Jungkook was nervous, to say the least. Taehyung had invited him over to his house, all because, the older couldn’t leave his pet alone, his older brother being out of town.

He breathes in and out. Control yourself, Jungkook. It’s just Taehyung, it’s not like he’s gonna kill you, he tries to calm himself down, biting the inside of his cheeks. But, he’s oh-so sure that he’d die right the moment he sets foot inside the librarian’s house.

He didn’t know why, but, Taehyung never stopped tutoring him in literature, even though the younger has mentioned it countless of times that he didn’t need help in that subject anymore.

But, Jungkook never said anything against it, either, because why would he give away such precious chances of being able to spend time with Taehyung?

With Taehyung, it was a never a no, for Jungkook. The younger was more whipped than before, and his little fits of hesitation also came down, because Taehyung made him calm. Taehyung was his calm.

And, Jungkook didn’t care anymore. He was just happy spending time with Taehyung, and the question if Taehyung liked him back, never bothered him again. Because, he’s happy and content with whatever amount of affection and attention he’s been getting from the older, even if it was in a kind of platonic way.

So, when he skipped towards Taehyung’s house, dressed in his casuals, he didn’t feel the pit of his stomach clenching or a bubble of fear rising up in his oesophagus.

Instead, he was engulfed by an invisible blanket of being in love and contentment; he didn’t need anything more.


Taehyung was the polar opposite; whereas Jungkook stopped bothering about the older’s feeling for himself, the librarian couldn’t help but wonder, what indeed did he feel for this student of his that he’s managed to grow so fond of.

Taehyung, for one, hadn’t been in any relationships after his break-up with his college campus sweetheart; 4 years of relentless time and effort, all gone down the drain.

And, then, the older necessarily doesn’t feel the need of a relationship anymore; his pet dog, Yeontan, filling the random voids in his emotions and days with bursts of sickeningly cute obsession and love for it’s owner.

But, Jungkook, was different. Taehyung wouldn’t dare admit it, but, he needed to hear the younger giggle as often, as he’d like to hear Yeontan bark, and run his way at home.

The younger was truly an adorable specimen, and, Taehyung was somewhat proud to be admired by such a person, as Jeon Jungkook.

But, did Taehyung know, though? What he felt for the younger was surely a bit more than just platonic. But, was it enough to be seen in a romantic way? Taehyung didn’t know, and, so, he was willing to take more time to be exactly sure. Which, brings us to him inviting Jungkook over at his place.

It was time to see how things actually work out to be.


Jungkook hesitantly knocks at the front door, his mind slipping the fact that doorbells exist.

But, Taehyung didn’t mind, since the very first thing Jungkook saw when the door was finally pulled open from the inside, was the older’s smiling face, the corner of his lips pulled upwards to form the faint outlines of a square.

“Jungkook! You’re finally here! Did you bring your notes, like I asked you to?” Taehyung asked the slightly fidgety male standing on his front porch.

“Yeah, I did. Sorry for bothering you, Sir- sorry, I mean, Taehyung,” Jungkook said, nervousness dripping with words, as he mentally applauded himself for not stuttering.

“Oh, please. I invited you over, so, please, just come on in, Guk,” Taehyung said, directing the younger male inside, not even noticing the petname rolling off his tongue.

Jungkook visibly blushed at the cute nickname, his mind going off in panic and embarrassment, as he set foot inside the librarian’s house, instantly being greeted by a series of barks.

A small pomeranian came rushing towards Jungkook, the male’s unknown scent triggering the pup. But, instead of being panicked, Jungkook momentarily forgot about his embarrassment, crouching down to hold the fidgeting pup in his arms.

Taehyung stared in awe at the two, his pet pup going completely lenient, licking over Jungkook’s face as if it knew the younger since forever, the student giggling while holding the little ball of fur.

“Tan-ah,” Taehyung gushed out softly, and, suddenly, Jungkook realized that he was, in reality, in Kim Taehyung’s house, playing with his pet.

“Is that his name? Tan-ah?” He asked softly, putting the pup down, allowing it to rush inside the house while he stood up.

“Yeontan, actually. Tan-ah’s a short name, though, you could also call him that,” Taehyung said, smiling at the younger as he motioned him to follow him inside.

Taehyung led Jungkook to his living room, Yeontan rushing in again, jumping onto Jungkook’s lap, as he was sitting down on the couch.

“Good boy, Tannie. Let me study?” Asked Jungkook, kissing the pup’s nose, it’s tongue licking over Jungkook’s face, as it was kept back on the floor, where it wagged it’s tail, ogling at the student, who only had eyes for the older librarian, who showed up just in time to notice the cute moment between Yeontan and Jungkook.

Jungkook gulped, staring at Taehyung, who stared back, smiling and saying, “You’re cute, Jungkook.”

And, there was Jungkook again, a blushing and flustered mess, as he looked down, trying not to combust, as he mumbled quietly, “Thank you.”

And, like that, they jumped right into studying, occasionally cracking a few jokes and a couple of laughs here and there.

Taehyung kept on stopping at a few moments, silently watching the younger giggle, or throw his head back while shaking with laughter. Jungkook was precious.

Until Yeontan decided it was enough, and jumped onto Taehyung’s lap, startling the librarian, who fell back with a screech.

And, as much Jungkook wanted to hold himself back, he broke right down into fits of uncontrollable giggles, his body shaking.

Taehyung slowly sat up, Yeontan in his arms and he stared at Jungkook, how the younger was practically writhing in fits of genuine laughter. And, maybe, now, Taehyung knew. He knew, it was worth giving a shot.

“Hey, Jungkook?” He called, and Jungkook slightly stopped laughing, his body still shaking a little as he looked at Taehyung, signalling him to continue.

“You wanna go on a date?” Taehyung asked, staring right in Jungkook’s eyes, who momentarily freezed up, shocked.

“A- a date?” Jungkook asked back, thoroughly confused if he had heard right, blushing.

“Yes, a date. Do you?” Taehyung asked once more, leaning in to examine the younger’s expressions, who just blushed a shade darker.

Jungkook tried to keep his breathing normal, as he finally managed to answer, his cheeks, heart and mind on fire, “Yes, please.”

And, you could tell that they went on many more, and, if you couldn’t, ask Yeontan.


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