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If BTS had debuted with 8 members instead of seven, and one was a girl; what would happen?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Given Name: Li Chun Hua (丽春花)

Meaning: Plum Spring Flowers

Korean Name: Lee Chun Hwa (이춘화)

Meaning: Plum Spring Flower

Stage Name: L.C (엘.시)

Meaning: Initials of Surname and Given Name

Height: 165 cm (5′5")

Weight: 46kg (103 lb)

Birthday: May 18th, 2000

Birthplace: Shanghai, China

Family: Parents, one sister

Education: Shanghai Pinghe School, School of Performing Arts Seoul

Hobbies: Archery, writing lyrics, digital media art, producing music, playing ukulele and piano, learning languages.

Languages: Shanghainese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, English, and Japanese

Positions: Main rapper, lead vocalist, main dancer

Spotify Playlist: maylist (after her birth month)

Personal Twitter: li_leehua

Personal Instagram: lileehua

Personal Weibo: 丽hua丽

Personal Wattpad: official_lihua

L.C Facts:

- Her favourite food is Xiaolongbao, which is Shanghainese Steamed Buns.

- She studied English in Australia, so she has an Aussie accent.

- Is close with the Aussie Line in SKZ

- Idol Friends: Irene from Red Velvet, Foreigner Line in Twice and Got7 plus JB and Jeongyeon, all of Day6, (G)-Idle, all of CLC and Yoohyeon from Dreamcatcher, HyunA, IU, Taeyang (bc they share a birthday), Sehun + Kai and Chanyeol from EXO, and Amber Liu. All of Mamamoo and BLACKPINK.

- Her favourite animal is a cat

- Her role model is Hwasa from Mamamoo

- She loves SNSD and used to fantasise about being in the group, and even auditioned to BigHit with their song "Oh!"

- She's the youngest member

- Ranked 7 on Prettiest Faces of 2015, 19th in 2017, and 2nd in 2019

- Her best friend in the group is Jimin, and her best friend outside the group is CLC's Yeeun


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