Chapter 4

"Wake up Greenie," a heavily accented voice says.

"Wha?" is my only reply, and I roll to my other side, burying my head in the pillow and trying to hide in the blankets.

A hand shakes my shoulder insistently until I finally sit up. Newt stands in front of me, looking bright and alert. The exact opposite of me. I am definitely not a morning person. Then, when I realize what he called me, I say, "It's Adelynn, not Greenie."

"Alright, alright. Just get up already," he says, smirking a little.

Sighing, I get off the bed. Realizing that my only clothes are what I am wearing, I think of only two options. Either find new clothes, or wear the bed rumpled clothes that I've worn for who knows how long. I decide on one of the choices. I ask Newt for clothes.

"Clothes? I don't think any clothes your size came up with you in the box. You can borrow mine for now. We can write a request to the creators to ask for clothes for you the next time the box comes up," he says while rummaging through his cabinet for clothes. "You can wear these," he says, holding up a long sleeved light blue t-shirt and a worn out pair of black pants.

He then exits the room, closing the door after him. I put on the clothes, that are so big, that I have to roll up the sleeves a few times. "I'm done," I call out while putting on my combat boots.

"Good that," he replies.

As we exit the Homestead, I notice that all the other Gladers are still asleep. "Why are we up so early, Newt?" I ask.

"I'm supposed to show ya something before the wake-up," is all he says as we walk towards one of the massive walls surrounding the Glade. When we get there, he digs his hands into the thick ivy on the wall, moving them out of the way. A dusty window that's about 2 feet wide is revealed. I peer out the window, looking at nothing but the darkness. I stand there idly, wondering what it is, that Newt wants me to see.

A few minutes later, just as I'm about to ask Newt what I'm supposed to be looking at, a terrible, terrible creature appears. I take a step back from the window. It is a fat and round creature about the size of a cow, but it had no distinct shape. Many different tools stuck out of its body. It moved on the ground and then started climbing a wall. I continue to stare at the creature, shocked at its appearance. Taking a deep, shaky breath, I ask Newt, "What in the world is that?"

"That, is a Griever," he replies. "Nasty, eh? Be glad the bloody things only come out at night. They, are why nobody but the runners can ever enter the maze."

I turn away from the window, and see dawn creeping up on us. We walk towards the kitchen. The only people in there are who Newt calls the runners. They seem to be the fittest, and most athletic boys that are in the Glade. They are already eating, and among them is Minho. Newt and I sit ourselves at a table. As soon as they finish eating, they all stand up and jog towards the Maze entrances. 'I want to help find a way out of the Maze,' I think to myself as I watch them run into the Maze. The wake up call sounds some time later. The sun is fully up by then.

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