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Haunted museum


Deformed favorite video game characters try to takeover museum

Adventure / Thriller
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Haunted museum

As a paper ball is being thrown and hits Greg on a school bus, a boy named Greg said “I’m excited to see what is at the video game museum”. His boyfriend Tony shared his excitement. On their way to the museum, they discussed how they want to learn about game development after high school, had a Pokémon and smash bros battle on their Nintendo switches. Then after the battles, they started a conversation about video game development company after college. They shared their love of Zelda, Pokémon, and platformer games and started dating because of that. The sight of the museum caused an uproar with the students on the bus. Once the students got off the bus, the security asked the students to calm down when entering the building. A holographic Mario from Super Mario Bros greeted them at the first exhibit showing them the history of him, his brother Luigi and Nintendo. After his exhibit, a holographic Link from the Zelda greeted the group and told his history, showed a collage of people cosplaying as him at convention centers. Then after Link’s exhibit, a holographic Sonic the hedgehog ran around the group only seeing blue ring around the group. After Sonic stopped running, he led the group to his exhibit and talked about the video game company Sega and his video game series. Finally, holographic Mewtwo from Pokémon introduced him to the group by floating over everyone’s head leading everyone to the exhibit while telling everyone about the anime, history about Gamefreak, and the manga. After the exhibits, the students were greeted by the tour guy who gave brief descriptions of the food items of the café which had food based on the characters favorite foods.

After students and other customers left near closing, the owner named Antwan Davis III announced over the museum’s speaker for a meeting for the programmers and tech support of the museum after closing up to the public for the day in conference room 3 on the 4th floor. The owner started the meeting asking how to improve the technology in the museum. One programmer shouted “creepypasta.exe” because of the reviews he read about it in his free time. The room was surrounded with skepticism because of the unusual name but everyone did their research on google, Bing, and many other developer reviews on it while in the meeting and didn’t find any negative reviews on it. So, the owner approves the “creepypasta.exe” to be on all the computers with all the computers being Windows-based.

The improvements showed after 2 weeks. The holograms became more and more solid. The guests can ask questions and touch the characters now and in return the characters can answer any questions even the sarcastic ones. The characters and enemies put more of a show in their exhibits by putting on more fight scenes when people entered. The news spread about the museum and was the talk of the town. Even celebrities started to show their support and speaking about their experience there mostly saying it was a nostalgic trip.

One day, a customer was startled about using the museum’s Wi-Fi when an image of a deformed and bloody Pikachu flashed on their cell phone repeatedly. When they complained to the security guard, the customer dropped their cell phone due to the electric shock from it and a loud ear-splitting screech breaking the screen. That happened to a few customers for a month until the programmers and security started receiving complaints about the flashing deformed Pikachu. Both groups came up unsuccessful trying find the source of that. Then someone reciting Hypnos’ lullaby the loudspeaker causing people to drop with the Zelda adventure music behind it. The security cut the speaker which helped people snapped out of the hypnotist. Antwan grabbed a megaphone from his office and announced closure in 15 minutes for the day. The staff used the remainder of their shift trying to find the person who sung Hypnos’ lullaby and who’s causing the Wi-Fi mishap. Then again came up unsuccessful with the source.

After one week, everything seems like it went back to normal with no complaints. Then one day, the videos played in the exhibits started showing characters and enemies being beheaded with blood spraying. The children of parents started complaining about showing gore imagery towards children. After the programmers saw that, they cut the video feed of the unsettling imagery. Again, the owner announced an early closure for the day and another meeting for tech employees in the conference room on the loudspeaker. After all the customers left, a floating all white character with missing legs, arms and bloody tears appeared outside the conference room. He was accompanied by a murderous and bloodthirsty Sonic, a somewhat zombified Mario with a rotting flesh, a small child who looks frostbitten and bluish who has 6 pokeballs containing of animals who also looks frostbitten, and a ghost that looks like Link who also looks wet. The group bust down the door to the conference room and demanded a takeover of the museum. Then Antwan jumped out the window and the scary characters that was altered by creepypasta.exe held his employees as hostage for their takeover.

The next day Antwan with a broken arm in a cast came back with a construction company and the local news. He announced at the podium that “The museum is closed indefinite to the public for everyone’s safety due to the bad reaction to characters from creepypasta.exe, we installed for our computers.” The construction company started sealing the entrance and exits with concrete. After the concrete dried, the owner announced” once the programmers and tech support figure out how to get rid of the scary characters, we will open the museum again.” However, the tech employees were also trapped with the scary characters so their safety is also at risk now.

Years later, the plans of reopening the museum went abandoned. Tony, Greg, and their friends was reminiscing around the town while on their college break. They found the old video game museum all boarded up with concrete, wood, and a sign that says “Caution! Dangerous Creatures Inside”. Since they have free time from their college studies, they could visit the museum that gave them inspiration when they were in high school. They snuck to the back of the museum and found a place to start digging since every entrance was blocked off.

One week later, they returned with shovels and start digging behind the museum. While digging, they hit a pathway and fell through the bottom floor where the museum load and unload items. They found the bones of the programmers of the museum. As soon as they saw the bones, everyone in the group tried to cover each other's mouth to prevent them screaming in fear in of not wanting to discover the cause of the bones. After they calmed down, they explored the pathway more then heard someone singing Hypnos’ lullaby as they were falling underneath the spell. Before they fell asleep, they saw a blue blur with blood from his mouth hitting their faces.

