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A accident changes the life of both Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk, when they find out about their lovers death. Taehyung has always been pampered by his parents then by his lover but the sudden turn of life makes him face the harsh and cruelty of the world, being a sensitive person he has to face alot of problems caused by - - - Jeon Jeongguk. Jeon jeongguk ; a successful and devoted business man who with passion loved his partner but after the death of her - - - he is left broken and his passion of love changes into hatred. Kim Taehyung is a sensitive person and Jeon Jeongguk is a heartless monster. Will Kim Taehyung be able to change the stone hearted Jeongguk or fail to soften it? Stay tune to find out. _____________ Mature content Taekook au Boy × Boy Smut Language You've been warned

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter-1: Coincidence

Yesh another book!(please read the authors note at the end, thank you)


Shy streaks of sun illuminating the room brighter as breeze slips inside the room from the half open window right across the king sized bed where a certain male lays lifeless, sobbing.

A brunette is sitting near him as he watches his lover cry.

"You said you will leave for two days" Kim Taehyung snaps as he hides his face more in the pillow while his boyfriend sighs.

Haru - - Taehyung's boyfriend. A manager director, who is forced to attend a meeting which will take place in another city since the visitors wants the meeting to set there; which is why they need to leave two days before and watch the management, etc so maximum it will take one week.

"It is an important meeting Tae, please try to understand" Haru explains as his hands carress the soft locks of the male.

He loves him, they both are madly in love with each other, he knows exactly what Taehyung wants and his love only grows for him - - or maybe that's what Taehyung thinks.

"one week? One week! How am I suppose to live alone when you are gone?" Taehyung pouts as he sits up, his hairs spread in all directions as he wipes his fat tears from the paw of his hoodie - - haru's hoodie to be exact.

A smile erupts from the brunette's lips when he looks at Taehyung, who glares at him.

" I will be back within no time Tae, I have already invited Lucas and Haechan, you won't be bored" Haru assures flashing his shy smile which always warms Taehyung's heart.

Haru smiles wider when Taehyung looks conflicted, he knows his weakness; their love.

"Are you worried about me hanging with girls?" Haru hums as he thinks about it, Taehyung's eyes widen. He sits on Haru's lap as he squishes his cheeks with his hands, brow knitted.

"I trust you, why would you say that?" Taehyung asks, worried as Haru chuckles, arms wrap around his waist and places a gentle peck on his forehead as Taehyung's eyes flutter shut at that sweet gesture.

"Should I start my packing, your highness?" Haru wiggles his brows and Taehyung playfully punches his chest, giggles.

"You may go, peasant" Taehyung shrieks when Haru leans forward with a playful expression and they spend the morning with giggles and sweet talk.

Soon Haru leaves and Taehyung watches his lover leaving with sad eyes, waves him goodbye and walks back in their shared apartment.

The silence around him is what Taehyung hates so he decides to open his shop earlier wanting to distract himself. He owns a flower shop.


Jeon jeongguk is a successful business man.

Devoted and hardworking are words defined for Jeongguk. This company was his father's who still is the owner.

Jeongguk is married and is very happy with his married life and his wife ; Jeon Somi.

Now sitting in his office, stucked in between the piles of paperworks, he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, his head throbbing.

Let's say he didn't had a very good morning today since he had a fight with his wife - - - happy married life, yeah right.

Don't get him wrong - - he loves his wife like any other male would but sometimes she gets on his head and Jeongguk never tolerates such behavior.

Thanks to Namjoon who helped him and did most of the paperwork ; the ravenette decided to take a small break as he enters his car and decides to go back and apologize to Somi.

In his way back, an idea lights up in his mind and he decides to buy some flowers as an apology gift since - - Somi loves flower.

Stepping on the brake he jumps out of the car, adjusts his suit and enters a specific shop ---- "Yours for eternity ''

A small smile appears on the ravenette's lips at the name of the shop, it's somehow adorable. Entering the shop a chim is heard as he walks towards the counter looking around for someone to appear.

A head peeks under the table where flowers are placed and Jeongguk jumps back at that.

