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Up In Smoke


"all of a sudden a cloud of white smoke emerged from Draco's mouth causing Harry to silently gasp." Draco and Harry are secretly dating but Draco has another secret besides Harry being his Boyfriend. He smokes! Since when? Why? What for? These are some questions Harry asks Draco when he finds out Draco's secret.

Mattias Laufeyson
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Back To School

It was the end of Summer Break and everyone had returned to Hogwarts for their 8th and final year. Harry was especially excited because he only got to see his boyfriend, Draco Malfoy when they were at school. The Dursleys would never let Harry bring anyone "like him" into their house especially if they knew that he was Harry's boyfriend.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione had just returned from the Great Hall from dinner and were going their separate ways for the night. Harry crawled into bed and lay there thinking. Thinking about the Dursleys, Quidditch, and of course Draco. As he thought about Draco, he realized something. He hadn't seen Draco in the Great Hall tonight. Where could he have been?

Right as he thought that, his phone vibrated next to him. Normally it would have dinged but Harry had been getting too many complaints about his phone's constant "racket and noise". Harry looked at his screen and saw that the text was from Draco, just the person he was hoping to talk to.

"Are you awake?" Was Draco's message.

"As always..where were you during dinner tonight? I missed you." Harry replied.

"I was...busy."

"Too busy for your boyfriend?"

"You know better than to pull that card on me, Harry James Potter."

Harry knew he struck a nerve. Draco never used his full name unless he was doing something stupid or extremely dangerous. This, Harry assumed, would fall under the category of "Stupid". He was basically questioning Draco's love for him.

"Right, I'm sorry." Harry texted back. Hoping he hadn't hurt Draco too bad.

"It's fine. Can you meet me?"

"You mean sneak out?"


"Of course I can 'sneak out'. Where are you?" Harry texted. He was excited. He hadn't seen Draco in almost two months. He couldn't wait for Draco to embrace him in his arms.

"Astronomy Tower, as always."

"K, I'll be right there." Harry slipped his phone into his pajama's pocket and grabbed his invisibility cloak. He opened the curtains around his bed and quietly slipped out of Gryffindor Tower.

Harry climbed the stairs and pushed open the door to the Astronomy Tower. When he opened the door, he saw Draco standing by the railing, looking out into the dark, black night. But all of a sudden a cloud of white smoke emerged from Draco's mouth causing Harry to silently gasp. He pulled off the cloak and walked over to Draco.

"Hey..." Harry said, looking at Draco's beautiful face.

Draco whipped around, startled but relaxed when he saw Harry.

"Hey." Draco walked up to Harry and hugged him tightly. Harry melted into Draco's warm touch.

"What were you doing when I walked in here?" Harry asked, remembering the cloud of smoke the came from Draco's mouth.

"You mean this?" Draco raised a small white stick to his mouth, inhaled then let out his breath and a small white cloud emerged with his breath.

"Since when do you start smoking?" Harry asked, giving Draco a small glare. He knew smoking was bad and that it could damage the lungs and some people used smoking as a coping method but, why was Draco smoking?

"Summer break," Draco responded nonchalantly.

"You do know that smoking is bad for you. If you keep it up, you won't be able to play Quidditch anymore because your lungs won't function properly." Harry said hurriedly.

"Thanks for letting me know 'Hermione'." Draco replied sarcastically.

"Why do you do it?" Harry rolled his eyes at Draco's comment.

"It makes me feel good." Draco gave Harry a smirk, he was trying to play the question off. He saw that Harry was wearing an unimpressed look on his face. "I do it because it makes me feel like I'm free. Like I have no strings attached to me and that I can be free to make my own choices." Draco sighed then took another breath from the cigarette.

"That sounds like my dream. To be free and to make my own choices." Harry sighed dreamily.

"Do you trust me, Harry?"

"Do I trust you? What kind of question is that? You're my boyfriend, of course, I trust you."

"Then close your eyes and open your mouth."

"Why? If your idea was for me to smoke that, it's not gonna happen. No way. I actually want to play Quidditch and breathe."

"Harry, please. Just do what I said."

Harry sighed in defeat. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth slightly. Draco raised the cigarette to Harry's lips.

"Inhale through your mouth. Just a small breath." Draco said.

Harry took in a breath and felt smoke enter his throat and lungs. he felt a bit lightheaded but otherwise, he felt alert and a bit relaxed. He then exhaled, a small cloud of smoke emerging from his mouth.


"I feel...' free'." Harry sighed. He finally found a way of relaxing that didn't involve someone trying to enter their way into his mind and thoughts.

Draco raised the cigarette to Harry's lips once more and he opened his mouth to accept it.

"I love you, Harry Potter." Draco pressed his forehead against Harry's and stared into his green eyes. Draco felt like those eyes could pierce right through his soul.

"I love you too, Draco Malfoy."

Draco connected his lips with Harry's and Harry wrapped his arms around the back of Draco's neck. As they kissed, they fell even more in love with each other.

"How lucky am I to have found him?" Draco and Harry both thought to themselves. They disconnected and instead embraced each other while looking out at the stars the glimmered across the night sky.

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