Jungkook huffed out in frustration, pulling on his locks. He was currently sitting at the local Starbuck’s, an open English literature book in front of him. And, no. He was not frustrated about how good Taehyung looked in a buttoned-up shirt.

He had a test in like two days, and he still had no idea of whatever was written in the 300 paged book. Is he gonna fail? Is this gonna be the end of his successful life? Was he in the way of losing track and becoming a hobo in near future?

And, there he goes again. Instead of actually studying, he had been constantly zoning in and out, without even getting a word from the book in his head.

“Hey there. You need help with something?” A sudden voice startled the already stressed out boy, as he ended jumping up in surprise.

Jungkook came face to face with a very casually dressed Taehyung. What were the odds that you happen to meet your crush outside in casuals, when you’re practically looking like a diseased onion?

Jungkook had no luck, whatsoever in that case. He visibly gulped, a pretty tint rising up to his ears and cheeks, as he continued staring at the man in front of him.

Taehyung could sense the hesitancy of the boy in front of him, and he decided to cross-check. “You’re a student of Seoul University, right?”

Jungkook flushed, a bit more, Taehyung’s voice affecting him more than it should, as he stammered out, “Yeah- I do go there. To study of- of course. But, what are you doing here, Sir? If you don’t- don’t mind telling me of course!”

Taehyung barely stopped himself from letting out a chuckle at how flustered the kid was. He flashed out a smile, saying, “Just came here to grab a coffee. What’s got you so worked up-” he paused, squinting his eyes to read Jungkook’s name from his plastic cup of iced latte, which the younger had in in hands, “Jungkook?”

Jungkook tried not to smile at the older, adorning a subtle pout on his pretty lips, saying, “It’s nothing you have to worry about, Sir. We just have a test in two days and I don’t know anything about the content of English Literature.”

Taehyung seemed to think about the problem, grabbing the empty chair of Jungkook’s table and sitting on it, saying, “English Literature, you say? I could help you with that, if you don’t mind, Jungkook.”

Jungkook seemed surprised, if not panicked. Why would he want to help me? He thought, as he asked the librarian, “Are you sure, Sir? I mean, you don’t have to bother- I could do just fine.”

“No, no. It’s perfectly fine. I mean, I majored in English Literature, and it would be great if I could help a student with their struggles with it,” Taehyung smiled, sipping on his espresso.

Jungkook smiled, not even bothered that it wasn’t just for him only, but for any troubled student; he was just happy to have the sole attention of the older for once. “Thank you, Sir. I really appreciate it,” he said, passing the book over to Taehyung, along with his mindless notes.

Taehyung smiled back, adoring the way the apple of Jungkook’s cheeks would swell up from his smile, as he began eyeing the heavy book, “Don’t mention it.”


They got handed back their answer sheets, and Jungkook almost squealed in suprprise, He managed to get an A. And, that was all due to a certain red-head. So, he decided it was about time he expressed his gratitude.

And, there was Jungkook, hiding behind one of the shelves, writing the last part of his weekly note to Taehyung.

He scribbled the last end of the note, smiling to himself,

FRIDAY| i got an A!! thanks for your help, sir. you’re really nice :((

Then, he hopped over to Taehyng’s desk, dropping the note on the desk, and leaving before anyone saw him.

What he didn’t realize was, in his mindlessness and happiness, he openly revealed his identity to Taehyung through the note. Wonder what things this mistake could lead to.

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