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brotherโ€™s best friend ; p.jm


I watched as he walked into the hallway, thinking he was out of sight of everyone, a towel loosely fastened around his waist as water ran down his toned, tanned skin. He used a smaller towel to dry his soft looking, orange hair, the scent of his body wash drifting out the bathroom behind him. My heart fluttered as he sighed and secured the towel around his waist a little tighter before disappearing from my sight into my brotherโ€™s bedroom... ~ started ; 24th August 2020 finished ; - edited ; - ~ thank you for reading, I appreciate youโ™ก๏ธŽ

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โ€œWake up lazy, weโ€™ll be late for school again because of you.โ€ My brother yelled at me through my closed door.

I groaned as I stretched my aching limbs before collapsing into my shoft sheets. I sighed and looked at the time. Shit. It was nearly time to go and I hadnโ€™t even got dressed yet. I was still in the state of sleep, but realised I needed to hurry myself up or Iโ€™ll be in trouble with both school and my brother.

โ€œI canโ€™t hear much going on in there, hurry up!โ€ He shouted once again.

โ€œJesus, shut up! Iโ€™ve just woken up Jungkook!โ€ I shouted back as I grabbed my skirt off the floor from yesterday.

I heard him curse to himself as he went downstairs, slamming the front door. I watched as he started the car and sat there, waiting for me as he tried not to lose his temper.

I quickly buttoned up my shirt and fastened my skirt, grabbing my bag and phone before hurrying down the stairs. I saw my dad in the kitchen and he smiled at me as I ran in to get something to eat. He handed me a piece of toast and I thanked him with a quick hug before slidding on my shoes and running to Jungkookโ€™s car.

โ€œFinally.โ€ He said, fastening his seatbelt and turning on the engine.

โ€œShut up and go bunny.โ€ I said.

โ€œI told you not to call me that.โ€ He grumbled.

โ€œBut your friendโ€™s call you it.โ€ I said, making sure I had all my books as Jungkook pulled out the driveway.

โ€œYeah and I donโ€™t like them saying it either.โ€ He admitted, checking his mirrors.

โ€œYou blushed when Namjoon said-โ€œ

โ€œShut up!โ€ He shouted as I chuckled to myself.

The drive was quiet due to the tension of me being late for the third time this week, obviously pissing off my brother since he was an honour student. He parked up and we both got out. He smiled at me as he stopped me before I went to go find my friends.

โ€œWhat?โ€ I asked. He stood there for a moment and sighed.

โ€œI forgot, Iโ€™ll come find you if I remember.โ€ He said before walking off.

I rolled my eyes and headed to my locker where my friends usually wait for me. They see me approach and smile lightly. Ellie embraced me into a hug and Seoyeon smiled a little brighter as she rumaged through her own locker.

โ€œLate as ever.โ€ Ellie spoke and Seoyeon chuckled a little.

โ€œWouldnโ€™t be a normal morning without Jungkook wasnโ€™t shouting at me to hurry my ass up.โ€ I said as I ate the last bit of my toast.

โ€œI bet thatโ€™s hot.โ€ Ellie said.

โ€œYeah because I totally find my brother shouting at me hot, thirst over him quietly please.โ€ I retorted making Seoyeon laugh more.

โ€œDonโ€™t know why your laughing, youโ€™re just as bad.โ€ I said to her as she pulled out her geometry book.

โ€œAt least I donโ€™t do it as much.โ€ She said and I nodded in agreement.

โ€œY/n! Oi!โ€ Jungkook shouted as he approached us. Ellie and Seoyeon frantically flattened their clothes and fixed their hair as my brother came over.

โ€œDad is out tonight so Iโ€™m having the guys over, thatโ€™s what I needed to say, so if you want your girlies over then go to one of their houses.โ€ He said.

โ€œI have art club until 7pm tonight and double gym later so Iโ€™m gonna be exhausted, canโ€™t you plan it another night so I can actually sleep tonight.โ€ I asked.

โ€œSounds like a you problem. Youโ€™ll see how annoying it is when someone never listens to you.โ€ He rolled his eyes and walked off.