"Oh---sorry, let me just get this out" The silver headed male mumbles as he struggles with getting out and Jeongguk wonders if he's talking with him or his own self.

Once the male is out, he huffs, dusts off his shirt age walks towards the counter, flashing his soft smile.

"good morning sir, what should I do for you?" Taehyung asks in his deep melodious voice as Jeongguk smiles back.

"Actually I am here to get some flowers for my wife" Jeongguk scratches his back of neck while saying, embarrassed and Taehyung finds it adorable.

"anniversary?" Taehyung asks as Jeongguk shakes his head.

"Had a fight so -" Jeongguk trails it off and Taehyung understands, nods and gets a flower.

"You should give her this then" Taehyung suggests, the ravenette takes a look and chuckles.

"Orchids? But she likes rose" Jeongguk laughs out and Taehyung licks his lips.

"Orchids are usually used for - - apology, so I recommend you to give her orchids instead of rose." Taehyung professionally explains leaving Jeongguk conflicted.

"But - - fine, orchids it is then " Jeongguk says defeatedly and Taehyung smiles in triumph .

"Will be right back" Taehyung chirps as he jumps out and packs it for Jeongguk.

"I would suggest, you should buy some cupcakes" Taehyung utters and Jeongguk knits his brows in confusion.

"Cupcakes?" Jeongguk sounds not assured.

"My mom says, there's no wrong the right cupcakes can't fix "Taehyung grins, Jeongguk can't help but smile at that.

" Okay your highness "Jeongguk says without realization and the smile on their lips falters and replaces with blush that appears on their cheeks.

" anything else sir? "Taehyung clears his throat and Jeongguk shakes, pays for it and leaves.

On his way back, he gets cupcakes and drives off. Reaching his mansion he walks inside, greets his grandma with a peck on her forehead.

" where is somi "Jeongguk asks as he hides the bouquet at his back.

" she didn't informed you? She left in morning, saying her father is not in good condition "grandma informs and Jeongguk frowns.

" she went to Busan by her own? "Jeongguk asks in worry as she nods. The CEO sighs and walks towards his bedroom, the bouquet in his hands now will be of no use but he puts them inside the vase - - he just doesn't wants to throw them away.

After a few minutes, Soobin enters in his room.

"Why are you here?" Soobin frowns.

"For your information, it's you who is standing inside my room" Jeongguk rolls his eyes as Soobin laughs awkwardly.

"I was going to steal your watch" Soobin says and Jeongguk gasps.

"You have more watches then me" Jeongguk retreats.

"but yours match me so well" soobin reasons out and Jeongguk sighs.

Invading inside his room, Soobin takes the watch and tie. Jeongguk doesn't say anything.

"Take them as well" Jeongguk points at the cupcakes on the table and Soobin doesn't needs to be told twice.

"Yummy!" Soobin says with his mouth filled and Jeongguk kicks him out of his room.


Taehyung was as usual in his shop when he got a call, it's from Haru.

A smile spreads across his face as he picks it up while Yeonjun sneaks around his brothers shop.

"Haru!" Taehyung chirps but his smile falters after what he hears.

Phone slips from his hands, falling down catching Yeonjun's attention.

"What happened hyung?" Yeonjun asks as Taehyung stays still.

Jeongguk was in his office when his phone ringed, the caller bring Somi - - - he picks it up.

"Do you even know how much I missed you" Jeongguk whines but after hearing the news, dreads spreads across him.

Both Taehyung and Jeongguk turn the news channel on and the breaking news - - - breaks them.

Breaking news :

Today in Busan, during a car robbery two people were shot to death, the cops were late to catch the murderer.

In phone call it was police who called them saying ; Kim Haru and Kim somi are no longer. Their bodies are under autopsy and they should come and take the bodies.

Kim Haru and Kim somi - - - were married?

*edited *
Authors note (I forgot to write)

This book is inspired by an Indian drama'bepannah' but - - other than that, it will be very different. Hope you guys understand.

This book will contain mature content and harsh languages, please if uncomfortable then stop reading.

I am excited yeee

First chapter is boring but others won't.

So, how we feeling about this book?

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