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Dating Chronicles

Dating Maxxor 1 of 3

It's now been a full week since Alice first met the five tribe leaders in Central Park, but it still felt like it was all just a dream. "But I know it happened," Alice thought as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, "it all felt so real!"

The Art Studio that she works at was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so Alice had a couple days off, and you could tell that just by looking at her. Her blond hair looked like a rats nest, and she was still in her PJ's; a plain grey T-shirt and monarch butterfly shorts that ended in the middle of her thighs.

Alice continued to stare at herself in the white rectangular mirror with both hands on the white oval shaped sink with a silver faucet imbedded in a white rectangular cabinet attached to the wall, trying to come up with a plan to detangle her hair. "Well Alice, this is what you get for not being able to lay still while you sleep." she said to herself in annoyance. She opened the medicine cabinet behind the mirror and picked up a purple bottle of detangling spray, Alice didn't need to use it very often but she always had some on hand in case her hair became too stubborn.

The Monday morning sun streamed through the bathroom window, making the white glittery bathroom tiles shimmer as Alice sprayed some detangle in her hair, then she started combing it out with her wooden brush.

Alice's bathroom was pretty small, probably the size of a broom closet. The mirror and sink was on the right side of the room, a bath tub with a silver showerhead and shower curtain was on the left; a small window with frosted glass was on the opposite wall right in front of the white painted door and a white square light fixture hung from the ceiling. As her hair started to ease out of its tangled mess, Alice's' mind started wandering to what she said to the five leaders about going on a date with them.

Even though she was excited about spending time with them, Alice was also a little nervous, "I've never gone on a date with anyone before, least of all with a 10 foot tall creature. I'm not sure what to talk to them about, and they are leaders of their tribe after all, which makes things a little more nerve-racking." Alice thought. "And their way of courting is probably different too, I guess we'll just have to see what happens."

Alice put her detangling spray back in her medicine cabinet and laid the brush back on the counter just as she heard a knock on the front door. "Coming!" Alice yelled, she thought it was the mail man. She exited her bathroom, her bare feet made the wooden floor creak as Alice walked to the front door. She opened it up and gave a startled little yelp, because there standing on her front porch was Maxxor!

Maxxor smiled brightly at Alice with his left arm behind his back, "Good morning Alice" he said.

Alice got over her surprise quickly, "Good morning to you too Maxxor, sorry I wasn't expecting to see you this early!" smiling back at him, "Please come in." she said ushering him inside.

Maxxor ducked his head a little bit to get through because he was taller than the door frame. When he got inside Maxxor was surprised to see how big Alice's apartment was, because he heard most in New York were very small.

"Who are the flower's for?" Alice asked bringing Maxxor back to the reality.

Maxxor turned around because he had his back to Alice the whole time he was examining her home, "Their actually for you," Maxxor said bringing the flowers out from behind his back, "it's your courting gift." He then handed the bouquet to Alice who received them gratefully.

"Oh, thank you so much, their lovely!" said Alice smelling the red, yellow, pink, purple, and blue flowers. "But where did you get them?" she asked, "I've never seen them before."

"They're a special kind of wildflower that only grow in the Forest of Life, but I wanted to pick them for you before I came." Maxxor explained.

"That's very sweet of you to do that Maxxor," said Alice "why don't you find a seat in the living room while I go find a vase for these and get dressed."

"Aright." Maxxor said with a nod

While Maxxor went into the living room to sit down, Alice walked into the kitchen to retrieve a flower vase. The kitchen and the living room shared the same space, with the living room on the right side and the kitchen on the left, the white front door with silver detail Alice painted was also on the left side of the room.

The living room only had a few pieces of furniture; a brown leather couch, two wooden chairs with tiffany blue cushions, a stained end table with a large brass lamp on it with a white shade, a wooden rectangle coffee table on top of a round shaggy white carpet, and a white Victorian chair with satin pillows and four wooden legs. They were arranged to resemble somewhat of a square surrounding the coffee table and all have a clear view of the 12 inch flat screen TV on the opposite wall. A white ceiling fan hung above the living room furniture and the walls surrounding the space was painted tiffany blue with one wall behind the couch had little white roses painted on it.

