The Story Of My Life


" I need you... I won't let you go anywhere !!!!!" he said But I -- (still follow me for the updates!) thank you armies for having time and reading my story...

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Chapter 1

Let me tell you that I do not own the names and the characters in this story....

I hope you won't copyy my story... If you do, you need to face the consequences...

The story is just fictional and is not. based on true events...

I do not own bts... (but I hope I did.. Lol) ....

If you love my story, do vote and comment... Ignore any grammatical. mistake...

And I would love to do a collaboration with wattpad authors.. If you want collaboration then text me...thank you❤

- Author KIM


Y/N (our heroine in the story❤)

She is a cute, innocent girl and is of 17 years old...she currently shifted to South Korea with her parents...and met her soulmate in there...

JIN (our hero in the story ❤)

He is a handsome man... He studies in school and is of 18 years old... He was a neighbor of y/n but later became a.....( Let it be I won't say 😁)..

PARK JIMIN (friend of Jin)

Quite a quite mochi....he has small hands (it's true though)... He has a cute personality...

KIM TAEHYUNG (friend of jin)

He is quite handsome (as always) ..he knew y/n when they both studied together in elementary school...

KIM NAMJOON (friend of jin)

He is a charming boy with dimples on his smile... He is a supportive guy... And is cuteee...

JEON JUNKOOK(friend of jin)

He is a guy who looks as cute as a bunny.... His friends call him Kookie...

J-HOPE (friend of jin )

He is the sunshine of the group... And he is very funny... His full name is Jung hoseok but in short friends call him j-hope...

YOONGI (friend of jin)

He is a serious guy.... But he smiles very cuteyly though... His full name is Min Yoongi but his friends call him yoongi/suga ....

KIM ROSE (best friend of y/n)

A cute girl... Has a very happy smile... She becomes friend with y/n ..and is very close to her...

This is just an introduction so it is short... <3



If you like the story plz don't hesitate to comment and if I make any grammatical errors ,do write in comments and feel free to share my stories armyyysss.... Love you all... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Saranghae armies

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