Chapter 3

I awake suddenly. Startled. There is a hand on my mouth and another hand is fumbling on the zipper of my sleeping bag. I try to scream, but the hand just clamps down on my mouth tighter. I struggle, trying to get the hand off of me, but the other person is just too strong. The person finally succeeds, and unzips my sleeping bag. He drags me towards the trees by the Deadheads. Panicking, I struggle even more. I don't even have daggers with me. I had stupidly taken off my boots, leaving them next to my sleeping bag. I should have known better. After all, I was the only girl in a place full of boys.

Fear escalates through my body and my eyes widen as he brings his face closer to mine. When he tries to pull me closer to him, however, the person's hand slightly loosened on my mouth. I finally got my chance, and move my head back.

"Somebody! HELP ME!" I yelled, my voice escalating with every word.

"Shuck your mouth, a gruff voice replied. His hand back on my mouth. "No one's going to come help you.

Luckily, someone did hear me. Relief courses through my body as I see a silhouette running towards me and my mysterious attacker with uneven steps. The running figure reaches me and with a surprisingly strong force, pushes my attacker off of me. I now see, that it was Newt who had come to my rescue. My attacker groans in pain as he falls on the ground. Hard.

"Shut it," Newt says to him.

"Alby! Minho!" Newt yells, then turns towards me. "Are you alright? Did Mark do anything to you?" He then turns and yells a few more names of Gladers that I do not recognize.

Still shaken, I reply quietly, telling Newt about everything my attacker, Mark, did. Newt kneels down next to me, hesitating a little, and then places his hand on my back, rubbing circles soothingly, trying to calm me down.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that, Adelynn. I should've bloody known better than to trust those shanks to not do anything to you," he said, berating himself.

As the other Gladers arrive to the scene, Newt tells them to drag Mark to the Slammer. He also tells them to make sure all the Keepers are ready for the Gathering about discussing Mark's fate.

With his orders to the other Gladers finished, he tells me, "Come on."

He pulls me up from the ground and we walk towards the Homestead. On the way there, I call out quietly, "Newt?"

"Yes?" he replies.

"Thank you," I say.

"No problem," he says, and we walk the rest of the way in silence.

Just before we enter the Homestead, he grabs my sleeping bag, and at the same time, I grab my boots. We go up the stairs and finally reach the destination. The second room from the stairs. Inside, is a bed and a cabinet that seems to also double as a desk. "This is my room. You can stay here for now," Newt tells me.

"What about you?" I ask.

"I can go sleep outside," he replies.

"No, that's alright. I can just sleep here on the floor with a sleeping bag or something." I told him. "You shouldn't have sacrifice you bed for me."

"Tell you what," he said grinning. "You take the bed, and I'll take the sleeping bag."

"But," I started.

"No buts," he said. "Just go to sleep."

Sighing, I realize that I have no way of winning this argument. I climb on top of the bed and pull the blankets snugly over myself. "Good night, Newt," I say.

"Good night, Adelynn," he replies from the ground, just before I drift off into sleep.

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