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Cassidy Lance


Cassidy is the youngest Lance. She never knew her father or sisters. She was born a few months after her parents got a divorce. Growing up in Central City, Cassie's mom was extremely strict with her. Always telling her to stay in her room when specific friends show up. Cassidy interns at CCPD with detective Joe West (Uncle Joe) and Barry Allen. One night while her mother is away and one of her specific friends is house-sitting, they meet, get to know each other. It leads Cassie to find her father and sisters.

Adventure / Other
Rylie Upton
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1. Cassie POV

"Cassidy Lance!" Mom bellowed angrily.

"Yeah" I replied sweetly upon entering the room she was in.

"Go to your room and close the door" she ordered.

"Why?" I shot back.

"JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM. CASSIDY LANCE! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR GAMES" mom screeched. Shoving past me, she opened the door to reveal a young woman with light brown hair, pale blue eyes and fare skin.

I bolted before the woman could see me. Closing my door, I slid down it. A lone tear escaping my eye.

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