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His (Min Yoongi FF)

Chapter 1


“So... How’s it going between you and Jungkook?”

You rolled your eyes as your best friend kept on poking you with her plastic fork, which mind you, hurt like a bitch. You let out a whine as you failed in swatting away her attacks, or more specifically, her dining utensil.

“Lia! Stop poking me with that goddamn plastic fork of yours!”

Letting out a short laugh of amusement, she simply looked at you with a wicked glint in her eyes.

“Not until you give me all the juicy d e t a i l s,” she stated wiggling her eyebrows for ‘extra effect’, as she put it.

Now, it wasn’t that you didn’t want to, it was just that there wasn’t much to tell. After all, it had only been a month since you and Jungkook had started dating and the furthest you’ve ever gone with each other was a little peck on the lips.

Sighing, you gave in as her assault with the cursed fork didn’t stop.

“Okay, okay! Yesterday we watched a movie at mine.”

“... And?”

“Well, then we ordered some pizza and ate together,” you shrugged nonchalantly. It was the truth. We had done nothing less and nothing more.

“So, let me get this straight. You two were together, AL

ONE in your house and all you guys did was watch a frickin’ movie and ordered pizza?” She stared at me in disbelief.

“Yeah, so? It was fun. Plus, you left out the most important part. We ordered the pizza then we ATE it.”

Now it was Lia’s turn to let out an exasperated sigh all the while pinching the tip of her nose, shaking her head slightly.

“That’s not the point here! With how slow you two are going, I would’ve thought this was 20th century, not the 21st!”

You huffed. It was true that others could perceive it that way, but you were going at your own pace, and you were content.

Content and in love.

Sighing happily you looked down at your phone just as it vibrated, alerting you of a message.

Asshat: Hey Bree, where are you?

It was your annoying brother. As much as you would’ve liked to just leave him on seen, you just couldn’t. If you didn’t answer within at least 10 minutes to his message, he would force you to stop attending school saying that he “can’t trust you to be responsible for your safety”.

His words, not yours.

But school was the only place where you could take a breather from your hectic family, and you wouldn’t risk jeopardizing it.

You: Still at school, why?

Asshat: I’m coming to pick you up

The reply came quickly as it always did and reading it, you nearly dropped your phone. Your brother couldn’t come here! You had promised to go on a date with Jungkook and you couldn’t let your brother see him. For good reasons as well.

You: No, it’s fine you don’t have to

Asshat: I insist

You: And I insist that there is no need for you to come!

Asshat: Why, is there something you’re hiding from me?

You: What? No! It’s just that I already have a ride

Asshat: ...

Asshat: It’s not a boy, is it?

You gulped nervously.

Come on Bree, you’ve got this!

You: What? Of course not!

Asshat: Then who is it?

You: It’s... Lia

Asshat: Fine. But I’m still coming

You: WHAT?!

You: No don’t!

You: Hey! Answer me!


You: Fuck you


You paced in front of your locker, your usually calm demeanor now agitated. Looking up, you could see your friend peering down at you worriedly.

“Bree, are you alright?”

You didn’t say anything in reply, busy thinking of ways to outsmart your older brother. You had to think of something, anything to keep your brother away.

“That’s it!!” You exclaimed as an idea came into your mind. You were certain this would work.

Lia jumped and stared at you as if you were crazy. She wasn’t that far off, to be honest. Turning to face your friend, you gave her a little grin.

“You trust me right?”

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