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Chapter 2

------"I spent my days waiting for you, searching the crowds for your face. I stopped breathing the moment you recognized me, as you captured my soul with your gaze. A million feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories, He is my secret. My beautiful little secret."------

Jungkook’s POV

“Gabriella can you please stop goofing around you’re going to tear the dress and I won’t be happy with you.” This is the third time I’m asking her to calm down and concentrate but no! She just got to much energy today and it’s clearly showing. So giving up on getting her to focus I go back to taking photos and directing everyone.

We’re having a fashion show next weekend, It’s an audition for new models but there will be a special event for our current top models and of course the owner of the company will be taking part in the special performance so I have to triple check everything and make sure the choreography is on point and that no one makes a mistake, but I trust in Hoseok hyung to be strict with them and correct them if they mess up.

As I was busy going through some of the test photos I just took I feel an arm around my shoulder and it’s no other than Taehyung. ”Hey Tae Tae how are you.?” I ask not looking up from my camera full well knowing he isn’t looking at me either but at Hoseok teaching the models the choreo, apparently they have a thing going but aren’t officially dating as far as I know. ”Are you just gonna stare at Hobi or are you actually going to talk to your dear friend you’re so comfortably leaning on.?” I ask once again and this time I can feel him turning his attention towards the camera I’m holding in my hand and the slowly turning his head towards me. ”Sorry Jungkookie..... Wow these are really good! You are so talented.” He finally respond grabbing my camera and going through everything while walking away with the camera. ”HEY TAE! Get back here, I need my camera you asshole.” I yelled while running after him tackling him to the ground without allowing my baby to touch the ground and laughing till I cry while still being on top of giggling Taehyung.

"Yah, You know that Jimin is staring at us right.?” I hear Tae tell me and my blood go ice cold. ”ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” I whisper yell quickly getting up off of the ground, spinning around to face the top floor where I see Jimin making his way down stairs with Namjoon hyung right behind him and I swear my heart stopped, he looks so surreal, so beautiful. ”I wouldn’t be staring at him like that if I were you.” Taehyung whisper in my ear pulling me away with him to the side of the stage and forcing me to focus all of my attention on the models who’re being yelled at by Hobi.

Jimin’s POV

"HEY TAE! Get back here, I need my camera you asshole.” Was the first thing I heard when I walked out of my office on the top floor looking down at the bottom floor where all the model are working their asses of for the fashion show and my crazy assistant being tackled by no other than the little bunny boy photographer. Not being able to stop myself I find myself giggling watching the two of them on ground laughing until tears appeared, And for the first time since that boy started working here I take a good look at him only to find that he is actually extremely beautiful.

The way his brown doe eyes looks bigger with the classes he’s wearing and his little dimples when he’s laughing and smiling while his hair falls into place without being styled. And the way his build, Thick thighs, small waist and collarbones standing out so perfectly. Why haven’t I noticed these things before and why isn’t he a model himself!?

What are you doing Jimin, stop staring at the boy like you want to fuck him and get down there to practice the choreo Hobi hyung taught you.

“Yoohooooooo Jimin, somebody home.?” Namjoon ask waving his hand in front of my face and I realize I zoned out for a few seconds. ”O-oh s-sorry hyung I didn’t see or you.” Stuttering Jimin, seriously, Nice. I could feel myself turning red by the second and Namjoon’s smirk isn’t helping me at all so avoiding eye contact I start making my way down the stairs, No I do not have elevators in the building because one, I kinda have a fear of going in them and I also believe that climbing the stairs everyday will keep me in shape.

"Namjoon hyung, What do you think of that boy over there with Tae.” I ask still not daring to look him the eye, instead turning my attention back to the two dorks who’re now watching the models with hawk eyes making sure all of them are doing exactly as they should. ”He’s extremely well build, his posture is near perfect and his side profile is stunning. He would make an amazing and beautiful model, I’d say he could even over take you if he wanted to.” Namjoon reply and I couldn’t agree more, but I wouldn’t dare voice my opinion. Instead I just nod and walk over to Hobi who’s busy yelling at Lisa for not doing the steps correctly. “Hi Hobi, Would you mind if I joined.?” I ask softly so I wouldn’t give him a fright. Now I know you might be wondering why me, the owner of this company is asking permission from an employee when I can just do what I want. Well that’s simple, I respect my hyungs and even tho I know that he wouldn’t have a problem with me falling in with them I prefer asking first because that’s the appropriate way of doing things. I treat all my staff kindly and with respect even if they’re not in the same class as me, I was once exactly where they are now.

"Yes of course Chim! Go ahead show them how it’s done.” He laughs pushing me towards the stage and restarting the music once I’m in my spot.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath before opening them again only to lock eyes with the Bambi eyed boy staring at me with an open mouth, but he quickly break eye contact and walking out of the studio in a hurry and I swear I felt my heart skip a beat.


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