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She wanted nothing but to be left alone, to be forgotten after the horrors Kylo Ren had done to her. Living on a secluded planet she thought she would be safe on soon comes to an end as they meet once again. All he asks of her, is for her to stand next to him to rule the galaxy together. But she has so much hurt and rage saved within, this power she has only makes her hatred grow bigger. After kylo wished the absolute worst for her, and has given her hell, could she ever forgive him? Or will she grant her dead fathers wish? *TRIGGER WARNING!* The story will contain very graphically detailed situations which you might find yourself uncomfortable reading, if at any time you feel this way, please discontinue reading :)) thank you!

Fantasy / Erotica
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"Stop! Don't come any further, I'll shoot!"screaming as he was shakingly holding his blaster at me.

"Don't make this so hard on yourself Waldote, I'm sure you wouldn't like the consequences of it." Smirking as I slowly revealed to him the dark red diamond dagger.

"I owe nothing to you!" He screamed again as he shot my direction. Holding my hand forward instantly stopping the beam inches away. Straightening up his face washed down in fear. "You're one of them aren't you? The siths they so rarely speak of. You are nothing but evil, your eyes-your eyes says it all."

Walking forward I throw my hand to the side as the beam collided with a bush behind me. Smirking up at him I pull the dagger out holding the tip at him. "You're so right." Throwing the blade it came into contact with his shoulder as he then fell onto his knees crying in pain. Shooting his blaster again I dodged the beam as it crashed into a tree behind me. Holding my hand low, slowly tightening into a fist, twisting it, his face turning a bright red as his eyes are wide in horror, scared for what's to come next.

Slowly lifting my arm he rose in the air, floating as I suddenly sent his body flying into a nearby tree, a loud snap filling my ears as his cries were cut short, I smile and continue to walk further into the woods.

Walking through the burnt and crisp area, ash begins falls all around, looking up to the sky as it was colored all shades of red, black and orange. Inhaling the smell of the burnings around me I turn to look back to make sure no one is around stalking behind me.

As I continued to walk further into the fiery woods I hear a twig snap somewhere near me. Turning to see what it could be, I'm frozen in my stance as I slowly began turning to who or what could have caused the noise.

My heart beat begins to quicken, the tingling chill up and down my spine becomes more intense, someone else is here with me, and it's not good.

"Come out! Don't hide like a coward." Holding my hand out the dagger came back into my hands as I held it on my hip in its holster. The feeling slowly began to fade away, and once it did completely I continued my walk.

Something still felt off though, ever so often I would look around and check to make sure I wasn't being too paranoid.

Where do you think you're going?

My eyes wide in fear, there's only one man I know with a voice like that, I've dreaded and avoided him all along, after he threatened to hurt my family if I didn't come with him to The First Order. I set out on my own, I couldn't bare seeing him do such a thing, but he did. The fear that was in their eyes as he so violently shoved his saber through and into them is something I can never shake away.

You can't hide from me for forever Nethena.

"Please leave me alone, I will never be apart of your army." Hearing heavy footsteps I look up to see the man himself striding my way with his hood over his mask.

"You know what you have done, don't you." his voice deep and robotic. Slowly reaching for my knife I hold it tightly, ready for another fight.

"What I've done!? You murdered my family! You are a monster! A cold blooded killer!" I screamed at him, tears peaking as I began to breathe heavily, the horrible memories come flooding back into my mind of that night.

"I did what I had to do." Placing his hand on his saber as I could still feel his hell sent stare through the mask.

"No, no you didn't, you did that to get to me, to hurt me and to be with you. But I'm sorry Kylo, your plan had failed." He shifted in his stance before whipping out his saber and running towards me screaming in anger.

I threw up my hand as he then threw his up, resulting in the both of us flying back. Grunting as I quickly sit up and looked around as I didn't see him anywhere in sight.

Jumping up as I began to run run further and faster I almost made it out I felt a strong, heavy presence wrap itself around me as I was stopped instantly. "Let go of me now!" I screamed out, I heard his footsteps grow thud loudly behind me as I could feel the seething rage and hate that was spilling out from him.

"You will respect me, and listen to what I say. Understood?" His breathing heavy as he now wrapped his gloved covered hand around my throat.

Rolling my eyes I spit on his mask, turning his head away from me as he slowly nodded his grip became tighter, but not exactly cutting off my airway.

"You need to be taught a lesson."

"I need no one, and nothing from you."

I could tell he was getting annoyed, but it made me smile, he acted so strong, so threatening. He was never anything except a weak, incomplete broken boy.

"Let me go." Speaking softly, he looked at me momentarily as he slowly dropped me, instantly he spun me around as he placed his saber against my neck. I could feel his heart beating against my backside, which amuses me to an extent.

Are you scared? Maybe even nervous?

Shut up, and get out of my head you pathetic peasant.

Don't be mad Kylo, if using the force on you makes me pathetic, then you're pathetic as well.

I felt his breathing stop as he looked down at me, I slowly looked up to him lightly smiling, shortly after I struck him with my knife to his mid thigh.

"I like how you play." He grunted out as he barely ignited his saber which lightly seared my skin. I hissed out in pain as he quickly released me, reaching for the knife I began to twist the handle. Screaming out in pain he threw his his hand outward, sending me across the air into a nearby tree.

Everything felt woozy, everything was spinning as I tried to push him away, pushing my arms back down he knelt down picking me up and carrying me close to him in his arms.

"Ky-kylo, put m-me down." I struggled, he kept his face forward as his grip around me tighten slightly.

"Oh no, I won't put you down. But I will have fun with you." He laid me down into the seat in his ship as he waved a hand over me, instantly putting me out.

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