Chapter 2

"Now over here is the Box. A new Greenbean comes up in it every month without fail. Every week, supplies, clothes, and food comes up. We don't buggin know anything else about it," Newt told me. "The Glade is divided into four different sections. Gardens, Blood House, Homestead, and Deadheads," he continued as he pointed out the said places.

As we walked towards the place that he pointed out as the Homestead. "This is where some of the Gladers sleep. The majority sleeps outside in sleeping bags, however," Newt said. "We're going to have to find you a bloody place to sleep later on," he said, and the tour continued.

The next place we went to was a depressing looking pace with a barn and animal pens. 'I am so staying away from that place,' I thought.

"This is the Blood House. It's where we raise and slaughter animals," Newt explained.

"Ugh," I said as I made a disgusted face.

Newt laughs. "Yeah, only the Slicers like it there. The rest of us steer clear."

We then walk towards a much better place. It is a pace where the fields with crops and fruit trees were located. "The Gardens," he said. "The Track-Hoes work here. I think you'll like it here much more than the Blood House."

"Nooo, I'm obviously going to enjoy spending all of my time at the Blood House," I said sarcastically. "I mean, you've seen just how much I've enjoyed being there." I smile lightly at Newt. As I think about why I had such an abhorrence towards the Blood House, my face falls. "Newt?"

"Yes?" he replies.

"Why don't I remember anything?" I ask sadly.

"It's like this for all of us." He sighs and continues, "It'll get better. sometimes, we remember a few memories. Not enough for us to fully remember our bloody lives before here, but enough for us to see how the outside world was like for us."

"Oh. Okay," I say quietly and fall silent. We continue walking until we reach the place that Newt had called the Deadheads.

"Hidden in these buggin woods is the Graveyard. There's not much else," Newt says. He then points around us, at the openings in the enormous walls surrounding what Newt had called the Glade. "Out there is the Maze. You don't ever want to be caught out there. Especially at night," he says ominously. "There are only three rules here. Do you part. Never hurt another Glader. And, Never go outside the Glade."

"What's outside the Maze?" I ask.

"Let's just say, you never want to find out," he replied. "Come on. Let's get you your sleeping arrangements."

I follow him towards the Homestead. There, he grabs a sleeping bag and brings it to an area near the Homestead. The ground filled with other sleeping bags carelessly tossed on the ground.

"You guys just leave the sleeping bags out?" I asked incredulously.

"It never rains, anyway," was his reply. "You can sleep here tonight," he says, as he tosses the sleeping bag on the ground. "Come on. Let's go get some food."

He leads me towards a place he calls Frypan's kitchen. There I meet a boy with a full beard and hair all over.

"This is Frypan," Newt introduces me to the boy.

"Hello. I'm Adelynn," I say, and stick out my hand. Frypan shakes my hand, and goes on to hand both me and Newt a plate of food.

"Enjoy the food. Adelynn," Frypan says.

"I will," I reply. "I'm starving."

Newt walks to a table where Alby and a sweaty looking Asian guy is sitting. Since I don't know anyone else, I decide to follow him.

"Hey look, it's the new Greenie!' the Asian boy exclaims. "I'm Minho, Shank. What's your name?"

"Adelynn," I reply as I sit down and start eating. I end up scarfing the food down. It tastes great. Newt watches me, amused.

"Is it really that good?" he asks, laughing.

"Yes. Also, I feel like i haven't eaten in days," I say.

After he finishes eating, Newt brings me to the area where he had laid my sleeping bag.

"Good night, Adelynn," he says. I like the sound of my name rolling off his tongue.

"Good night Newt," I say, and settle in for the night. Staring at the starry sky.

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