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Dating Chronicles


Never in my wildest dreams would I think the Leaders of the Four Tribes would come to Earth and ask for my hand in Marriage! But before I decide I want to get to know each of them first.

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Meeting at Midnight

The honking of car horns and the occasional screeching of tires could be heard in the distance, ruining the night's peaceful silence. "Of course there's noise," Alice thought irritably "New York wouldn't be known as the City that Never Sleeps if it didn't." Even in Central Park you can still hear the city's constant chatter, even if you want so much to get away for some needed peace and quiet. That was the reason why Alice was here to take a nice and quiet stroll through the park to relax on her way home. Alice has always been that way, she's never liked the fast paced or loud noises that came with living in a big city like New York. But coming to live here wasn't her idea, tragic circumstances brought Alice to this concrete metropolis and it began when she was very young.

When Alice Amelia Rosewood was only 3-years-old her parents died in a car accident leaving her an orphan. Because Alice had no other living relatives to take her in she was practically raised in an orphanage until she was of legal age. Living in an orphanage was difficult, terrifying and lonely especially for someone who was as young as Alice. She never made any friends when she lived at the orphanage, so by the time she was 7-years-old Alice starting taking an interest in a number of hobbies; including jewelry making, drawing, reading and writing to help pass the time and bring her comfort. But the biggest thing she loved to do was collect Chaotic Cards. While other children in the orphanage were into Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, Alice would buy Chaotic Cards because they were different from other card games and she also loved to watch the show and learn about all the Creatures, Perim and the World of Chaotic. Her favorite tribes were the Overworlders and the Mipedians, however Alice liked to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of all the creatures even if they were from a different tribe because she believed all creatures were good for something. Even after the TV show ended and the card game lost its popularity, Alice still continued loving chaotic and collected the cards when she could find them. When Alice turned 18 she was legally old enough to live somewhere else, so the people at the orphanage arranged for her to go and take classes at a collage of her choice because of her great artistic ability. They sent Alice's artwork and story's she written to collages all over the United States, but the only one who would accept her was an art school in New York City because she didn't have an opportunity to receive an education at the orphanage. Alice wasn't very happy about the idea of moving to New York but she didn't have a choice, she had nowhere else to go. The only processions Alice packed were her art materials, chaotic cards and then left the orphanage behind.

That was three years ago, now 21-years-old Alice has received a degree in Creative Writing and another in Fine Arts. Alice was able to get out of art collage so quickly was because she already knew all of the material and the Writing and Art instructors had nothing to teach her, so they sent her on her way with two art bachelor's degrees that would take a normal student four years to receive one! That didn't stop Alice from wanting to draw or write more, she went to art seminars at the nearby art studio and occasionally helped other artists with their artworks and stories. The art studio is only a block away from Alice's apartment, so it didn't take long for her to walk home but one of the instructors asked her to stay late and help a young boy who was having trouble painting with watercolors. When she was finished teaching, Alice needed to stop by the store and get some groceries and cat food for her three cats, by the time she was ready to go home, her watch said it was almost midnight so Alice decided to take a shortcut and walk through Central Park.

That is why Alice is currently here, even though she normally never walked through Central Park at this time of night she had no other options and needed to get home fast, it wasn't safe to walk alone through the city at night because muggers have been known to attack people who were by themselves, especially women. Shifting her armload of produce to her left arm, Alice used her pink polished right hand to push her long wavy blonde hair behind her right ear, black kitten heeled shoes made tap noises as she walk at a quick pace down the concrete sidewalk. Alice's baby blue eyes kept watch making sure she wasn't being followed by anyone, she used her right hand again to tighten her white trench coat around her body. Alice had worn a knee length A-line black skirt with a white button down shirt that day and even though it was the start of summer, nights in New York can still get pretty cold.

Alice kept on walking and was about half way to her apartment when she suddenly heard some rustling noises coming from some bushes that were right by the sidewalk. Alice began to get very scared because she thought it was someone trying to rob her, she crying out "Don't you dare jump me!" Alice yelled "I have my cell phone and if you so much as attempted to touch me I'll call the police!" A second after she said that whoever was hiding stepped out of the bushes and revealed himself. Alice let out a startled scream and took a couple steps back as she let her arm load of items fall to the ground, because it wasn't a person who came out of those bushes, but a huge 10 foot monster!