I looked at my friends and they looked back at me, their eyes still undressing my brother as he walked away. I nudged them both making them yelp in surprise and they acted as if nothing happed.


Finally after finishing my art club, I packed all my art supplies away and walked to the school exit. It was dark and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen despite finally agreeing to picking me up after me begging him for practically half of lunch time. I chortled in disbelief but wasnโ€™t surprised at the lack of thought from my sibling. I began to walk but instantly got scared when leaving the safety of the school lights.

I got out my phone and called Jungkook, his phone instantly going to voicemail. I groaned in annoyance at both him and myself. Him because heโ€™s thoughtless and myself because I should have my own driverโ€™s license by now. I called Ellie and she picked up almost instantly, like always.

โ€œHey, let me guess. Jungkook didnโ€™t come get you so youโ€™re ringing me to see if I can, sound right?โ€ She said, already grabbing her keys.

โ€œThank you.โ€ Is all I said as she laughed and opened her car door.

She ended the call and soon turned up to pick me up. I got into her car and she looked at me.

โ€œIf you want me to help you learn to drive I can. My dad knows a place we can go without getting caught since you know, itโ€™s a little illegal.โ€ She smiled.

โ€œIโ€™d really appreciate that Ellie.โ€ I said with a soft smile.

โ€œNo problemo, just name a day and Iโ€™ll see if I can do it.โ€ She said softly as she drove in the direction of my house.

โ€œHeโ€™s gonna get an earful when I get in.โ€ I said as she signaled left.

โ€œI bet, but isnโ€™t he with friends? Youโ€™re like deathly afraid of them.โ€ She chuckled.

โ€œIโ€™m not afraid, just shy. Theyโ€™re all really hot so you canโ€™t blame me.โ€ I said and she agreed as she pulled up to my house.

โ€œThank you Ellie, I owe you big time.โ€ I said as I gave her a light hug.

โ€œNo you donโ€™t, now go shout at your brother.โ€ She smiled as I exited the car.

I swung my bag over my shoulder as I grabbed my keys to unlock the front door. I saw loads of shoes kicked about in the door wayas I entered the dimly lit house. I heard screams and laughing coming from the kitchen, the obvious location of the loud boys. I kicked my way through the shoes and harshly dropped my bag onto the wooden hallway floor. I entered the kitched and saw everyone. I was too angry to care about nerves.

โ€œJungkook!โ€ I shouted, making all the guys silent.

He looked at me and his face dropped. The guys โ€˜ooedโ€™ as he walked to me. He grabbed my wrist and brought me out into the hall as the guys started making some more noise.

โ€œY/n Iโ€™m really sorry, Taehyung needed to get something from the shop and I totally forgot about it when we got back-โ€œ

โ€œSo you forgot about me? Youโ€™re so lucky Ellie was free. I wouldโ€™ve had to walk home in the dark Jungkook.โ€ I said, anger coming through into my tone.

โ€œIโ€™m sorry y/n honestly please forgive me.โ€ He said.

โ€œWhy? I understand Iโ€™m not exactly the best to rely on but I always pull through but you just โ€˜forgotโ€™ about me, how could you-โ€œ

โ€œY/n Iโ€™m sorry itโ€™s my fault.โ€ A voice said.

I looked beside me, my throat going dry as I stared at the guy. His beautiful orange hair hung over his eyes slightly, his plump lips either glistening from a drink or his saliva, his soft eyes frowning a little.

โ€œJ-jimin.โ€ Was all I said.

โ€œIโ€™m really sorry.โ€ He said as he rubbed the back of his neck and looked at the floor.

โ€œItโ€™s fine.โ€ I said, my heart fluttering.

โ€œHow come he gets away with it-โ€œ

โ€œBecause he wasnโ€™t the one who was supposed to pick me up!โ€ I said, grabbing my back as going up the stairs.

I was too tired for an argument and quite frankly I didnโ€™t want to ruin his night despite him forgetting about me. I threw my bag onto my bed and sighed as I sat beside it. After a few minutes of calming down I decided to have a shower since the teacher let us out of gym late, so I couldnโ€™t shower. Gross I know. I heard their cheers echo through the house and groaned.

This was going to be a long night...

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