on his forehead.

“I don’t mean to sound rude but I think I informed you that I have meeting to attend and that we need to wrap it up asap?” You said folding your arms on your chest waiting for the man to say something.

But instead of replying your question the guy starts looking around thinking that you are talking to someone else who’s walking behind him but it wasn’t the case.

“Excuse me? Are you talking to me?” The man said pointing index finger to himself.

“Of course! Mr. Wang how long do you plan to make me stand here?” You huffed our getting slightly frustrated.

“It maybe a little disappointment to you knowing that I’m not Mr. Wang”

You blink twice registering that you misunderstood him as your contractor. A slight ray of embarrassment rises up in your whole body.

“Ouh..I’m sorry I was actually waiting for my contractor who was supposed to be here from last half an hour...I’m really sorry” you bowed with an apologetic look on your face which makes the man standing in front of you smile.

“No worries at all. By the way Im a contractor but not the one you are looking for, I’m Hoseok. Jung Hoseok.” He said extending his hand for a friendly handshake along with a bright smile.

“I’m Y/N. Bae Y/N.” you said accepting the handshake.

Just then your phone beeps and you see a message received by your contractor.

“Ah I need to go seems like my contractor can’t make it up here today.” You said walking away from him.

“Sure see you around Ms.Bae”

You were currently sitting in the meeting room with your mentor and a newbie side lawyer discussing about Zack’s case.

“Y/n what do you think about Zack’s case? Any lead?” Your mentor asks you going through some files.

“Yeah, actually I plan on calling Samantha in this week for questioning. Just bit basic questions, a few questions related to her personal life.”

“Mhm..that’s good make sure to take Natalia along with you in question session.” Dominic says eyes the so called newbie side lawyer Natalia.

Putting pure innocent expressions on her face she smiles at him making you feel like vomiting right then and there.


But guess the peace environment was starting to pin her. So, she come up with a question that possibly pins your heart in best way possible.”

“I’m excited but a bit worried too. I don’t know how I’m going to manage wedding preparations and notes on this case.” She sighs faking as if she is just the only one who’s working her ass off in this case.

“Don’t worry I’m sure Y/n won’t mind sharing her notes and her ideas on how to win this case. Am I right Y/n?” Dominic eyes you smiling. The environment around you was making it hard for you to stay in meeting room.

“Sure no worries and of course I understand how peeps can be busy in preparation of their wedding.”

Just then you hear a snort coming from Natalia.

“Huh. Sure as if you are already married or you were bout to get married.”

Hearing this you had already created a scenario in your brain of beating the hell out of her. Who is she to butt in your personal life?

Ofc. A bish who joined this firm an year ago hah! More like joined this firm to steal your man and even daring to get married with him.

“You have no right to say it.” You said calmly trying to suppress your anger.

“No offence ladies but Y/n it’s been a year since I heard that you broke up with your boyfriend. Did you find yourself any date?” The question caught you off guard a bit but you stay composed.

“Sorry?” You said.

Dominic eyes Natalia and asks her to bring coffee for you both in order to get some space. She rolls her eyes but finally leaves.

“Y/n you know I have recommended you as a lead being junior best because you have worked with us for a long time and talking about cases you have won that surely has got us some frame. But..the thing is that as a junior best they want someone who’s committed you understand what I’m saying right.”

Dominic pat your shoulder and with a slight smile on his face.

“I know I can recommend any other person as junior best. But I won’t since you really are on of the awesome lawyers I have got. I know this may sound a bit rude but did you got yourself a boyfriend?”

Just then Natalia showed up with three coffee cups.

“Yeah come on Y/n move on I’m sure there are more great boys waiting for you ahead.” She said sugarcoating her words and you felt like vomiting again.

Says one who stole my boyfriend from me what a bish.

“Ofc! I’m dating...”you said unable to resist Natalia’s and Dominic’s stares on you.

“Woah really...what’s his name?” Natalia says playing with her hairs and Dominic also seemed to be really curious to know.

“Ah..that’s Hoseok! Hahah yeah Hoseok..”

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