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Infinite love from stars to fireflies (sequel of infinite love)


From being strangers to friends, and than into relationship. the journey which Manan shared was full of ups and downs. Will they able to cross this journey of being in relation? will they take one more step forward into their relationship? peep inside to know their story.

Romance / Erotica
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I am back with season two of infinite love.


Hope you guys loved the name.

Cover made by mananlovemp

Mumbai, Malhotra industries!

Shuffling papers, running from one end to another, every single person persent in that room was doing their work, one hour to the conference. No doubt the deal was huge which was profitable one, also the one which will take their company to new heights in the business world. “It’s missing!” Everyone turned towards the voice and gave the employee a questionable look.

“It’s missing, I am not able to find the pendrive!” Sweat started forming on their faces, just one line came into their mind and that was “god, help us!” “How come it’s missing? Guys we have take this calmly, boss might be here anytime. We still have 1 hr to go. Everyone do their work, are the files and its copy arranged neatly. If yes than it’s good. Make sure each copy is present on everyone’s desk, beside it the water bottle. Make the conference room ready, and than after we will find the pendrive. Mark me this should be wrapped up in 15 minutes. Now move!”

As per instruction everyone started acting accordingly, once done they started finding their saviour, the pendrive! because they knew if it went missing which technically was missing, than their boss won’t think for a second before firing them. “Got it?” “No still finding!” “Fuck, where the hell it went!” “Don’t know, yesterday before leaving I saw it was here only, but now I just don’t know!” The girl with brown hair, glanced at her watch, her eyes widened on seeing only half an hour left.

“What’s going on!” everybody freezed on hearing the voice, which sent chills through their entire body. There stood Manik Malhotra, the CEO of Malhotra industries, successful, young, short tempered businessman. “S..sir w..we” “you! in my cabin now” without listening to anything he went to his cabin, with the brown hair girl trolling behind him.

Manik entered his cabin and adjust his jacket on his chair, folding his shirt sleeves he sat royally on his chair, giving his full attention towards the girl standing infront of him. His stare was sending chills throughout her body from in as well as out.

" Name!” “Huhh” Manik glared her, on not getting any response, “I asked you what’s your name? I don’t like repeating, don’t you know that” “so..sorry sir, myself Sia” “miss Sia, I hope everything is ready, I don’t want anything missing, mind me if something goes wrong I won’t spare anyone”

“Ye..yes sir!” She turned to leave when Manik stopped her “miss sia, get me one strong black coffee!” Hearing him her face went pale, and she immediately ran out of his cabin. She being his personal assistant had kept her on toes. Manik’s one order she did be running for saving her ass/ or we can say her precious job!.

How is the teaser/ prologue.

Hope you guys loved it.

Where is Nandini?

Manik’s new assistant is here.

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