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Anjane mein


Then Naina said, arey yrr mujhe ye last wala part to samjh hi nhi aa rha last lecture ke baad sir se Puchna padega

Swati and Preeti gave her a surprised look

Zaroori thodi na hai mujhe sab samajh aye, naina said making them understand that she can also not comprehend

Haan theek hai chal Abhi to last lecture mein time hai, Preeti spoke keeping a hand on her shoulder

Yrr Mujhe to bohot bhuk lagi hai chal red rose chalte hai, Preeti spoke rubbing her stomach

Earning a smack on her head naina spoke ” kitna khaegi abhi to khaya tha” giving a shock expression

Abhi kaha khaya tha wo breakfast tha ab lunchtime hai ( wo log do classes attend kr chuke hai isliye lunch time ho gya) ab lagi hai to lagi hai bhuk mujhe to khana hai tujhe nhi khana mat kha

Theek hai na naina usse khana hai khane de azaadi ka phayeda to uthae kyu preeti, swati spoke defending Preeti bcz even she was hungry

Azaadi meri zindagi mein azaadi hai hi nhi yeh rhi na meri mata, Preeti spoke making faces at naina

Theek hai kuch nhi kahungi tujhe ab chal warna class start ho jaegi, naina spoke looking at the watch while speaking the last line

Haan haan meri padhaku behen chal warna agar do second bhi late ho gye na to jbr class ke bahar khada kr dega, preeti spoke making this face😒

They laughed at her accent (usne accent change krke baat ki thi) and the trio went towards the canteen

They sat behind samundit

Chal kya khae, preeti spoke looking at both of them

Chole bhature, swati said with excitement

Aur tu naina, Preeti said looking at her

Meine to pehle hi kaha tha mujhe bhuk nhi hai tum log kha lo, naina said

Yrr naina baar baar thodi na ayenge abhi hi bata de kya khaegi, Preeti said getting frustrated

Theek hai theek hai mein maggi khaungi

Chal order krke aate, preeti said pulling naina’s arm

Arey tum log kyu mein kraati hu order, swati spoke getting up

Nhi nhi hum karayenge, naina spoke

Achha theek hai teenon chalte hai, swati suggested

Haan chalon, preeti said

yrr ye ladki kitna kam khati hai mujhe to yakeen hi nhi ho rha kya naam hai iska, pandit spoke

naina naam hai... itna pyaara naam hai koi kaise bhul sakta hai, sameer said in a melodious voice

kya, both spoke with looking at him wide-eyed

m..me..mera mtlb hai ki jbr ne uss din bataya than Ahmedabad topper hai isliye yaad hai tum. waise tum log uske baarein mein kyu baat kr rhe ho koi lena dena hai kya tumhara, sameer spoke not liking them speaking about naina

mein to aise hi keh rha tha khair baat to shi hai chod hum khana khate hai

then all of them left towards the last lecture of the day

proffesor was teaching but naina was not paying attention today she was busy looking around she was looking at no other than sameer but with a disgust look as he was sitting leaning back at the chair and the notebook closed and was almost about to sleep

then she heard noises so she looked around and found that the class was over and the children were talking so she was moving when preeti said”kaha jaa rhi hai”

Wo jo doubt tha na wo clear krwane jaa rhi hu, naina said in a hurry to leave

theek hai ja, preeti said turning towards swati to talk

naina almost ran from there

she came after 5 minutes and said to preeti that “preeti tujhe samajh nhi aata kya yrr jaane ka time ho rha hai aur tu hai ki yaha baithke baatein kr rhi hai” she said in anger

Tujhe pata hai ye bhi Ahmedabad ki hai, she said being excited

Naina looked at her in amazement

Swati said haan mein bhi Ahmedabad ki hi hu

Naina was going to say something before that jbr came and said, aaj yhi hi rukne ka iraada hai kya and then he laughs and said, bad joke chalo warna Shi mein yhi rukna padega he said

And then went

Mein bol hi rhi thi chal ab, naina said

Arey haan Haan chal rhi hu iske Saath baat krne mein pata hi nhi Chala ki kab time khatam ho gya, Preeti said looking at Swati smilingly

Achha theek hai ab to chal, Naina said being on the verge to frustate

Haan chal bye swati, Preeti said waving at her

Byee, swati recited

Byee, naina also said with her cheeky smile

And they sat in the auto for their hostel

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