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Hunting (On Hold)


What happens when the Winchester brothers save you from the paranormal, spooky and all things that go bump in the night? Just that happened to Winnie and she wants to learn to be a hunter. Will they help her become one or will she fend for herself? Will she become a Hunter in her own standing?

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1. Saved


Snow descends upon the ground outside as there’s pitter patter of tiny feet behind me. What the hell has gotten into my sister’s and mother I have no idea. I run up the stairs, breathing heavily as I try to get enough oxygen so I can keep going. They keep coming after me like wild animals. I love my family but no matter what I do, it doesn’t affect them.

I’ve thrown books at them, a stapler and even a chair but nothing stopped them. It only spurred them on. I even threw some knives at them sadly, even though it makes me sick inside to have thrown them at my family. I never want to hurt them like that, to want to kill them so bad because they are my family. I love them I don’t want to hurt them, and yet they want to hurt me.

The knives did nothing, it cut them but it seemed to just spur them on even more then before and make them wilder. What kind of things could they be for a sharp instrument to not hurt them? I pant as my hand trails the wall, trying to keep my self steady as I get to my room. I quickly open and shut the door behind me, locking it and putting the chair against the handle. I take the moment to try and catch my breathe. How am I going to survive whatever they are? How can I stop them? There’s knocking on my door. Damn it.

“We know your in their dear sister. Open the door we only want to play.” The sinister sweet voice of my sister says on the other side of the door as I hear some nails sliding down the door as if a wolf’s claws are digging into it.

“Let us in.” My other sister screeches as she bangs on the door. I’m screwed and dead now. There’s murmuring outside. I look around and I have nothing that can help at all and I can’t jump out the window without getting injured. There’s no where to hide now. My heart races behind my ears, threatening to explode.

“Maybe she isn’t in there.” The first one says to the younger one. Please just leave.

“No darling she’s in there I can smell her.” My mother says. How can she smell me? What the hell have they become. I swallow scared as the banging and scratching continues.

The door starts to splinter as there’s a screech of tires outside. I close my eyes as I cower in the corner of my room, trying to become invisible. I know a whimper escapes my lips and a howl erupts from the other side of the door. The banging and clawing get louder and rougher. I hear a bang downstairs as if the door or something gets whipped open from a terrible storm. I hear heavy foot falls against the stairs as there’s howls from outside my door that’s now splintering open.

The murmurs become frantic outside my door as the banging and scratching stills, their attention now on something else. What is happening out there. Why does it matter I should try to get out, but where, my only feasible way out is blocked?

Squabbling started as my younger sisters both wanted to take the kill. I knew they wanted to kill but now it’s directed at someone else now. Crap I can’t let anyone get hurt because they want me. I grab my small pocket knife from the table. I don’t know why I’m going to go out there knowing I won’t make it out alive. I hope I can just distract them long enough for whoever it is to leave.

I have to do this quickly or I will lose my nerve. I flick the knife out from the handle, with the dragon etched onto it. Damn it. I move the chair and I know they can hear it. I open my door and they look at me with wicked grins. The one had turned partially into a wolf. Fuck what did I get myself into. A claw swiped at me and I reacted out of shock. The blade nicked her arm, causing a slight sizzle on her skin as she howls in pain. How did my little knife manage to burn her yet the knife earlier didn’t? My sister’s eyes turn black, as my mothers extra set of teeth descend over her other teeth. What in the actual fuck did I get myself into?

A firm hand grabbed my arm yanking me away from them, quicky pulling me behind him. I now notice the two men standing in the hall with a machete and gun in their hands. What the fuck. I now face their backs, a blue and green jacket. They both are wearing jeans; one is taller then the other. The taller one has longer hair. The one that pulled me away quickly looks forwards, his expression one I couldn’t place. Was he annoyed I got in the way or glad I didn’t get hurt?

“Give me back my daughter. We need her for the sacrifice.” My mother growls to the men.

“She isn’t going anywhere near you, filthy vamp.” The tall one says, his voice smooth and unwavering.

“You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. Her blood is special, just like yours Sam. But hers is needed to make us immune to our weaknesses. Well at least to an extent. Give her to me at once.” She demands, sounding more sinister every second, unhappy that they’ve gotten in the way. They all growl impatiently. What happened to my sweet, caring mother and slightly less annoying sisters? My heart rapidly beats, exposing how scared I am.

“Not happening. No human’s blood can do that.” The tall one says again, as the other keeps his gun aimed at them. Why are they talking. They kept stalking and trying to get me, why aren’t they making a move on these two men?

“Oh, but it is, just because neither of you heard of that spell or ritual doesn’t mean it isn’t out there.” My mother says taking a step closer. They both stiffen and the one that’s shorter takes a shot at my half wolf sister. She howls as she dies. A shot right to her heart, easily done without flinching, a slight flicker of smoke flutters up from her body. Who are these guys and how can he have such a great shot so easily?

My mother growls, knowing there’s nothing to be done now.

“No loss sadly. Both their blood is useless to the cause.” She murmurs as the fire in her eyes doesn’t die. The short one gives a nod and they both go in. My mothers head gets chopped off and they handcuff my little sister. The handcuffs have weird symbols on them.

“Who are you guys?” I ask scared and sad.

“No time for that, more are probably on there way.” The tall one says a little gruff. They tape her mouth shut and the one in blue takes my arm as the other picks up my sister.

“Where are we going?” I ask glad to be getting out of here, with the dead bodies of my family. Why I’m just following I’m not completely sure.

“Out of here, they would have given a signal to other monsters like them already. We need to get you out of here and someplace safe. If you want us to attempt to save her, we need to get to safety. So, you’re coming with us for now.” The one in blue says as he looks around cautiously, keeping an eye out for anything that will try to cause trouble.

The tall one puts my sister in the trunk as I get put into the back seat before they get in the front. The one in blue driving. He starts the car and easily gets us out of there. My mother, sister and father all dead. Though sadly they killed my father, he was a nice man, and caring.

“Can my sister really be saved?” I ask curiously, trying to not think of the horror of what happened.

“We’ll try if the demon in her hasn’t damaged or killed her already she should be fine.” The tall one says. I nod, not expecting him to notice it.

“Who are you guys anyway and how did you know what to do?” I ask as we go to what they call safety.

“I’m Dean Winchester and this is Sam. We hunt monsters. It’s what we’ve always done.” Dean says as he quickly looks back to me. Why does that name sound familiar? I nod and it goes quiet. The music playing on the radio.

“Wasn’t there a series of books about brothers who grew up in the life that fight many different monsters. Saving people, hunting things, the family business?” I ask curious if my memory is correct about that.

“Yes, that’s us. Sadly, those books haven’t been completely run out yet.” Sam says a little indignant that I’ve heard of the books.

“They weren’t bad books or anything. Just a little hard to believe that its real.” I say trying to recall the books I’ve read.

“Yeah, tell us about it.” Sam says a little sassy.

“Try to relax it will be a while until we get to where we need to be.” Dean says as his green eyes meet mine in the rear-view mirror. I feel a heat flair in my cheeks as I nod slightly. Why am I blushing at a time like this? Nothing is what it used to be. Nothing is the same.

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