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Vampire Servant (J.JK)


Vampires? There is no way they exist. No matter how much evidence the media displays, or the cases that are going on...it being the doing of vampires is just hard to believe. That was until one faithful night. Where I begged a vampire to safe me and unknowingly made a contract with him. Now....I'm his servant.

Fantasy / Romance
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Ch 1: A Fairytale coming to life


″Y/N!″ I turned over my shoulder seeing my coworker jog up to me from behind.

″Ah Namgi, heading home as well?″ I questioned seeing him nod. He took his place beside me as we walked our way out of the building.

″The others left already, so lucky. Why are we always the one getting loaded with extra work″ He nagged from beside me causing me to chuckle.

″Ah well let’s see it positively, perhaps we are just that reliable, and who knows...we might even get higher up″ I encouraged causing him to smile.

″Yeah you’re right, plus I could use the extra money″ He spoke. The city was filled with lights as night came. A dark blanket of stars floated above us, accompanied by a warm gust of wind.

I really enjoy being outside at night.

″Another victim has been found near Gangnam. According to the police, it’s a female in her 20′s, there were signs of rape and several bite marks on her body.″ Both Namgi and I focused on the screen attached to one of the buildings displaying the latest news.

″Man another vampire case. It gives me the shivers″ He spoke from beside me. I shrugged my shoulders as I continued walking.

″You seriously believe they exist?″ I asked.

No matter how I think about it, vampires actually existing? It doesn’t make sense.

″I do actually. There have been so many cases recently of people with bite marks of fangs, a lot of blood loss. Some even spotted vampires. There is so many evidence to make it hard to deny that they don’t exist″ he explained. I had to agree on that, but still.

Vampires? Are you for real, to me it just sounds like creatures from a fantasy story.

″Well I’m heading this way okay, see you tomorrow!″

″Till tomorrow” I waved him off before taking a left turn myself heading towards my apartment.

But why.......does it feel like I’m being followed....


1 week has passed and several more bodies started to appear. All female and all in their 20′s with the similar death causes. The police released this as the work of a serial killer, but other than that they had no idea who the culprit is.

″Omg are you okay?!″ My head whipped to the side feeling my hand being pulled.

″It’s okay Byeol just a cut″ I stated while lightly pulling my hand back. She plopped down back in her seat next to me with a concerned face.

″You should be carful″ she pouted before focussing back on her work.

″Yes ma’am″ I joked earning a small chuckle.

Byeol and I started working here around the same time, exactly 2 years ago. As both of us were new recruits we started hanging out naturally and eventually established a close relationship.


″I’m heading home, see you guys tomorrow″ I waved my colleagues of before heading out of the office.

Walking my way home there was yet another report about a female gone missing.

Is this really done by a vampire?

″Ahh I can’t wait to take a hot sho-″

″Ma’am″ I stopped in my tracks hearing someone call out to me from behind...

There was no one around just a second ago...

Looking over my shoulder I locked eyes with a male. Light brown hair covered his eyes partly, he was very tall and broad, dressed in a oak brown trench coat, with neat pants and a turtle neck. He doesn’t look like a suspicious person but....

I could swear that there was no one here a second ago and I didn’t even hear his footsteps...

″I think you dropped this″ He smiled while flaunting a lilac wallet in his hand.

Looking at the wallet in his hand I could immediately tell

″That isn’t mine″ I spoke seeing his facial expression turn surprised.

″Oh really?″ He scanned around us for a moment, no one in sight except the two of us.

″Perhaps that person left already″ He muttered to himself looking at the wallet in concern.

″Well then have a nice even-″

″Wait up! I’m heading this way as well″ Without even letting me finish he ran his way up to me taking his spot beside me as we started walking.

″It’s not really safe to walk outside at night these days. You should be careful″ I nodded my head at what he said.

He is just being nice but why do I feel so uneasy around him?

″Is your finger okay?″ the sudden question got me off guard. For a moment I had no idea what he was talking about until I noticed him staring at my finger.

″Oh it was just a small cut. I’m fine″ I smiled trying to come of friendly.

Even though I feel uneasy I shouldn’t be rude towards him. We are alone right now who knows what he might do....

″Can I lick it?″ My eyes widend as I stopped in my tracks.

″W-What?″ I just hope my ears are deceiving me.

″Your blood it smells really good″ The male his voice came out deeper than before and it started to scare me. Looking up it was the first time we locked eyes properly once again only this time....His eyes were red.


″Y-You’re Y-You....″ I stumbled back as my hands started to shake.

I need to run, I need to scream for help or....or call someone.

″Don’t be scared. I don’t wanna hurt you″ His hands reached out towards me but I backed away in an instant.

I can’t believe vampires are real! Am I going to die now? Is....Is he the serial vampire killer who killed all those women?!!

‴S-Stay away!″ I shouted out as a defense but the truth is I have nothing to protect myself with.

″Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you.....hear me out will yo-″

″Like I should believe that! You’re just gonna suck me dry!″ I shouted out as adrenaline pumped through my body.

″Stop shouting!″ His hand took a grip on my wrist and tears started to build.

He is so strong....It hurts.

″Let go!″ Squirming wasn’t helping me at all, but there is no way I’m letting him just have his way with me. I’m not going down without a fight.

Feeling his grip grow tighter I yelped out from the pain before dashing towards him. I leaned towards his hand that was holding onto me. Without a second thought I sank my teeth in his flesh biting as hard as I can.

″You bitch!″ I felt a hard push against my body causing me to fall down colliding with the floor. Looking up in horror I noticed now...Not only the deep red color of his eyes, but the white fangs standing out as well. In a hurry I lifted myself of the floor leaving my bag as it is.

I need to run

I turned around in an instant running as fast as I could. It’s late and dark no one is usually here around this time, but perhaps I’m lucky enough to bump against someone to help me out.

″I’m not letting you get away″ His deep voice almost sounded like a growl sending shivers to my body. I felt my legs already giving up on me.

It was in that moment that I felt my body collide against someone else’s. Looking up at the tall figure in front of me my eyes widened.

Someone to save me!

″Easy there miss you might fall″ His hands held onto my shoulders keeping me steady.

My savior!

″Please! Please save me! That person....He is gonna kill me″ I couldn’t help but desperately cling onto him for life.

He looked over my shoulder to see who I was talking about, scanning his facial expressions he didn’t seem scared at all.

″Oh he? I guess he was just trying to make you his servant″

His servant? What is this guy talking about...

″I don’t blame him. You’re a strong vessel after all and the scent of your blood is hard to resist″

Don’t tell me.....this guy is one of them....

″Hands off! She is mine....″ I could hear the death threat in his voice. I can’t bring myself to face him. Instead....I buried my face against the chest of the unknown guy I ran into.

″Please....I don’t...I don’t wanna die″ I muttered softly as my hands clutched onto his clothes.

″Well technically she isn’t yours, you didn’t made a contract″ the male spoke.

Does this mean....he is going to help me.

″Don’t think you’re safe sweet heart. He is only after your blood as well″

What is he talking about?

″That’s right. I was just having a nice stroll at night but got alarmed by the scent of her blood.″

What are they talking about.....? Are both of them really vampires....

″So miss....who do you prefer to go along with?″ Looking up at the dark haired male in front of me I felt speechless. His eyes....are red.

He is one of them!

Who do I prefer to go along with? So you’re saying I have to choose who is gonna kill me?!

″Please I’m begging you....let me go. I won’t tell anyone!″ What else can I do than beg for my life.

″You’re a rare vessel there is no way I’m going to let you go″ He replied me with a smile.

Vessel? What is he saying? I.....don’t understand a thing.

″Enough talk! Hand her over!″ Hearing the man from before speak again I felt my legs go weak as I clutched onto the guy in front of me again.

″You’re going to wrinkle my clothes you know″ He whispered down to me.

″Please.....don’t let him take me...″ Tears started to stream down my face as the feeling of fear started to overwhelm me. A pair of slender fingers brushed against the side of my cheek making me look up.

″Then close your eyes...″

I know he is a vampire......I should be scared but.....I can’t seem to look away from his red orbs. I noticed his fangs appearing out of nowhere, as if he was hiding them un till now. He brought his wrist to his mouth sinking his fangs into his own skin. Horror washed over me seeing his wrist color red.

W-What is he doing?!

″I said.....close your eyes″ his voice sounded so calm....and without realizing I started to obey what he said. I closed my eyes only to feel his lips press up against mine.

W-What is he doing?!

My hands reached for his shoulders trying to push him off but his broad figure wouldn’t budge. I felt my legs starting to sink in as his tongue entered my mouth. The taste of a thick, bitter liquid entered my mouth gliding down my throat.

Is this his blood?!

Seconds after he pulled away as I sank completely to the floor. My legs turned into jelly and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. On top of that....a burning sensation started to appear on the side of my stomach.

S-Something...Is burning my skin....

I rolled myself into a ball clutching onto my stomach while crying out from the pain.

I’m going to die...


I brushed the back of my hand against my mouth getting rid of the blood.

″Well as you can see she is mine now″ I stated looking at the vampire in front of me. He was in absolute shock. Well I don’t blame him.

Honestly I wasn’t even planning on getting a servant, but bumping into her and getting a whimps of her scent....Which vampire wouldn’t want to make her your servant?

″She...She was mine! You took her!″

″She chose me″ I corrected seeing his face turn into disbelief.

″I found such a rare vessel and you took her....″ I know you hate me dude....I don’t blame you, but what can I say. Life is hard.

″You know the rules, so leave now will you″ I have no time for this right now. With that said....he disappeared along with the wind.

″Well then I hope I didn’t scare her off too mu-″

And she passed out....

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