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Anjane mein


samaina lives in ahmedabad but due to study have gone to delhi they dont know what destiny has decided for them

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Naina reaches the college and was mesmerised by seeing the view of the huge white building which had a huge entrance. she was happy seeing the hostel building as well which had many rooms which were highly spacious according to her

Sameer enters the building and was looking at all the classrooms it was not as a new thing for him he had always lived in luxury as his father is quite rich boys hostel was adjacent to the girl’s hostel he was satisfied with his hostel room


The classes were getting started so all the children were seated then a girl comes in the class and every student was mesmerised seeing her

Professor- come inside students she was the Ahmedabad topper, Naina Agrawal. You go and sit with Swati

She just smiled lightly

Professor took his class and after giving assignment left

Congratulation yrr tune pura Ahmedabad top kiya hai Swati uttered with shocked expressions as well as impressed that how can anyone top an entire town

Thanks, naina spoke while smiling lightly

Meri Behen hai hi itni special Preeti spoke with full proud on her sister

Naina glared at Preeti that what she was speaking

Aise kya dekh rhi hai Tu hai special ab mein kya karun Preeti spoke

All of them laughed

Red rose chalein swati spoke with full excitement

Red rose Preeti and naina spoke while confused

Yahan ke canteen ka naam hai Swati spoke

Ohh haan chal, speaked Preeti

All three of them went to canteen

Kya khaoge swati asked banging the table

Sandwich, naina spoke

Haan main bhi sandwich hi khaungi, Preeti spoke looking at the menu

Theek hai main laati hu, swati spoke and left towards the counter

Yrr ye college kitna Sundar hai aisa college to hume pure Ahmedabad mein nhi milta, Preeti spoke

Haan bohot hi sundar hai mujhe to bada pasand aaya, naina spoke looking around

Swati came with three sandwiches and three cold drinks

Three boys entered the canteen shouting

Oye ponga dekh kitna achha canteen hai yaha to Tu pura din baithke apne samose khaiyo, munna spoke loudly

Haan yahi hi rahunga pura din maze se, pandit spoke getting excited at the mention of samosa

Hum baithke Bhi to baat kr sakte hai, Sameer spoke getting embarrassed at how his friends were almost shouting

Theek hai chal main teen samose order krke aata hu dekhe to yaha ke samose utne achhe hai ya nhi, pandit spoke with watering mouth

Kaise se log hai ye, naina spoke judging them

Sahi main ajeeb pagal hai Tu inhe chod apna sandwich kha, Preeti spoke looking at the boys

All three girls ate their sandwiches while chit-chatting

While munna and pandit we’re drooling over other girls

So starting a new story hope you like 😊

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Ps: ismein naina stylish dekhai hai but padhti achha hai

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