The creature resembled a gargoyle without a pair of wings, with flaming red skin, blue eyes, and a long tail that swished back and forth behind him. He also had two huge horns protruding from both sides of his head with a number of spikes on his back and going down to the tip of his tail. The only cloths the creature wore were a pair of iron shoes, spiked arm bands and a loincloth with a gold belt that had a blue stone attached to the front. He was also very muscular, Alice thought he looked like he could lift a semi-truck up with his bare hands and throw it across the park like it was a sack of flour.

Alice took one more step back as the huge red creature continued to stare at her. She must have still looked terrified because he suddenly smiled and said, "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you Alice." in a low and rough voice that almost sounded soft.

She suddenly froze and asked in a scared voice "H-How do you know my name, and who-what are you?"

The creature suddenly looked surprised and then said in a sad voice, "Don't you remember me? You used to watch me all the time when I was on Chaotic."

Alice stopped moving and squinted her eyes at him for a long time, trying to recollect where she had seen this creature before. Then she suddenly remembered letting out a surprised gasp, "Are you-Your Chaor, Leader of the Underworld!"

Chaor's face brightened with delight, "I knew you remembered me." he said starting to walk towards her.

Alice started walking backwards again when he got too close, "What are you doing here?" she asked, while trying to keep distance between her and the huge red creature.

Chaor let out a chuckle as he continued to walk towards Alice, "I've come to take you back to Perim, because I want you to be my wife."

"WIFE!" Alice yelled out, backing up against a tree, completely shocked at what the creature had just said to her.

"That's right my dear and I've had my eye on you for a very long time, now I want to take you back and make you my queen." Chaor said, reaching his hand out and was about to grab Alice when suddenly, "Keep your filthy claws off her Chaor!" a masculine voice yelled out.

Alice and Chaor both snapped their heads towards the source of the voice and saw another creature standing a few feet away from them, but it didn't take Alice long to know who this one was, "Maxxor!" she said in a shocked voice. Maxxor is a 9 feet 4 inch creature that looks almost like a human; except he has emerald green skin with purple markings all over his body, pointed ears, and spiked black hair with white stripes. He wore a red robe that looked like a toga with a belt that had a blue stone attached to it, Maxxor also had leather straps wrapped around his wrists and ankles. Just like Chaor, Maxxor looked very muscular and strong.

"What are you doing here Maxxor?" Chaor growled, threating the great Overworld leader while keeping Alice pined against the tree. Maxxor's golden eyes turned and looked at Alice "The same reason as you are Chaor, to take Alice home and make her my queen and I don't intended to let you have her!" Maxxor yelled as he ran forward shooting power pulses toward Chaor.

Chaor jumped to the left, evading the attack and shot an ember swarm attack back toward Maxxor. Maxxor easily dodged the attack by jumping high into the air and came down to collide with Chaor, sending both of the creatures flying backwards.

Alice stayed where she was against the tree, to astonish to even move! As she continued to watch the Overworld and Underworld leaders fight, Alice brought both of her hands to each side of her face and tried to slap herself awake, "Ok, it's happened," Alice thought, "not getting enough sleep is starting to make me hallucinate!" Trying to find some explanation as to why she was seeing creatures from a cartoon she used to watch as a kid and why they both wanted to marry her.

However another voice said, "Well it seems I wasn't the only one looking for Alice." Bringing the blonde haired girl back to reality. Maxxor and Chaor both ceased their fighting to identify who spoke. Alice turned her head to the left also see who the creatures were looking at, a lizard like creature was standing just a few feet away, under an oak tree.

The lizard creature was 6 feet 6 inches, with tan scales covering his body, pink eyes, and a long tail. He had horns and spikes protruding from both sides and the back of his head, also on the tip of his nose. The lizard creature wore armor; including a purple breast plate and arm bands, tan leg guards, and an orange and yellow loincloth with a design that resembled an eye. He also wore a blue cape and a sword strapped to his waist, he is also very muscular.