When everyone woke up, they didn’t recognize where their location. They found themselves in a temple that had no entrance and exit even when they looked around the room. Each person had a Pokémon. Greg had a Cyndaquil nicknamed Hurry that looked very weak with only knowing flash as a move. Everyone else had Unown spelling out the word “leave” based the Unown alphabet used in the games and anime. Tony recalled this story named “Lost Silver” when he was reading video game creepypastas during his free time in high school and college. He told the story and tried to figure out a way to escape the story. He pointed to the pillar in the middle of the room and said that the way out of the room is the ladder hidden behind the pillar. Everyone moved the pillar enough to see the ladder. They climbed down the ladder and complained once they touched the ground. The room that they were in now is completely dark. Greg remembered he had Cyndaquil that has flash. Once Hurry used flash, everyone screamed because the room they was now in was revealed to be blood red from the walls, floor and ceiling. Tony said “we need to walk down this pathway and when we get to the sign shout no and hum the pokeflute melody.” After getting to the sign, the musician of group Ashley sung the melody. Everybody woke up to a green field on fire with an unsettling laughter getting louder and closer every 2 minutes.

Tony shouted “STOP! Don't take one step everybody!”. Then Tony told the story of “Sonic.exe”. Tails, Sonic’s usual sidekick appeared, looking like he’s on the verge of crying and repeatedly saying he’s scared and wants hide from Sonic because he’s not behaving normally. Before Tails ran away out of fear and hear the maniac laughter from Sonic, Ashley sung the pokeflute melody again. Everyone again woke up in another location. The group appeared now at the base of a snowy mountain. Now each person has 1 Pokémon on their person. The Pokémon is bluish and appears to be frostbitten from the cold temperature and snow even coming out of their pokeballs. The group of Pokémon is a Typhlosion, Meganium, Tyranitar, Pidgeot, Lugia and Feraligatr. Tony again told the story of “Snow on Mount Silver”. Then everyone voted to move up the mountain to get out the snow. Tony reminded everyone not to move forward but Melissa ignored that. Then all of sudden an ear-splitting screech filled the room with a zombie looking Celebi with bloody tears. Then everyone fainted due to the screeching half dead Celebi. When everyone woke up again, they looked zombified looking just as bad as their dead Pokémon except for the struggling Typhlosion. The gang tried to jump Melissa for zombifying the group even after hearing the story they were in. Ashley again sung the pokeflute melody, and thanks to her singing echoing off the walls of the cave they woke up in a cage at the museum bypassing the Hypno, Zombie Mario, Link, and Spyro nightmares but still saw a glimpse of that by jump scares.

The group commented on how pale each person got when waking up in the cage from the Hypno-induced sleep with everyone’s heartbeat beating rapidly fast due to the jump scares. Surprisingly everyone had their cell phones, but had no service. Greg recalled the owner saying the tech support emailed a program that is supposed to destroy creepypasta.exe and the characters that was altered by it. We would have to get the computer lab that has the program. The souls of the programmers appeared to give the group a plan on how to sneak by the characters without becoming ghosts themselves. The ghosts decided to take Greg through the walls to the computer area that has the email since he knew what to do best and the plan.

The scary characters ran in the room then they fought the ghosts. Greg dove for cover and typed the password two letters at a time when it was safe at the computer. When he logged in, Greg saw the email and before he clicked the program Sonic bit off his left leg. The characters jumped Greg as they were exploding from the program. Greg fainted from the exploding characters and blood spraying from his leg.

Tony and his friends came up to the computer area for an unconscious and bloody Greg. They carried him to the available window and shouted for help from the 5th floor. A few hours later, the owner and construction company heard the news about the people who got rid of the scary characters in his museum. At the end of day, the owner used a megaphone to say “move away from the entrance so we can get everyone out.” Then the dynamite exploded the entrance that was concrete-sealed. Greg and his friends were rushed to the hospital for their PTSD and injuries as soon as the entrance was opened.

Greg recovered from when Sonic bit and ate his leg and uses a prostatic leg now. Everyone that suffered from the creepypasta.exe had recurring nightmares about their experience from it. During their hospital stay, An announce the reopening of it with the use of Chromebooks and IOS operating systems on TV using the help of the local news. He also said with anyone who was effected by the previous events, I will offer to pay off their student loans for the six friends who snuck into the museum. All six friends were discharged after months of rehab.

As the six friends approach the museum, Tim had a breakdown remembering what they endured. Tony called Antwan and told Tim he has nothing to worry about since they upgraded the technology with no windows operating systems meaning no creepypasta.exe can infiltrate the museum. The customers did ask about the “creepypasta.exe". But all the holograms who was asked referred to wiki pages and YouTube videos that told creepypasta stories that not only told video game horror stories but other stories too. Antwan held a proper funeral service who was killed and eaten by the characters affected by creepypasta.exe. So the ghosts can rest properly without the concerning thoughts of the ghosts haunting the museum. Since no one made a public negative response on a review on creepypasta.exe, Antwan made a section for that in the museum and its effects so no one else can make that mistake again.

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