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Jeon Jeongguk ; a writer and a young male. Instead of enjoying his life, he has locked himself in his apartment. He has never been a fan of physical contact, being a Germophobic gives all the reasons behind his weird actions. Freaking out of even a simple nudge by a stranger - - - - that's how his life is. Kim Taehyung ;a art student who currently wants to live independently in his own house, has always loved the concept of living independently---on his own. Things are planned and going well but what is uncertain is that Taehyung never imagined being neighbors with a Germophobic person aka Jeongguk. Jeongguk hates being touched and Taehyung wants to know him better, simple. But breaking Jeongguk out of his shell is hard, will Taehyung be able to do it? " don't touch me Kim" "Where's the fun in that Jeon ?" _____________ Mature content Boy ×boy Mention of Germophobia

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter-1 : Solace

Hey babies, welcome to the new book of mine, taekook (duh),hope you enjoy it!

Physical - Dua Lipa


Strangers walking across the streets, mind busy with different thoughts as fake smiles are plastered not all, some have real smile while others are just playing it off, trying to look happy and cover their broken side from world.

That's how life is.

Walking across this rush, a ravenette face covered with mask holding a shopper, gloves are on and people step aside thinking if this person is sick or any contagious disease, saving themselves as the ravenette sighs

People judge too fast, he thinks as he walks ahead.

The ravenette feels his breath uneven when a cat jumps in front of him, the male startled as he jumps back, his eyes are widen yet dark - - - deep as ocean, cold at first but warmth can be felt when you stare deep in them.

Weird looks are throw at him and the ravenette just wants to dissappear, his blood rushing all over his body as his steps fasten, careful to not get touched, germs are everywhere.

Shutting the door behind he throws the shopper on the desk, he changes his gloves as he takes the spray out of the drawer and sprays all over the shopper, to get rid of germs.

The mask may have covered his face but his soft eyes are exposed and no matter how much he wants to cover them - - - he can't. He may have been used to of the weird glances of people but it still feels bad.

Entering his apartment, he locks the door makes his way to the desk as he throws the shopper on it, takes the necessary elements out from the drawer.

Sprayer, sanitizer, cloth.

Sprays it all over the stuff until it's clean and free from any unnecessary germs, he wants to be clean. Taking his mask off, he inhales in and scrunches his nose when the smell of sanitizer enters his nose.

"finally its clean" he mutters under his breath as he takes out the stuff.

Getting freshed and prepared he takes his leave for his job, a writer. He publish his books and he is proud of himself for completing his task before the dead line.

He lines alone, he wants to be alone. Human contact is something he was never used to of it, as if it burns his skin.

Welcome in life of Jeon Jeongguk

Heavy gasps leave from the brunette's lips as he looks behind, sighs in relief as he crouched down.

"Kim Taehyung come back" a woman shouts as the aforementioned male's eyes widen.

"Not again" he whines and tries to run but hands bring him behind, drag him back to his house as he keeps whining.

" You are going to finish it" Jihyo orders sternly as Taehyung folds his arms.

"You know very well I don't like milk" he mumbles and Jihyo chuckles.

"That's why you had a broken arm for three months, remember" Jihyo reminds him and Taehyung is taken off guard.

"I was 12 years old back then" He replies and Jihyo raises her brow up, challenging.

Jihyo has always been a stubborn woman and maybe that's why his son is stubborn, just like her.

"Don't make me take your credit card Kim, because I will" Jihyo narrows her eyes, a teasing smile flashes on Taehyung's lips, he wraps his arms around his mother and smiles sheepishly.

"I love you Mrs. Kim" He sings and Jihyo laughs at the cute trick of his son but she isn't falling for it.

"finish it up Kim" She orders again and Taehyung steps back, playful gasp is heard and Jihyo knows what is he going to say.

"Who calls their own son by their surname?" Taehyung acts as if he is hurt and Jihyo rolls her eyes.

"Who calls their own mom, Mrs Kim!" She questions back and Taehyung blinks twice.

"shit this backfired on me" Taehyung awkwardly laughs and Jihyo sits beside him, makes him drink it all.

"Let the poor boy breath" Taehyung exaggerates when he finishes it up in one gulp.

"You are such a drama queen" Jihyo utters and Taehyung pecks her cheek.

"Just like my mom" Taehyung replies back and Jihyo sighs.

