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Chapter 3

Jungkook’s POV:

You know that feeling you get in the morning when your alarm clock wakes you. The feeling of wanting to murder the person who invented such a thing. Well, that’s the first thing that went through my mind the moment I opened my eyes to shut off the fucking annoying little thing that decided to interfere so freely with my dreams of a certain blonde. Fuck my life.

Slowly getting out of my bed I realize that today is Thursday and tomorrow we’ll be starting the pre-run for the talent show that will be held on Saturday and if I’m being completely honest I cannot wait for the show, but then again I am super terrified and don’t exactly know what to feel.

Not wanting to be late again I quickly walk into my closet, picking the first shirt and pants I see before rushing to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed.

(Click on the link below to what Jk picked out)

Jogging out of my apartment this time with an hour to spare, making my way down the block to a small and cozy cafe with the most amazing coffee on this planet and the owner knows me so well by now because of how much time I spend here. Walking in I can instantly smell the fresh coffee being made this early in the morning.

"Good morning Kook-ah, You’re here early.!” A voice comes from behind me making me jump higher than an Olympic high jumper. ”Jeez Jen, Can’t you for once spare me from a heart attack.? ” I ask still shaking. ”And also I am here this early because yesterday Jimin called me into his office----" I start to explain but stop and I couldn’t help but giggle because the moment I turn around I see her staring over my shoulder at the one and only, Jisoo.

"Still crushing hard I see.” I tease, earning a slap on the arm from a pouting Jennie. ”Oh come on, It’s not like you don’t stalk and stare at Jimin constantly.” She counters back and I must say, she ain’t wrong. So saying nothing I walk to my usual spot before taking a seat and watching with a slight smile as she goes to the back to get her apron I assume since she’s one of the main waitresses here.

"Hey Kookie, would you like your usual.?” Jisoo came up to me smiling, full well knowing that I never order anything else but the Caramel Frappuccino with a blueberry muffin. ”Why do you even bother asking anymore? I come here almost every single day and my order never changes.” I respond with a slight pout, and I only receive a laugh, shoulder pat, and a scoff before she also disappears to the kitchen to get my order, and only then I realize that I am the only customer in the cafe. Taking out my cellphone to keep me busy while I wait for my order I decide to go onto Instagram only to be met with a shit load of notification so as fast as I took out my phone I turn it off and put it away, really not in the mood for all the rumors and news that’s currently going around about Jimin so instead I just stare out the window taking in the beautiful street decorated by Cherry Blossoms while I patiently wait for my order and the time to pass.

Jimin’s Pov

’I put my heart into your hands

Here’s my soul to keep

I let you in with all that I can

You’re not hard to reach

And you’ve blessed me with the best gift

That I’ve ever known

You give me purpose

Yeah, you’ve given me purpose’

Every morning I wake up to the voice of the anonymous youtube singer who goes by the name of Kookachu, and damn, the boy got the most beautiful voice that would cause an angel to get jealous.

Turning off my alarm clock I grab my phone laptop and open youtube, instantly going to Kookachu’s channel to see that he posted a new video. A cover of the song ‘If you’, so pressing play, turning the volume to it’s max, I start getting ready for my day.

(This link is for Jm’s look for the day.)

Once I’m satisfied with my look for the day I head downstairs to grab a glass of water before heading out. I have a meeting with Namjoon and Taehyung at the Cafe and I like to be at least 20 min early, so with that in mind, I put on my shoes and make my way out the door. The cafe isn’t that far from my home so I usually walk there, and today of all days is the perfect day to walk. Plugging in my earphones and pressing shuffle play I make my way down the most popular streets in Korea, especially this time of the year, but luckily almost no one is out this early in the morning.

The entire street is about a mile in length and it’s covered in Cherry Blossom Trees, so you can just imagine how beautiful it is during the blooming season, which is now, which also makes it my favorite season.

As I’m making my way down the street humming along to the song in my ears, the cafe comes into view and I can make out a figure in the window, and it’s non-other than my photographer Bunny boy. The closer I get the more I can see his outfit and it helps when he gets up to talk to Jisoo. It’s the first time that I see him in this type on this type of clothing and I must admit, it’s doing things to my heart, things that I have never felt before and it’s scaring me a little bit I’m not gonna lie.

The way he styled his hair beneath the beanie so that his big brown doe eyes are hooded, and his veiny arms being a whole ass meal, and we then you get the lightly tugged in black-shirt and the tight ripped blue skinny jeans that hug his legs perfectly and topping it off with his timberland boots, and I swear I felt my dick twitch.

I didn’t even realize I was staring until Taehyung suddenly pops up in front of me, giving me a heart attack.


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