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The forgotton hero's A avatar prequal (ATLA)


This is about the heros and forgotton warriors from the 100 year war a time where the avatar disappeard and the world was at war. The point of view is of the fire nation. A battalion of fire nation rebelled agenst the firelord after being oder to kill children and burn a town town down. This story well also tell tales of other heros from other nations even air as a few survived the attacks on the air temple and now are on the run.

Action / Fantasy
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Our rebellion

Our nation has never been so powerful as it is now. Our leaders told us that we have to spread our prosperity and happiness to the world. We didn't know how that would make the world suffer more then it has at any point in the past. We invaded all nation's and used the comets powers to wipe out the air nomads the ones who esacaped were hunted and traped. After a while our nation grew accustomed to war but that doesn't mean everyone agrees. Our commander oderes us to attack a village and wipe everyone out children and elders inculded. We refused and turned agenst our commander. We took over and sent the order that the mission had been accomplished In the name of the firelord. We talked to the earth kingdom and explained what had happened they still didn't trust us so we took our ships and went home to am island that was lightly guareed but had a huge fort. We took that fort with ease as most the troops agreed with our cause. Our rebellion was called the rebellion of the dragon riders. And even as we were ultimately wiped out we still stood up when no one else would. may the ashes of the fallen rise again.

To serprate from the firenation was to be on your own no one would believe we are fighting for good or what we thought to be good. Everyone in the firenation doesn't agree on the way things are done but they have much fear to speak up but we have. We rebelled on the edge of the firenation where we gather our forces in a a fort we've been slowly taking territory away from the firenation. Our situation grows worse by the day the firenation doesn't pull any punches the firelord found out about the rebellion and put together an army to take us down. There coming right now and they have war machines. I put my brush down and fold the letter and send it on a hawk towards the earth kingdom. I walk to the edge of my room and hear the warning horn. I can see the black smoke from the machines and the noise of them approaching the fort. They out number is but we will not fall without a fight. Riders decend I send a fire ball in the air and down comes the dragons with there riders defend the fort at any cost.

1 year ago

The first stage of our rebilion was hard we had no where to go the firenation controlled most the seas and the earth kingdom wouldn't believe that we are going agenst the firelords oders. We have little over 400 troops 5 great warriors. The meeting begins! "What are we to do now where are we to go we can't stay here and wait for one side or the other to come slaughter us"! captain lee says on a concerd way. Well we have a few options I say as I stand up and I point to a fort that was lightly guarded due to the firelord thinking no one would ever get that far into the firenation. If we can take that fort we can have a advantage to gather more men and launch an attack on the main city's of our nation's. the war party agrees and we all stand up for the good of our nation we all stand tall and fist to are chest. gather your men and get ready to move out we need to move quickly to the docks we have to scout the docks to see if we still hold sway there we have to give them an option but surround them and cut off communication can't let the fire nation know what's going on yet. The captains all go to there units and brief them and pack. Within 30 min we are on our way to the port the ports connected to a towm so we have to try to do this with few causalitys. We pass a few small town on the way who hide in there homes and beg mercy but to there Surprise we don't attack we pass on thru with out any incedents. Some of the men report hearing the thank the grate lion turtles for the mercy.

Alright the ports right there take a 100 men on each side me and jin lu the captain of ash squad well go down there and offer some choices

We start are way down the path the town not huge but it's bigger then the average town. Some bulding or burnt down but the majority are still standing with some burn marks here and there. Wonder what happened here Jin lu said we haven't been to this port in month but we're cooperative when we arrived feed us and all. I look around as he says that and see a general one that I do not recognize. We walk up to him and he looks at us with a confused face why are you here general he says no ones post to be coming thru here for a another 2 days. We're here on a different mission I say one to liberate. What do you mean liberate we already have liberated this town the general says. the people here must have been hideing something they were being to nice he says so we wiped them out. The women the children what about them I reply with anger bulding up ony face. They persished too he replies. Anger swells up ony body as I raise my hand to bend Jin lu gets a blast off before I could

This is why we are here he says to make sure this doesn't happen. "Guards" the general screams they start gathering from diffrent houses behind him. I say loudly you all have a choice we shouldn't have to be muders for the firelord. These people did nothing and you all destroyed them what the gain I'm this I say what does this accomplish think of your family's back home why becime a monster when you don't need to. Join us and take the fight for Tru peace the nation's should not have to answer to us they should all be able to govern there selves. See of them start to qustiom them selves. Don't listen to the sqaval they are traitors and deserve death

No we are restoring the firenation to what it's post to be I say. Some men start to lay down there wepons enought the general says attack all forces attack. Some charge at me I nod at Jin and he sends fire in the air I dodged one spear nland grab him and throw him back at his partner who both fall to the ground. The next guys a bender and I step too the left as he sends a fire kick down my way and I counter it with a fire kick to the back of his head. He goes flying them you hear men war cry coming from all direction for freedom for peace men start pouring I'm from all coners swords start to clash fire blast exchanged sounds of bomb blowing up surround the battlefield.

Jin comes around starts to breath fire onto the line of defense the troops made. Surround them my men say. The battle rages ok on diffrent parts of the town. Lin I tell I need you to lead 50 men to the docks prevent the ships from leaving the dock lieutenant furah should be there with 20 men reinforce him. He nodded and tells his men to follow him. I look around and find my squad. I see reku sound my the enemy he jumps up in the air and use fire blast with his feet to go hire then start to decend hands together making a fire ball. As he gets closer to the you can see the streak of fire his move leaves when he touches the ground there an exosion and shock wave that sends all the enemy flying. I tell Forward men push them back. The battle dies downs as more men arrive, the enemy start to out there wepons down and surrender.

The general refused to surrender into one of his men knock him unconscious with the but of a sword. They all lay down there wepons and kneel some stand and claim they want to join the cause. We accept them in but they will be watched for a while seperated too intell they can prove themselves. "Commander" someone calls from behind me I turn around, we've taken the docs not deaths just some wounded. Grwate I say set up a mes bay in the ship we need to go in a few hours. "Yes sir he replys and runs back toward the dock. "These ships will prove to be very useful need some type of Navy to even stand a chance even if there Navy is 100 times stronger" captain Ruben says walking up slowly stretching his arms out. I agree,that just means we need to do some more recruiting. The firenation is not all bad in some villages we get reports of bulling and extortion. If we can help with that I'm sure we can gather allies and supplies with no problem. I realized the men haveing been marching and fighting all day so... Every get a some rest we move out in the morning spread the word I yell out across the town. I hear sighs of releaf rest thank God one man says.

The next morning we boarded the ships we leave 100 men behind in disguise invade we need help or have to m come back to the earth kingdom. I look at the sunrise at the top deck of the ship . We will liberate are people from the evil that clutches them so tight. We will be there light in the darkness for we do not fear evil ,as we stand tall and face it head on eye to eye sword to sword deaf to deaf. For freedom I yell. And the yell and cry's if men fill the fresh sea air as we depart from the docks. Here we come firelord!

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