Solangelo For The Win


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Chapter 1


Nico’s dark brown eyes flutter open and quickly meet a pair of pale blue eyes and freckles sprinkled all over the owners face like cinnamon. Nico gasped startled and sat up quickly, headbutting Will Solace in the process.

“Will! W-What are you doing?” Nico sputtered, his pale face blushing red.

Will blushed pink. “Sorry, I wasn’t doing anything weird,” Will caught Nico’s alarmed expression. “I swear, I wasn’t...I just noticed you had tiny flicks of freckles. Just when I leaned in to get a closer look, you, um, woke up.”

Nico studied him, and Will added, “I swear on River Styx, that’s all that happened...” They watched each other in silence. Nico sighed.

“Well, you haven’t dropped dead yet, so I guess you’re telling the truth.” Nico rubbed the back of his head and looked at Will.

“Do I actually have freckles? I never noticed...”

“Yeah, they’re really tiny and faint.”


Silence found it’s way through and Will smiled. “You know, you’re all better. You could go now.”

Nico blinked and blushed. “Actually, I was wondering...maybe we can hang out, even though my three days are up. But you don’t have to. I figured that’s what friends do, hang out with each other, but, uh, you don’t have to if-”

Will grinned. “Of course! Just let me check on Jason, okay?”

Nico nodded, gripping the front of his shirt. “O-Okay.”


“Hey,” Nico jumps as Will taps his shoulder. He turned around. Will laughed and Nico smiled, which is unlike him.

“Uh, hey..”

“What’s should we do?”

Nico hesitates. “Well, am I good to shadow-travel?”

Will raised an eyebrow. “It would add a check up, but yeah, you could.” Nico nods.

Before he could lose his courage, he grabbed Will’s hand and thought of a valley with flowers and a cool breeze.

“Whoa...” Will murmured. Nico opened his dark eyes to see him faced to face with Will. Both their hands were connected, but Will wasn’t paying attention. He was gazing a the valley. Nico looked too, and it took his breath away. There was a calm river next to them and a field of flowers. Usually, Nico would detest being in such a place with sunshine and colors. But he figured this would make Will happy. And why he wanted to make Will happy, he wasn’t sure.

“ you like it?” Nico asked looking at Will’s royal blue eyes. Will grinned.

“Are you kidding, Death Boy? I love it!” Will seemed to finally notice how close they were and paused. Without planning on it, without even knowing what he was doing, Will leaned in and his lips landed on Nico’s. Nico inhaled.

A boy was kissing him. And that boy was Will Solace. Nico forgot about Percy, Annabeth, Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-blood, and his problems and kissed the blonde back, his dark onyx eyes closing. They pull away and stare at each other.

“Well, that was interesting...” He murmured.

Nico nodded once. “Y-Yeah. I...I didn’t expect you to do that...”

Will grinned. “Can I do it again?”

Nico blushed and looked away. He thought about it. Will made him feel...happy? When Nico saw Will, skeletal butterflies resurrected in his stomach. Nico looked at Will.

"...Yes, yes you can."

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