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A JiminxMC fanfic in a new verse known as the OTPVerse where Angels and humans depend on one another to live by mating.

Romance / Erotica
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I was standing near Han river. I was all by myself and and wanted to jump into the river.

No ofcourse not a suicide attempt but to get the temperature of water. Huh! Useless to explain I am fucking sick of this world.

My grades aren't good, I am not even that freaking beautiful to make a boy fall for me. My family is just scattered. What else can I do?

It's night time. Couples are busy cuddling, elders are busy giving them looks, young children are just a headache and no one gives a fuck if I jump now.

Great!, I thought and jumped into the Han river.

But wait! Why didn't I hear a splash? Why am I dry? I should be wet. Moreover why am in mid-air when I should be in mid-river.

Are these wings? Have I died already? Are these my soul wings? No! Wait I am being given a princess ride by...... Who?

He looks like.....JIMIN!!

He looked at me with anger in his eyes and I just laughed like a clown.

I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was being carried by an angel , Jimin.

His wings were huge and literally huge. But why is this all...

Deja Vu~~~

I think I have experienced this scene somewhere before but where?, I thought.

When he saw a park he landed and threw me on the bench under the huge tree of God knows what.

" You can't die.", he said.

" What?", I was literally confused like an army who has to choose her bias after watching dynamite. You can understand the level of confusion.

" Who is my OTP? ", he asked.

" OTP...OTP....", I was still wrecking confused.

" Yah! Did you forget? You are writing a story on Wattpad where you shipped me with someone else. You didn't even give us a happy ending and wanted to die!", he shouted almost piercing my eardrums.

" Ok ok now I remember....I was writing a story and....... I..... don't know who I shipped you with...I can't remember...", I looked away trying to hide my guilty face.

" You stupid!!!! Because of you somehow I came out of the story and I can't go back. Find me my partner.....", Jimin shouted.

I just cleared my ears and got up from the bench and started looking around.

I was in South Korea but this place was not actually existing anywhere in Seoul. Because parks are never empty.

You can always see some kdrama going on on benches, under the trees almost everywhere.

How can it be that Seoul lost its soul.

"Wait! This isn't the real life Seoul but the Seoul I described in my book. He hasn't come out of the book...I have entered the book...", I talked to myself quite aloud actually.


A/N: please let me know how you like it and support if you like.........

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