"Prince Mudeenu!" Alice exclaimed, recognizing the Captain of the Royal Guard for the Mipedians. Mudeenu turned and smiled sweetly at her, pleased that she remembered him, "I'm overjoyed that you remember my name Alice," taking a bow in her direction "and you are lovelier that I expected you to be." Alice couldn't but blush from Mudeenu's compliment and saying, "Thank you", returning his bow with a curtsy and a smile.

"What do you want Mudeenu?" Maxxor asked, bringing the attention of both Alice and Mipedian back to him. "The same thing as Chaor and you Maxxor," answered Mudeenu, "to make Alice my wife, but I looks like I'll have to fight for her, which I'm all too happy to do." He then used his sword to launch an energy attack at both Chaor and Maxxor. "Oh no." Alice thought as Mudeenu jumped into the battle for a three-way fight for her hand.

Not a moment after Mudeenu intervened; a cyclone slam attack came out of nowhere, sending all three creatures sailing into the air, and sent them crashing into the ground with a thud. Alice and the Creatures looked to where the attack came from and standing not far off was another Mipedian. "Iflar" snarled Chaor getting back up, "The Mipedian Crown Prince?" thought Alice as she moved around the tree to get a better view of the newly arrived Creature.

Prince Iflar is a 7 feet 3 inch pure white Mipedian, with long silver hair and tail that splits into three tips. He has emerald green eyes and large spikes protruding from the back of his skull. Iflar wore blue and gold armor covering his chest, around his head, arms and legs. He also wore a blue and gold loincloth, a sword around his waist and a blue cape. But unlike the other Creatures, Iflar is a lot scrawnier so much so he appears sickly, but Alice knew looks can be deceiving and how powerful he can be.

"Iflar, what are you doing here?" asked Mudeenu, genuinely shocked to see his cousin here.

"When I saw you sneaking away from the palace I knew what you were up to, so I followed and you've confirmed my suspicions dear cousin." Answered Iflar, with an angry look on his face.

"Not true my Prince," Mudeenu begged, "I was merely trying to bring Alice to you, so she could be your future queen!"

Iflar shook his head "Don't try and lie to me Mudeenu, you desire Alice just as much as I do and I won't let you or Maxxor and Chaor have her!" shouted Iflar as he jumped into the air, summoning another cyclone slam attack towards the three creatures, triggering another fight.

At the sidelines Alice said to herself, "I need to find a way to stop this.", and she was right all these explosions the attacks were making would attracted unwanted attention from not just other New Yorkers, but the Police as well. But she was brought back to reality when a rock wave attack caught the four battling creature attention. Alice looked to where the creatures were looking and saw yet another creature, but this one was easily recognizable. "Odu-Bathax!" shouted Alice, "Of course we need to have a Danian in the mix" she then thought irritably.

The Danian battle master is 9 feet tall with a hard blue exoskeleton. He piercing red eyes, walks on two legs and has four arms, all of them have a blade attached to use as weapons. Odu-Bathax also has two huge red antennae's coming out of his back, he was also very muscular and strong looking.

"What are you doing here Danian?" asked Mudeenu as if he was some kind of poison.

"To find my bride," answered Odu-Bathax, "and once I defeat all of you Alice will be mine!" He then shot iron ball attacks at all the battling creatures, continuing the brawl.

"This has gone on far enough, I need to stop this now!" Alice thought. She ran towards the fighting creatures trying to get their attention but it was no use, with all the shouting and attacks being shot, none of the creatures could hear her.

But Alice kept on running until she tripped over some disturbed earth, probably from a terra port attack, and landed with a thud on the ground. Alice was winded for a few moments when suddenly a rock wave attack was heading straight for her! She let out a scared scream, covered her head with her arms and braced for the impacted, but it never came.

Alice uncovered her eyes and looked up. She was shocked to see that both Chaor and Maxxor had protected her by blocking the rock wave attack from hitting her. Maxxor and Chaor both turned their heads to look at her but it was Maxxor who spoke, "Are you alright Alice?" he asked. "Yes, I'm ok" she said, quickly getting back on her feet and brushing herself off.

