Creepypasta Series: The Adventure Awaits!


After months have passed Zariah has gotten an unbreakable bond with the creepypastas. She has changed a lot and learned how to defend herself from people who would want to hurt her with the betrayer on the loose she has to be careful around her new friends. When Zariah finds out that Slenderman has been hiding her true identity she feels scared and uncertain about her destiny. When Ben suddenly goes missing Zariah, Masky & Sonic.exe all go into an adventure to find him. Two creepypasta boys, who have a crush on the same girl and a human girl with them? Oh boy, get your popcorn and seats ready for some arguments and romance parts between these three characters!

Adventure / Mystery
Leslie H.
4.9 7 reviews
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Over the past months, Zariah has gotten used to being around her friends also known as the creepypastas.

Her two best friends are Masky and Sonic.Exe

Zariah had changed a lot she was braver and not scared anymore by them.

They also got new creepypastas joining the group.

But what nobody thought was that she was more special than any of them could ever be.

Slenderman is hiding something from his pastas he doesn’t want to hurt them by saying the truth.

The question is what is he hiding?

On a normal day with the proxy’s Ben disappears suddenly.

Nobody knows what happened to him except for Grinny Cat.

They decide to send a group to rescue Ben from the problem he got himself into.

Zariah, Masky, Sonic.Exe, and a few others are sent to work together against the mysterious he and get their friend back.

But along the way, Zariah finds herself unsure of what she is feeling for both creepypasta boys.

Sonic.Exe is kind to only her and can be really cocky most of the time and she likes that from him.

Masky on the other hand is a little cold but he relaxes and finds ways to make her laugh.

For both boys, this experience will have to separate their differences and unite them together.

Tension will fill the air around them.

Nobody knows how everything will end in the last book, a traitor was announced.

Jane doesn’t know how to get out of the mysterious he’s clutches no matter how hard she’s trying nothing will work.

She has little time before she gets exposed by Halloween.

How can she be able to tell her friends who she really is if they would never forgive her for the acts committed?

Thats breaking the creepypasta promise!

“I vow now to never betray any of my brothers and sister for as long as I live until I die the bond between us will never be broken” (Creepypasta Vow)

When someone breaks a vow that’s unforgivable.

During this journey, you will see bits of romance and a lot of fights even a few funny moments.

Get ready for new characters doing their own point of view.

Including the leader Slenderman!

Don’t forget to follow Leslie H. for updates on the chapters.

A lot of you are probably wondering what is going on?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you have to read the first book silly! Don’t try to read the second book if you don’t recognize the main characters!

As mentioned in the last time Ben did his point of view he will be talking about how he got kidnapped.

Funny how he got kidnapped even though that was being expected since he’s small for a creepypasta.

A few questions you might have.

What does the mysterious he think that he will achieve by stealing Zariah away from her friends?

How did he meet Zariah?

Is he also into her?

Why did Ben get taken away and who did it?

Did Jane escape his clutches? Or is she still stuck being the traitor of the book?

Who are the new characters?

Will Sonic.Exe or Masky confess to Zariah their feelings?

All of your answers or doubts will be answered in this book!

But first, leave some comments! The author (me) needs her follower’s feedback to know just what to write!

(Copyright © 2020 by Leslie H.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.)

You are also allowed to leave some comments on the first book a review will be definitely appreciated! 😊

Now sit back and relax tomorrow will be the first chapter of “Creepypasta Series: The Adventure Awaits!”

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