Alice's kitchen completely filled the left side of the room. All of the cabinets were wooden that were stained black and the counters were all done in white granite, giving them a little sparkle. The stove and refrigerator were both next to each other on the north wall on the left side of the hallway entrance. The dishwasher and microwave were on the west wall next to the sink underneath the white bay window.

Alice opened one of her kitchens black wooden cabinets over the steel stove and pulled out a glass trumpet vase with swirly designs on it, Alice then poured some water in it from the white double sink and placed the bouquet inside, then she placed the vase on the island that looked like the rest of her kitchen; a black wooden cabinet with two doors directly in front of the sink with a white counter top looking directly into the living room.

Before she went to her bed room, Alice gave the flowers one more smell, "He's so nice to do that for me." She thought.

Alice then left the kitchen into the short hallway and made a sharp right turn, going in her room. Her bedroom wasn't all that fancy or big; it consisted of a queen size bed with a red bed spread and confider, with red and white pillows; the bed frame was stained to look like mahogany wood. A little two drawer bed table with a white lamp on it was on the beds right side, it too was stained. A stained wooden chest sat at the end of the bed to keep extra blankets and pillows in case Alice ever had guests, and a three drawer dresser was next to the wall in front of the chest to hold Alice's socks, panties, and bras. On top of the dresser was a white jewelry box on four legs with gold detail and a silver necklace hanger to store Alice's jewelry; along with a small silver stand up mirror. A full body mirror hung behind the bedroom door, her closet with sliding white doors was three steps away from the right side of her bed with a rectangle shaped shaggy red carpet in front of it, and a window with white blinds was on the opposite wall. The bedroom walls were also painted red with little white flowers that Alice painted herself, the celling was left white and the floor was done with wooden boards like the rest of the house. A simple white crystal chandelier also hung from the ceiling.

Alice went to her closet and opened the sliding doors; her closet had two 12 foot polls that went horizontal to hang her clothes, the top pole hung her nicer outfits to wear to the studio and the bottom pole hung her normal every day shirts and skirts for when she goes out. A shelf above the first pole held two dark brown woven hampers, the left had Alice's jeans and the one on the right had her shorts and capris. There was enough room below the second pole to house a white shoe rack, to keep Alice's shoes organized.

Alice pulled out her jean hamper and grabbed the first pair on top, light blue jeans with bling on the back pockets and put the hamper back on the shelf. Then she took a top from her second row of clothes, a dark green short sleeve top with a tiny bow on the collar. Alice threw the two pieces of clothes on her bed before walking over to her dresser, pulling open the top drawer and grabbed a pair of black and white socks that looked similar to ballet slippers to keep her feet warm. She then threw the socks on the bed next to her other clothes and opened her jewelry box and picked out little diamond studs to put in her ears.

After she got dressed, Alice left her PJ's on the bed to change into again later. She then walked across the hall into the bath room to fix up her hair. Alice went to the sink, pick up the bush to run it through her hair one more time and place it back on the counter. She then got under her sink and opened the cabinet doors; Alice kept her tote of hair accessories, a pink bag of make-up, five bottles of perfume, extra lotion, shampoo, & conditioner, flat iron, curling iron, and hair curlers under there. She pulled out her clear plastic tote, placed it on the counter next to the sink and opened it up; Alice had a large amounts of hair accessories in many different colors, but she chose a mini brown hair clip to keep the top part of her hair out of her face. She then closed the tote and put it back under the sink; after one last look in the mirror, Alice walked back into the living room.

Instead of sitting Maxxor was standing in front of the white cathedral shaped bay window that looked out to the street next to the front door, he looked deep in thought about something. "It's different from what your used to isn't?" Alice asked.

Maxxor looked at her with wondrous eyes, "Yes it is," he said, "I've heard stories about it but seeing it first hand is a whole new experience."

"I'll have to show you the rest of the city," Alice said with a slight giggle, "it's a lot bigger then you think." Maxxor loved to hear Alice's laugh, she never did it much when she was a child.

He then noticed what she was wearing, "You look very nice today." Maxxor said politely.

