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The cold, wet marble wall and floor was harsh against my body, having no bed to sleep on was much harsher than I remembered. Bringing my knees up to my chest I shudder, goosebumps line my skin instantly. Memories from what he's done to me in the past slowly creep back into my mind as I try to keep my tears at bay.

Ren.... where am I?

Slowly looking around at my surroundings I notice a rather large door with metal bars across it. And a small window on one wall that looked out into the galaxy.

Where the hell am I?!


"Just let me go! Don't hurt me! Please!" Crying out to him as he slowly approached the door, there I had seen the real face of him, a tint of yellow pushing through his soft brown eyes as his lips were slightly parted smirking down on me.

"You know what's to come next, don't you Nethena?" Quickly looking away as his stare became too much for me to handle I nodded. "Get up." Slowly rising I look down at my bare body and quickly wrap my arms around myself as I proceeded over to him. "Now look at me." I kept my head lowly, his hand quickly going for my chin I grabbed his hand and bit down as hard as I could.

Growling in pain his other hand grabbed my hair and yanked me back and he drug me over to the wall and slammed me against it. His chest pinning me as his other hand was against the wall, blood slowly trickling down his arm.

"I suggest you be obey me if you want to live."

"You've already killed me, by what you've done so long ago. Only thing left of me is a cold dead heart that yearns for sweet revenge on you." He flipped me around and slammed my head against the wall, grunting out in pain he smiled as he leaned in next to my ear.

"You know I can take whatever I want, and if it means you're family, your sanity, anything, I won't hesitate." Chuckling he grabs my arm and leads me through his quarters to his bathroom, pushing me towards the shower. "I'll be back shortly, don't try anything either please. It won't be smart of you." Walking to the door he shuts and locks it from the outside.

Searching around frantically to try and find anything to use against him was no luck, I looked at the shower then the mirror above the counter, walking over to it I lean in close examining my cuts and bruises over my body. To my right a tall mirror on the wall catches my attention, walking over I examine closely on my hip. What I saw made my hurl, clasping my hand over my mouth I try not to cry as I looked again. The initials K.R. Singed into my skin.

"You sick bastard! I'm going to kill you!" I cried out, both mirrors shattered as my scream intensified. I heard the door fly open as I was instantly lifted and dragged to his grasp, my air way completely cut off as he gritted his teeth more and more.

"I can't ever leave you alone can I? Why must you be so damned stupid!" He screamed, my heart dropped as I've never seen him like this.

"Why must you be so selfish and greedy! Why can't you just leave me alone!" I threw my hand forward as I knocked him back onto the floor. Running out he quickly gets up to tackle me as he pushes me on to the floor.

He leans in close to my neck, his breathe hot as he tries to compose himself. Grunting as I felt his head rest into the crook of my neck, I keep my face as far from his. I couldn't bare looking at him in the eyes again, I didn't know who he was anymore.

Ben solo was now completely taken over by Kylo Ren..... the bastard of a rising sith.

"Please get off me." As his breathing slowed he began to back away, looking at him as he was already staring deep into my eyes I felt stuck. Like I was trapped, the old memories flooding in, he was showing me all the horrors he had done to me, throwing me into dark rooms until I fell asleep from my excessive crying, singed from his saber, burning me for disobeying. Then he showed me the moment of what he did in front of me as he forced me to watch him kill any and everyone, even my parents as I heard them cry and scream for me. "Don't do this, please."

"I will make everyday of your life hell until you finally give in, you will stand beside me."

"Over my dead body! I will only stand beside you if you are decapitated as I hold your head in one hand and lick the blood off your saber with the other." Pushing past him I made my way into the bathroom and into the shower, turning the water all the way to hot I felt so much weight and pressure slide off of me and I became fully submerged in the water as it trickles down my body.

After several long minutes I slowly step out seeing a freshly put towel on the counter, looking around I quickly walk over and wrap it around me as I stepped back into his room, he was no where to be seen. Part of me was scared, but something else was telling me to stay alert.

Pushing the feeling aside I walked around his room, glancing over the dresser, seeing a small photo of his parents and him as a child. I wanted to cry as I looked longer and longer at the photo, quickly putting it back in its place I glance to the other side. A picture of him and Luke that had been damaged badly by a fire.

That's when my heart stopped as I looked in the door way to see kylo with his cape draped around him. His hands placed over each other in front of him.

Don't be scared, proceed.

Keeping my eyes on him at all times as I gave a confused look, he pointed his head toward the bed where laid a black skin tight dress and a black cape beside it, which had the first order emblem stitched into it. Looking up to him quickly I shake my head and back up.

"I refuse to put this one, I want my clothes back."

"They're burned."

"Then I simply will not dress, I will not have anything to do with you or The First Order, Kylo. I've made that very clear."

"Dress now Nethena!" I shoot him a stare which cause him to look away quickly. Pulling back his hood he placed his hands on his mask as he slightly pulled on it. Hissing as it was unlocking he pulled it off and tossed it to the floor where he slowly began to walk toward me.

Backing up against the ledge of the window he placed both hands around me as he picked me up and sat me on the ledge. Pushing my legs apart he closed them around him and grabbed my face as he placed a finger on my lips.

"You're tempting me to do something that is strongly against our wills, you know that." My face quickly turned red as I saw his eyes running down my body. All the bruises from the other day and scars from over the years he traced with his fingers. "But I can't help myself, I still want to torture you so ba-."

"No Kylo." I quickly cut him off. "Just take me back home, I don't want to be here with you. And I will not stand beside you, I want nothing to do with you.. please." I quivered out, he dropped his head as he nodded. Placing his hands on my thighs he gradually began to squeeze harder and harder.

"You never had a home, you never had anything. You were nothing before you came to me, I made you who you are!" Turning my head to the side as my lip quivered even more, tears running streams.

Kylo looks up cupping my face. "Look at me." I shook my head every time he demanded that. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Get away." Crying out, he quickly threw my face to the side as he proceeded to walk away, picking his mask up as he put it on walking out of the room. Waiting until he was further away I sobbed harder and harder.

This is only the beginning.

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