"Go before you get late for your class" she pushes him off and no matter how much she denies, she loves it when Taehyung kisses his foreheads before leaving, it's a habit now.

"Goodbye Mrs. Kim, greet my old man with a kiss - - on cheek please" Taehyung runs before Jihyo could scold him.

After his classes, he drives towards the Cafe waits for his friends.

"hey" Hoseok chirps as he runs towards him and Taehyung smiles, waves him.

"Woah I actually came early" hoseok utters in pure shock and Taehyung rolls his eyes.

"Make way for model" Taehyung teases when Jimin enters, taking his shades off as he displays his charming smile, hugs Taehyung and sits beside him. Soon Namjoon and Yoongi are there.

"Any plans on moving out?" Yoongi asks, his eyes on Hoseok who is talking rather animatedly with Jimin.

"Dude my mom will literally cry if she hears about it" Taehyung sighs, no matter how much he loves his mother - - he always wanted to live on his own, be aware of responsibilities and how life actually works.

No matter how hard it is, but there will be a time where his parents will no longer be there for him and he is scared - - - - of being left alone. He wants to be independent and be able to pass out of that stage.

His parents love him, vice versa, but he can't always get used to of being spoiled. It's how life is. Struggles are meant to knock on your door so we should always be ready,life is unexpected.

"Talk to your father then" Namjoon says, sipping coffee and Taehyung thinks.

"Last time I talked about it, he took my car away from me for two weeks" Taehyung grinned, his car is his life.

"You are fucked up dude" Hoseok laughs and so does others.

"This gathering was supposed to give me some motivation or maybe ideas not to make fun of me" Taehyung voices out and Yoongi finally tears his gaze from hoseok.

"Listen, talk to them and tell them that you want to live alone because you want some personal space-----" yoongi is cut off when namjoon interrupts.

"It's his parents we are talking about, be respectful" namjoon instructs.

" I don't remember telling Taehyung to shout at them, now did I?" Yoongi argues and Namjoon sighs on defeat.

"Yoongi calm down" hoseok and Jimin say in unison and that's how Yoongi has stopped talking, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Lover boy, snap out and give me ideas" Taehyung snaps his fingers in front of him.

"Once again, why am I here with you guys?" Yoongi questions himself and Taehyung giggles.

"Because we all are cute and your best friends since you were in diapers" Taehyung sasses and Yoongi blushes.

" Just tell them that you want to try it out for five months, if things didn't worked out then you can shift back" Jimin randomly says as he scrolls over his phone and Taehyung drops his head, but raises it.

"Wait a minute, it's actually not that bad" Taehyung thinks and Jimin looks at him with confusion.

"What?" He asks and Taehyung pouts. A habit when he thinks.

"Your idea -"

"Did I said something?" Jimin questions and this time Taehyung sighs.

"Why is this model here?" Taehyung rolls his eyes when Jimin laughs.

"because we are soulmates" he beams and Taehyung unconsciously pats his head, as if a puppy and Jimin giggles.

"Fine, that's it, I'm going, enjoy y'all this is my treat" Taehyung bragged a he leaves.

"watch me make you go bankrupt Kim" Hoseok says and orders more.

Convincing his parents was definitely hard, took three straight days for him to finally get them ready.

Jihyo made a demand though, that each weekend Taehyung would visit them and spend time with them, being the only child had his charms and also some sacrifices.

Packing his stuff, Taehyung finally moved out, what he was more curious was that how did neighborhood worked?

His stuff was surrounded all over the area as he steps out, his hands are black due to some dirt and he hasn't noticed it yet, knocking on the door of his neighbor, he smiles brightly.

The door opens abit, a head peeks out and Taehyung frowns because his neighbor is wearing a mask even inside his house.

"Hi, I'm your new neighbor, will look forward for a good -" Taehyung is interrupted when a scream is heard.

"Dirty dirty dirty" as if a mantra, the ravenette keeps chanting as he locks the door and Taehyung is left in utter shock.

"okay?" Taehyung says to himself but he is more confused when the ravenette comes out with spray and cloth in his hand.

"Let me clean you" Jeongguk mumbles as Taehyung's eyes widen.


First chapter as promised is up.

How is it till now? First chapter wa boring but others won't be.

If you are reading this then thank you for sparing time for this book

I'll update it once I'm done with MTAE.

thank you again and have a great day

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