Alice smiled and blushed saying, "Thank you." she then turned and walked towards the kitchen, "Can I make you anything to drink, maybe tea or hot chocolate?" she asked.

"Hot Chocolate?" Maxxor asked confused with a raised brow.

"Oh it's really good, I'll make us some so you can try it." Alice said, filling up a white pot of water and putting it on the stove. After turning the stove on, she opened a cabinet and pulled out a plain white mug and Alice's favorite light pink mug with white roses painted on it. She then opened up a black jar of coco mix on the counter and dumped a scoop into each mug. Alice then left the two mugs by the stove to wait for the water to boil and then walked back to the living room to join Maxxor who was still looking out the window.

"Is everything ok Maxxor?" Alice asked concerned going to sit on her couch, "You seem worried about something."

Maxxor looked at her surprised, "Oh no, everything's fine Alice really," he said with a smile coming to sit next to her on the couch, "I was just wondering why your house was so big, I heard most apartments here were smaller."

"Well you're right about that, but all the apartments I found in New York were too high on the rent so I started looking for a home I could actually buy not far from the city because I was still going to collage at the time." Alice said, "After a lot of searching I was able to find this place for sale cheap, it needed a little fixing up because it's an old building but it was worth it and it was big enough for me to have my own studio."

"Studio?" Maxxor asked.

Just then the pot of water started whistling, Alice jumped off the couch and ran to the kitchen to get it. She took it off the stove and turned it off, Alice then poured some of the water into both the coffee mugs and then put the pot back on the stove. She then got a spoon out of one of the kitchen drawers and then stirred the coco in both mugs until they were completely mixed. Alice then put the spoon in the dishwasher, walked over to the steel refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk. She then poured some milk into both mugs and put the carton back into the refrigerator. Alice then opened one of her cabinets and grabbed a bag of marshmallows plopping five into each mug. After putting the marshmallows away, Alice grabbed one mug in both hands, walked back into the living room and sat back on the couch, handing the white mug to Maxxor.

"Yes," Alice said continuing with what she and Maxxor were discussing before, "this building actually has two floors; down stairs is just where I live while upstairs is where my art studio is, I do all my art projects up there, my cats like to join me too."

"I'd love to look up there when were done drinking our "hot chocolate", Maxxor said trying the word out, "But what are these little white things floating in it?" he said with a puzzling look on his face.

Alice giggled from his funny look, "Their called "marshmallows", she said, "people like to put them in hot chocolate to make it fun."

Maxxor looked at the drink for a minute before he blew on it and took a little swig, he then smiled brightly and said, "Wow this is good, I've never tasted anything like it!"

"I knew you would!" Alice said with a huge smile on her face also.

After Maxxor and Alice finished their drinks, Alice placed both mugs in the dishwasher and started leading Maxxor to her Art Studio. She entered the hall and turned sharply to the left next to the door leading to the bathroom, going up a flight of wooden stairs to the second floor; after about twenty stairs, they both came to Alice's Art Studio.

The Studio was about as big as the downstairs combined; with three old white windows on the north wall looking out to the street, all had flaking paint giving them character, the floor was solid dark hard wood. All of the surrounding walls were painted a bubble gum pink; the south wall had a mural of a white fluffy cat with large blue eyes laying down looking at you with its tail rapped around it in a peaceful expression. The east and west walls both had a row of brown wooden cabinets, holding a variety of art and paint supplies. On the east wall next to the cat mural, was a light blue wooden writing table and a stool with a charging laptop, large amounts of paper and a white tin box holding pens and pencils on top of it. Next to the second window on the north wall, was a painting easel and a canvas with an unfinished painting of a palomino horse on its hind legs. On the west wall near the middle was another wooden red table and chair, where Alice did her scrapbooking; on top was an opened black and white scrapbook with four clear plastic desk organizers with three drawers, two on the far end and one on each side; each containing multicolor paper, stickers, glue, glitter, photos, scissors, stamps and paper cut outs. In the center of the room was a large square white antique table with four legs where Alice made her jewelry, sitting on top was a collection of 50 little clear circular plastic containers with a white lid, some were stacked on top of each other and a few were opened; each contained a variety of gems and crystals, each ranging in color, size, and shape. There was also four spools of wire, a pair of pliers, a mini box of magnetic claps and a plastic bag of gemstone pendants. On the south end of the table was a small round wooden end table with a red glass vase with a bouquet of pink tulips. The stairway leading into the Studio was surrounded by a white railing, in the corner where the south and west wall meet. Next to the railing was a wooden coat rack hanging three XL jean shirts Alice uses for when she does her art projects, all three were covered in paint.

