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Vampire Servant (J.JK)

Ch 2: Becoming a servant


A groan escaped my mouth as I sat straight on my bed.

What happened? Why am I....at home? So it was just a dream then? But why....does my whole body hurt so bad.

″Oh, you’re up already. I made some coffee do you want some as we-″

″YOUUUUU!!″ My eyes widened and I felt my breath stop seeing the familiar black-haired male enter my bedroom. In his hands 2 hot cups of coffee.

It wasn’t a dream?!

″Yeah me. You passed out after making the contract so I brought you home″ He spoke nonchalantly before placing the cups down on my nightstand.

His eyes.....they are brown and I don’t see his fangs either.

″What contract? H-How do you even know where I live?!″ I yelled out pulling my blanket till my neck.

″I have my ways″ He muttered before casually sitting down on the edge of my bed.

″T-Thank you for saving me....I promise I won’t tell anyone about tonight so...please leave me alone″ I muttered softly causing him to chuckle.

″Yeah I can’t do that. You’re mine now you know we made a contract″ He spoke causing me to scoff in disbelief.

″I don’t remember signing a contract″ I huffed. In an instant the blanket that I was holding onto so tightly got ripped away from me.

He closed the distant between us taking a hold on my shirt lifting it up, revealing my stomach.

″There. It’s proof of our contract″ He spoke. My eyes widened looking down. There was this huge mark. It looked like some kind of magical symbol you would see in movies. A circle and within in it various shapes combined.

He let go allowing me to pull my shirt back down again in a hurry.

″Don’t worry only vampires can see it″ he informed but I just fell speechless. Silence took over the room and I found him staring at me.

″Say.....this is just a dream right?″ I questioned.

Why do I feel like a zombie?

″This is just a very realistic dream right? I’m probably gonna wake up in a second an-″

″It’s not. Vampires are real....we are real″ He interrupted making me fall silent once again.

″A-Are you gonna kill me?″ I asked hesitantly causing him to furrow his brows.

″No are you stupid you’re my servant!″

″Isn’t that what you guys do?! Take humans and suck them dry!″ I found myself shouting back at him but immediately regretted it.

What if I anger him? He really is gonna kill me....

″Not all vampires are like that you know″ he spoke before reaching out to my nightstand.

″Here you must have been in a huge shock. Drink up.″ I looked down at the warm cup of coffee getting placed in my hands.

He is a vampire.....but why am I not scared around him? Is it because of that symbol?

″So what exactly do you mean with, vessel, contract and servant?″ I muttered before taking a sip of the coffee.

Am I allowed to ask this?

″You...how much do you know about our kind?″ He asked making me tilt my head.

″Uhmm you drink blood, can’t walk in daylight, can’t stand garlic o-″

A huge sigh coming from him interrupted me and I could tell he was judging me.

″You really know nothing. Listen up. We vampires live for centuries among humans. In order to survive we do need to drink blood from time to time but we don’t kill. Not the good ones at least. There are people who know about vampires and offer their blood. We take blood from them and drink that, of course we pay them for it. There are also some hospitals that are run by vampires. They give out blood as well in order to survive. We might be stronger, faster and our senses are far better than humans but other than that we are the same. We are just trying to live a normal life like any other human.″ I leaned against my headboard listening carefully to what he said.

″Vessels is a term used among vampires...it basically means humans. There are different kind of vessels. You have strong ones, normal ones, or weak ones. The weak and normal ones are vessels that you have a lot of, but strong ones.....are rare to find. If you do find one there is a 99% chance that it’s already owned by a vampire meaning you can’t drink blood from them.″

Okay so now I’m getting a bit confused...

″Vampires and humans can make contracts together. It started 200 years ago. Humans that got attacked by vampires started seeking protection from other vampires. They did so by establishing the contract. If you make a contract with a vampire you get their family mark as symbol on your body. Just like the one you have. There is a rule among vampires that you can’t touch or take what isn’t yours. Meaning the only vampire who is allowed to drink from the human is the one who he has a contract with. Back in those years there were many vampires who made contracts with humans in exchange for blood, but now a days they are only interested in strong vessels.″

″So you’re like my protector or something? Then why did you guys keep calling me a servant?″ I questioned placing my empty cup down.″

″There are some pros and cons about having a contract with a human. I for example was never interested in a contract. I have enough humans out there who are willing to let me drink from them. Having a contract means I can’t drink from anyone else except you. I can but it will taste like poison to me, but the good side is....you’re a really rare and strong vessel. I have lived many years in this city and never encountered one. I’m even thinking that perhaps you’re the only one in this city with such rare blood. Your blood is really sweet and strong. If I drink from you I’ll be stronger than before. I will heal faster and my energy level will increase.″

My blood is like that.....?!

″As I am you’re master I’m allowed to drink from you whenever I need or please. It’s the humans job to obey me and do what I want in return for protection. Therefore you are my servant″ He explained making my mouth fall open.

″Well I don’t need your protection!″ I huffed.

Is he crazy, I’m not gonna play his stupid servant. I don’t even need protection my whole life has been peaceful as can be.

″That’s what you think. Today it was only that one vampire but as news is gonna spread. Many more will know what kind of vessel you are and they will do everything to get their hands on you″ Does he have to say it so creepy?

″But because I have that symbol they won’t do anything right?″ I questioned nervously. Why am I fearing for my life right now?

″You wish. Like you know there are good and bad vampires. Just like there are good and bad humans. Some vampires could care less that you have a contract with me. They will take you if they want...″ Hearing him say that I could feel my hands already starting to shake.

″So you better obey me if you want my protection miss″ He grinned.

Why does it seem like he is just having fun?

″One more question...″ I muttered softly seeing him tilt his head.

″H-How exactly did we make that contract?″ No matter how I think about it. I don’t remember signing or agreeing to anything like that.

″Oh simple by drinking my blood″ I immediately covered my mouth hearing what he said.

It was that kiss?! When he made me drink his blood!

″B-But I didn’t agree on the contract!″

″That doesn’t matter. They can be forced, as long as the human drinks the blood and the vampire allows it with the thought of making a contract. You know there are actually many strong vessels that get forced into a contract. They are never seen again, probably living with the vampire, not allowed to leave the house and only serving as a blood bag for them. Cause the blood of your kind...makes us strong.″

″That’s just.....cruel″ Hearing such a thing...It horrifies me.

″W-What are you going to do with me?″ Is he going to trap me just like that?

″Right now? Well I’m pretty tired so Imma just go plop on the couch and watch some tv before falling asleep. You must be tired too and you have work tomorrow so-″

″Wait? You’re going to crash here?!″ I asked in disbelief seeing him nod.

″Yeah how else am I supposed to protect you if we don’t live together. I can’t teleport you know″ He stood up from his spot taking a hold on the two empty cups that were standing on my night stand.

″Well goodnight oh and″ He turned around stopping in his tracks for a moment.

″It’s Jungkook″ he winked referring to his name. I felt my face flush for a moment but immediately snapped out of it.

″It’s Y/N″ I muttered softly but knowing he has good hearing senses I’m sure it was no problem for him.

″Goodnight Y/N″ he smiled before disappearing behind the door.

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