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Rolling around at 02:47 in the morning with a mind occupied by only one thing. Him. This is a situation sleeping beauty too often found himself stuck in, a situation where he can't get a certain blonde out of his head even while full well knowing he's supposed to be getting over him, not fall more in love. But walking away from someone who you love with everything that you have is far harder and more painful than being invisible, so he continue with the sleepless nights and that's how he ends up in the boat he's currently in.

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Chapter 1

Author’s POV :

Rolling around at 02:47 in the morning with a mind occupied by only one thing.


This is a situation sleeping beauty too often found himself stuck in, a situation where he can’t get a certain blonde out of his head even while full well knowing he’s supposed to be getting over him, not fall more in love. But walking away from someone who you love with everything that you have is far harder and more painful than being invisible, so he continue with the sleepless nights and that’s how he ends up in the boat he’s currently in.

------"The way his voice would crack when he gets offended or the way he sticks out his tongue and rolls his eyes when he knows you’re right. The way he stares at you through the screen as if you put the stars in the sky and they way he pouts when you don’t pay enough attention to him. The way he would wink or blow a kiss when you just sit there staring at those gorgeous brown eyes. His laughter and adorable little facial expressions when he start feeling a bit uncomfortable and awkward. And every single word that comes out of his mouth sound like a beautiful melody. When he tells you, you’re beyond beautiful and have the pretties smile, or when he compliments your hair and eyes while being the flirty asshole that he is. The way he would know instantly when you’re upset and that something’s wrong and the way he puts a smile on your face without even realizing it or the way he always seem to fall asleep after a while of talking to you on the phone and then he would cutely cuddle his blanket while unconsciously pouting."------

J’s POV :

“Shit, I’m late for work... Again!.” Those were the first words that left J’s mouth while jolting out of bed looking at the clock, he overslept once again for the third time that week and his boss was sure to be upset with him. So rushing to get dressed and putting on a bit of makeup and almost forgetting to grab his laptop and phone before sprinting out the door almost completely running someone over on the way to the elevator.

“Jeon Jungkook, GET YOUR FUCKING SORRY ASS IN MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW!.” Is not the nicest sentence anyone want to hear the moment you walk through the door of the oh so famous modeling agency of the richest and hottest person on the planet.

Park Jimin.

The owner of the most successful studio in the world. And now, you might be wondering how someone like me got a job at such a high ranked place. And if I’m being completely honest with you, it still feels like a dream to me and I’ve been working here for almost a year now. You might also be wondering if I’m working as a model, and the answer is I wish. I am working as a photographer and I’m also the one who run all of the themes for each photo shoot and fashion show and so that also mean I am the one who have to run all of these things by the one and only Park Jimin, My boss. And let me tell you, ever since I’ve been working here I’ve been having these mini heart attacks every time I see him, my heart tries jumping out of my chest and I can’t breath, How I manage to get a word out and tell him about the themes and so on I have no clue but hay. I’m still alive so who’s complaining.... Right....

Walking into his office you can imagine how surprised I was that he’s looking me staring in the eyes while smiling. Yeah I might peed my pants a little by how intimidatingly beautiful he looked. And especially after the way he just yelled at me the last thing I would have imagine was him smiling at me.

“Jk, We’ve been through this a million times.” He say while walking around his desk and sitting on top of it not once taking his eyes off of me. “What must I do for you to show up on time?. Do you not want to work here?.” He ask once again, running his hand through his perfect blonde hair suddenly and his facial expression going from a smirk to a frown making him even more attractive.

Those pink plump lips, oh how I wonder what they would feel like on mine, and those beautiful eyes I’d get lost in them every day any day, and them thighs! OH GOD, I might just faint, He’s an angel. I feel tingly when I’m near him and forget about Butterflies in my tummy it’s more like a thunderstorm. And my heart does not just skip a beat, it stops completely.....WAIT....

“ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!.” Jimin’s scream pulls me out and I realize I just completely zoned out on him.

“YES! I’m sorry this will definitely be the last time I promise! Please don’t fire me.” Almost falling to my knees begging. “I am sincerely sorry Mr Park, I really need and love this job so please give me just one more chance.” Tears unknowingly streaming down my face.

Growing up in a family who never had a lot of money makes you realize how valuable even the smallest things in life are and everything that we have we worked our asses of to get. My goal with this job is to one day be able to give my dad everything he’s ever wanted but never had the money to buy it, to buy him a house and take care of him like he took care of me all of these years and supported me. Losing this job would mean that I am back to step one and I won’t be able to pay my rent which mean if I lose this job I’ll be on the street.

I didn’t even realize I was crying until I felt a hand on my cheek whipping the tears away and of course it was no other hand than Jimin’s. “Shhh.... It’s alright, I’m not firing you don’t worry.” He whisper with his thumb still lightly rubbing my cheek and I swear I died a little. “I don’t know why you’re crying but please stop, Everything is fine I promise. Just never make sure never to be late again, Okay.” The angel whispers once again and before I can stop myself I jump forward hugging him tighter than I’ve ever hugged anyone before allowing tears of joy soak his fancy suit.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!, I promise I will never ever be late again.” I say pulling away quickly and running out of the room before he can say anything else or change his mind. Little did I know that from that moment on, my life would change drastically and it’s all because of only one person.

The owner of Worldwide Lovely Studio .


Hi my humans.

So this is the first time in quite a while that I’m writing so please excuse any spelling errors and shitty chapters, hopefully as time goes by it gets better :)

But I hope you enjoy and ja, don’t forget to add and comment.


-Your Author


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