Maxxor looked around the room with a wondrous look on his face, not believing a place like this was right over his head! "This place is amazing!" he said.

Alice laughed again still standing next to the stair railing, "You act like you've never seen an Art Studio before." She said smiling.

"Well actually I haven't," Maxxor said scratching the back of his head in embarrassment, "my father made me focused more on fighting and not on learning. That's why I've never gone to school like other children, but stayed home and was taught about things a future king would need to know."

Alice had a shocked look on her face and came over to put a hand on his right arm, "Don't feel ashamed Maxxor," she said in a kind voice, "it was like that for me too when I was living in the orphanage; only the more intelligent kids could go to school, and I wasn't one of them. However it gave me the opportunity to strengthen my artistic skills, so in a strange way it was a blessing in disguise."

Maxxor looked at her with a surprised look on his face, "I think I understand," he said after a few minutes, "my father did that because he wanted me to focus on becoming a good leader, even though he knew it was not something I wanted to do, but it was for my benefit." He then used his other hand to grasp Alice's which was still on his arm, "Thank you Alice," Maxxor said with a smile, "you're words helped me relies something that has plagued me all my life, and all this time I thought it was me, but it wasn't."

Alice was surprised for a second but then blushed and smiled again, "Anytime." She said. Maxxor then blushed scarlet because he realized his hand was still holding hers and let go after a few minutes.

"Well, um," Maxxor said a little flustered, "so where are your cats?"

"Oh, their sleeping under the white table." Alice said, pointing to the one in the middle of the room.

Maxxor ducked his head and indeed saw three dark green cushioned cat beds with a cat in each one of them, all starting to arose from Alice and Maxxor's talking.

A black short haired cat with yellow eyes came out first and started rubbing against Alice's leg, "That's Midnight," she said picking her up and cuddling her, "she likes to be held." To confirm that, Midnight closed her eyes and started purring with a happy look on her face.

A big short haired orange tabby with green eyes was the next one to come out and he too started rubbing against Alice's leg, "He's Tiger," she said, "the only male and likes to think his the king of the house, right Tiger?" Tiger looked up at her and answered with a meow.

The last cat to come out was a long haired white cat with blue eyes, she walked to Alice's left side, sat down and rubbed her head against Alice's pants, purring. "And that's Snow, she was my first cat."

Maxxor looked at Snow and then the mural, "Is Snow who's painted on the wall?" he asked

"Yes," Alice said nodding her head, "I just started renovating the top floor when I adopted her, and then one day I decided to paint her mural on that wall. She was the subject of most of my artwork because Snow always sat so still for me. Then I adopted Tiger, then Midnight to keep her company, and they too became paint subjects. It took me awhile to get them to sit still long enough for me to paint them, but they were very cooperative"

Maxxor nodded in amazement and then kneeled down to pet Snows head when she came over, "She's very friendly." He said.

"Snow's always is with guests," Alice said, "let's go back down stairs their probably hungry."

Maxxor followed Alice; still holding Midnight in her arms, with Tiger and Snow following close behind back downstairs.

Alice went to the kitchen while Maxxor went back to the living room. She grabbed a bag of cat food from under the sink and poured some in medal food bowls for each cat. After she sat them and Midnight on the kitchen floor, Alice join Maxxor again on the couch

Alice and Maxxor continued talking until it was close to 11 pm; when it was time to go to bed Alice tried to convince Maxxor to sleep on the couch but insisted he was perfectly content sleeping on the floor. So she gave Maxxor three blankets and two pillows Alice had in her bedroom trunk so he would be comfortable.

The next day Alice and Maxxor spent the entire day talking to pass the time and learn more about each other. Alice decided they would go out and eat on Thursday evening, after she go off of work, and Maxxor agreed.

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