"What were you thinking you idiot?" shouted Iflar, yelling at Odu-Bathax who had shot the attack, "Alice could have been seriously injured!"

"I couldn't see her!" Odu-Bathax shouted back in his defense, but he was ashamed for almost hitting Alice.

"Maxxor, Chaor your arms!" said Alice, noticing their injuries. Chaors right arm and Maxxors left arm were all cut up and bloody because they used them to stop the rock wave attack from hitting Alice.

She ran up to them to inspect their wounds. Chaor said, "It's all right Alice, we'll be fine." Trying to reassure her. "It's not alright this happened to you because I was being stupid!" said Alice with a lot of remorse in her voice. "Listen, we all need to get out of here," she said to all the creatures when they gathered around her, "the commotion you guys were making probably alerted the police and their on way here, we need to go to a more secluded area so I can treat all your wounds. I know this park like the back of my hand, I'll lead you there."

All five creatures nodded their heads in understanding. Alice gathered all of her dropped groceries and started running east, toward the area she was talking about. The leaders ran with her, following close behind. All the creatures admired how fast Alice was, even if she was carry a lot of stuff they still almost couldn't keep up with her!

When they arrived to the secluded area of the park, it was completely surrounded by trees making a complete circle. A bench was under the biggest tree and the only available light was the moon shining over head in the cloud less sky.

Alice had both Maxxor and Chaor sit on the ground so she could treat their injuries. They both sat down without any objections while Alice sat her bags on the bench and started looking through them for what she was looking for. "You're lucky I bought a first aid kit at the store today." she told them after Alice pulled the white container out of a bag.

"Why did you need one?" Mudeenu asked with a raised brow.

Alice look to him and answered, "When you live with three cats you have your fair share of scratches from time to time." with a bit of a laugh in her voice. All the creatures thought she had a beautiful laugh.

Alice began doctoring Maxxors wounds first, then she said in a determined voice, "I want some answers from you guys, why are you here and why do you all want me to be your wife?"

All the creatures were silent for a moment as they looked to one another, but it was Mudeenu who spoke first, "We've all had are eye on you for a very long time Alice," he began "it started when you were just a child watching the TV show."

"We began watching over you after you touched us by how much you loved to watch us on Chaotic," Chaor continued, "even after the game was over you still adored it even when other fans eventually forgot about."

Maxxor blushed softly before he said, "But then we all started to develop feelings for you as you got older, and began arguing about who would make you his bride."

"So we all raced to develop a device that could transport us to earth so we could find you, and that's how we got here." Finishing Iflar. Odu-Bathax remand silent, still not able to look Alice in the eye for what he almost did to her.

Alice completed patching up Maxxor and Chaor, she then turned around to look at the creatures with a smile on her face. "I'm touched and it's sweet that you did all that for me," she said causing all the creatures to smile brightly, including Odu-Bathax "and because you all went to that trouble to get here, I'll accept one of your proposals, on one condition." Alice said, lifting up a finger.

"What?" Maxxor asked with excitement in his voice after he and Chaor got back on their feet.

"I want to go on a date with each of you first." Alice said. All the leaders looked confused for a second, they had never heard of the word "date" before.

"What is that?" Odu-Bathax asked

Alice thought about it of a minute to try and put in their terminology. "It's when I spend time with each of you individually so I can get to know you better." She said after she thought about it. "Like courting?" asked Iflar. "Yeah, like that," answered Alice "and after everyone is done courting me, I'll choose which one of you I'll marry, but the choice will be mine and mine alone, understand?"

All the creatures nodded their heads in understanding, excited to spend time with Alice. "You'll each take turns and every week we'll rotate," Alice explained, "starting with Maxxor, Chaor, Iflar, Mudeenu, then ending with Odu-Bathax." All the creatures' nodded again with huge smiles on their faces.

"For now I want you all to go home and get patched up, then in a week you can come back Maxxor." Said Alice. Maxxor smiled and nodded his head once in her direction.

All the creatures then turned to leave but waved goodbye to Alice and she waved back. When they were completely gone leaving her alone, Alice gathered up her stuff and heading home for some much needed rest. "I have a feeling this is going to be one interesting and excited adventure." Alice thought with a smile.

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